Gosh that last entry was horrible

I guess I forgot about this for a while, Carter was talking about how mine wasn't very good earlier but I didn't care at the time but now looking back at the last post I'll have to agree. Maybe I'm not supposed to write very long great essays detailling my views on life however writing like I'm black while drunk ain't very entertaining to myself or others.

Anyways, I've been at home for 5 weeks, and it feels like everyone at home is growing apart except for me, great isn't it. It makes no sense how people who've lived together for 25 years still don't communicate. It's also amazing how someone just doesn't want to grow up. Along with myself being a part-time member of the family which means I have less pull all compounds this problem. The problem is really simple to fix, however someone on each side loses big, and the lack of compromise and communication makes reaching any but the worst conclusion to this problem a distant reality. I'm being very vague so that the people who know me can understand however I don't wnat all of my business out (however no one cares right?)

On a more personnal level, I've been trying to relax and not worry about things right now, this is my summer, I'm supposed to be enjoying it and having fun, and not letting myself get bogged down. However I find it tough to draw the line between the responsibilties you maintain towards your family and the responsibility for yourself, aka family first or yourself first. It's like I'm forced to take away from the things I want or want to do to help them even if they don't really want to help themselves. Grrr this discussion is turning around in circles. I think I need some sleep and some time to think, tomorrow should provide that, and this weekend should provide some fun without bs or high cost, like clubbing, lol


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