Free online programming / web development community - Dream.In.Code

I know programming may be a lonely profession but if you need help there's always some help involving programming at Dream.In.Code. They've got 20,000 members in their community of coders, from web languages such as Java, PHP, Perl down to the classics of C/C++, Visual Basic, and more. They offer their visitors free access to not only code snippets, tutorials but they offer visitors free programming magazines such as Dr.Dobbs and Queue. Check them out, they have an active forum where any member with 500 post gets a free t-shirt. Pretty sweet, and they got contests this month to celebrate their 6th anniversary, which is on Februrary 28th, where you can win prizes such as the 1gb Thumb Drive they give away each month.

If you're a coder, programmer, web design, etc, check Dream.In.Code out, it's a great ressource.


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Speaking on Online File Storage, a review of 6 sites on

Hey since I've spoken about some online file storage before (see Monday and see my post on but it seems like the guys at have it all down. They did a review of Six Free Online Storage Sites and they liked a couple of sites. was commended for it's easy to use interface and the widgets that they provide for intergration into blogs, myspace, etc. Others received nods for easy of use or their no frills approach. Overall it's a great review and a good read for anyone trying to stick a bunch of things online.



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Busy day - Free Uploading site

Mondays are crap for me, since I generally have practice, work, practice then class, so I'm not able to write much for you guys. So instead of leaving you guys with nothing today, I'll leave you with this site I found over the weekend. is the best free file uploading site I've seen out these. Sure rapidshare might be free and easy but Files-Upload has 300mb files or 1gb files via FTP with registration, that's pretty sweet. Great for uploading a large video or some large multimedia presentations, or a 100mb of pictures like my friends coming down to New York. Anyone tried this site out yet? What you guys use for online storage? Discuss

More tomorrow,


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Finance and Credit, your stories?

I remember talking to someone about my first credit card, I didn't have much on it nor did it have a high limit but I remember one summer where I was unemployed I must've used that card a million times. At the end of the summer I had a large (for the time) bill, which too a long time to pay off. Many people experience the same thing, but on a larger scale, with multiple credit cards, or a large mortgage or a giant purchase to pay off like a car. That's why things like Christian Debt Consolidation are important to save you from getting killed on the interest rates. You don't want to be paying 20% or more of your purchase back per year in interest alone, which is why putting everything onto the same bill can help. I managed to pat down my debt, but I didn't have multiple unpaid bills, so let help you avoid more hassles, so you can start working towards living debt free.

There's my money story for the night, enjoy!


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Interesting news about MP3 licensing, potential headaches for consumers

Was just reading Wired earlier tonight while cleaning up the room, and they had a pretty lengthy piece on MP3 licensing and the verdict against Microsoft that occurred this week. It wasn't in the mainstream press because it wasn't directly against Microsoft, but it was Alcatel-Lucent asserting that they hold the patent for MP3's along with the original patent holder. What does that mean for us? A couple of things

1) If Microsoft loses the appeals, it's going to have to pay a lot of cash for continued MP3 use and will likely abandon the format.
2) Another codec is going to take it's place, and right now the 3 front-runners are AAC, WMA and Ogg-Vorbis
3) Many audio players and companies dealing with MP3's are going to have to pay another license to Alcatel-Lucent, and they're going to be in trouble judging by Microsoft's amount.

This is good for the opponents of MP3, but I feel it's generally bad for us. Dam patents, oh well it seems everything's in the air for now but don't say I didn't warn you when we're forced to move off MP3 to another format. You guys can read the full article at



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So Payperpost has some more BIG news coming

Payperpost, our good friends over in Orlando, Florida, have started telling the intranets that there's some big news coming. Skeptical, I am, but when Payperpost starts letting us know something, all of us posties have to be attentive. Hopefully it'll be something nice for us, here's a little list of things that could be nice:

1)Paid vacations for the posties
2)Free trips to PostieCon'07 (Room, Board and excuse letters to my boss)
3)The ability for posties to buy shares in the company

Yea I'm sure those won't fly, but they would be awesome. Here's my guesses for real rumours that might be actually true is that either:

a) Payperpost has acquired another smaller company (which has happened before)

b) Payperpost has gone cash flow positive

c) A big advertiser signs on for Payperpost (Fortune 500 company)

d) A network picks up RockStartup and puts it on television

If you look at the these rumors, people familiar with Payperpost might actually think these are either very plausible or happened before. Payperpost has a deal with HP and signing up another big company could be a huge boost for the web 2.0 startup. As well picking up another smaller company to boost it's profile or enable Payperpost to access new markets could be in order, since it tried to do that with The cash flow positive might be premature right now, since it's only been 6 months since they had their venture fund financing. Lastly, Rockstartup, the web reality TV show started by PayPerPost getting picked up by a smaller network (something on Cable) could happen and would bring the message of Payperpost to millions of people. Who knows it could happen.

Those are my guesses for the big news, I'm probably way off but it's fun to guess.

More later,


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Lack of updates, I know, however good news at Best Buy tomorrow!

I know I've been slacking on my posting, I'm sorry, but I've had some track meets (posted on the Sports Blog) and real life unexpectedly come in the way. Yesterday I had to help the kids so I was unfortunately unable to post some news for you guys. It's been slow, no major announcements, no big deals, so I haven't had that much to rush here, however, this next piece might spike your interests.

Bestbuy, yep the store with the big yellow tags, is having a $1.99 video game clearance tomorrow on many games, yes you heard me, $1.99. It's only going to be on Monday so you gotta act quick. Someone on the IGN Forums posted the complete list, which I got off Digg, so if you see anything you like, go for it.

Enjoy the tips!


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Looking for online games to kill time at work? Try

I know there's a ton of free flash sites with a bunch of free random games out there. Sure they may be free but they're not the greatest nor are they always fun. Well the guys at have launched a platform just to change that. Instead of the regular type of site like this the premise at is that they're going to make the games social, by playing with a community, with avatars and etc. They're going to have a coin based economy for their premium games, where you can either earn coins, you get 500 to start up with, or buy coins to earn power ups and things in those premium games. I'm sure there's a time when you'd pay a dollar to get that item you needed.

I like the direction these guys are headed with this concept, since it allows you to be more interactive than your basic free games. Java and flash games may be nice, but I think having a multiplayer platform for these games will be the way to go. I already enjoy playing games on Windows Live Messenger with my contacts, and this is the next step. Not everyone has the time to sit down with their PS2, Xbox360 or their PC and play the latest gen and have all the multiplayer goodness that comes with those games so this seems like a good way to let everyone enjoy it. They're in beta so things are looking up, so give them a shot and let me know.



LoudLaunch - Compensating bloggers for their unbiased opinions, reviews, and analysis. View the LoudLaunch campaign release this post was based on.

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Speaking of VoIP, Skype wants to be used on wireless networks

Interesting news all over the internet today about Skype asking the FCC to open up wireless networks. Pretty interesting news since it was to force the cell phone providers and allow other applications on their networks. The users, us, pay for "unlimited" bandwith yet they restrict many applications like Skype, since Skype would destroy their usage minutes by using cheaper VoIP minutes. I'm all for it, since I'd rather pay for good Data on the go, but wonder what you think? Is opening up the networks good? or is this just going to cost us in the end as usual?

Post your thoughts,


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Who here doesn't love Wifi and VoIP

Even through the internet has only been mainstream for around 10 years, the technologies that it has sprung have been amazing. Things like Wifi and Video Conferencing have been instrumental in keeping people and businesses connected around the world, and now another technology that I have has become mainstream. VOIP is here, and it's here to stay. There's companies that offer you Voice over IP telephone service, like Vonage, there's companies that allow you to talk over the internet for free like Skype, and then there's even products that allow you to combine both like Cisco's iPhone, which has the same name as Apple's product but is completely different. Ciso has been a pioneer in providing VOIP technology since it provides a lot of equipment and jumpers that allow the internet to work already, so having a lot of expertise in VoIP is natural for them. If you're looking into using VoIP to connect your business, check them out at

Hope you enjoyed the mini-tech lesson, what's your greatest use for VoIP? Mine is calling my parents, but what's yours? Discuss


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USB LCD Monitors and top 10 Gmail tips

Yep, as per usual, stuck at the library on a Wednesday night. Nothing good happening online right now, but there's a couple of sites of interest for you guys.

1) There's a list of Top 10 Gmail Tips and Hacks at the Download Squad blog. Pretty interesting tips for the powerusers out there. Most of these tips don't apply to 90% of the people who use Gmail, but for those who are on it 24/7, they can help you out a lot, so enjoy.

2) Samsung's releasing a USB monitor at CeBit this year, and of course my friends at Engadget have the scoop via PC World. IT'll be interesting for those with laptops without dedicated VGA outputs or DVI or both but I wonder how much processing power that these computers will need to put everything onto USB.

There's my 2 tidbits for right now, more later as I get more bored.


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Something interesting, a Widget to get your files anywhere!

This is actually something useful and nice for those with myspace profiles or blogs and you want to share some files, pictures, music quick and easily. It's a widget, which is a small application that's loaded with a page or a program, like the widgets for blogger, from that allows you to display files to download on your blog. The Widget is free and can host up to a 1gb of your files, pretty amazing isn't it. I haven't finished setting up my widget, but here's one from their site to show it off.

Get your own widget and share anywhere!

Pretty cool isn't it, I think I'm gonna add it to this site and myspace. What you guys think? Post your thoughts!


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Mini-Guide to replacing the LCD on your laptop

Hey, just reading around the usual sites, and other than another video card release, the ATi Radeon X1950 GT, which is a nice midrange card at an MSRP of $180, there wasn't much that interested me today, again.

However, there's a nice mini-guide on replacing your LCD screen on your laptop, something that's pretty expensive and worth it if you have a giant crack in yours. It's from the Blog, and it's a quick and easy guide, very simple. Should be a good place to start up if you want to look into doing this repair yourself.

As per usual, more later,


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Who here hasn't seen RockStartUp yet?

Most of you guys know of Payperpost through my blog, I've done some work for them and find them to be an awesome company. They really look out for their posties and they fun, young and creative. One of their crazy ideas was to film a documentary on the startup of their show called RockStartup. It's an online reality show that's filmed in HDTV/ipod formats, put on YouTube, etc, that chronicles the startup of the Payperpost company through Ted Murphy, the president/CEO and the rest of the crew at PPP. His persona in the show is the Murphman, and he's a funny guy, from throwing up eating pizza to participating in the Postie Patrols it's great. I've loved the show because it's a good mix of showing behind the scenes at Payperpost along with the fun and side stuff going on, such as the toy drive, Vegas and the reverse postie patrols. I don't know if there's an episode that's my favorite, but I like how Episode 6 goes, showing the ups and downs.

Here's the YouTube video if you haven't seen it, check it out it's worth it.

Honestly check it out if you haven't, it's worth it!



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Nothing good today, so here's a Hello Kitty blanket

Been a pretty busy day for me, so whenever I checked out the Tech News sites and my other sources of news I didn't get much to talk about. Here's 2 things that were eventful.

1) AMD released a new CPU, the AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+. It steps up their processor line and it's good for them to at least come close to Intel. It does lose out to the Core 2 Duo E6700, but it's not too far off. has the full review.

2)I did however see this usb-powered Hello Kitty Blanket at Engadget. It's amazing how much Hello Kitty stuff there is. My ex-girlfriend would go nuts for this crap, but here's a picture.

Enjoy the warmth!


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Online UK Classifieds

I know that most people look at Craigslist in New York City for their classifieds, just due to the sheer volume of people and apartments it's a giant listing, but that's not always the case everywhere around the world. Take for example the United Kingdom, where outside London things are scarce for online classifieds, and a place called Itsmymarket is hoping to fill the void. They look pretty promising in the classifieds but also have other features such as a community and blogs among other things. I'm impressed, this combines a lot of features found in separate sites in one place, which is good for my friends in England.

Check out and let me know what you think,



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Holidays and Long Weekends

Hey guys, sorry for the missing couple of days, it's been a little rough since my friends come down to NYC for the weekends.

Not too much tech news I followed this weekend since I was busy. I did visit the Sony Store on Madison and 56th St and went to the Sony Technology Wonder Lab. It's great for kids but not the place for older people.

I'll catch back up to date on this holiday Monday, more to follow!


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Updates on the Personal Site/Blog

Just a quick note to view the other site, my personal homepage at Just a couple of quick things and a nice Blog Interview.



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Another interesting idea out of Payperpost - Review My Post

If there's one great thing about Payperpost that I've come to love after blogging for them over the last 6 months is that they're always looking for ways to get bloggers involved and advertisers to get their money's worth. This is really one of the reasons why they're the pioneers in blog marketing and continue to lead the pack in that regard, which they got an AlwaysOn Top 100 award.

This time they're brining a new feature called Review My Post. It's a program where every time someone signs up on Payperpost they can review a post on my blog, and they can get paid for it and you get referral money for it. You earn traffic and profit, a sure fire way to get more visitors and earn a bit of money on the side while doing it. It's great for all the bloggers who don't feel like doing sponsored posts on products or services. All it takes is a simple badge at the end of their post, nothing ridiculous or a whole bunch of links everywhere.

I'm going to start giving it a shot, since it's new and maybe I'll earn something through it. I'll let you know what I think about it, but until then, you can always click on the big button on the side :)



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9 HP Company Secrets via The Consumerist

I don't hate HP, but I just love the stuff you see coming out of former employee's when they leave their jobs. There's a pretty interesting interview with a former CSR at HP, and he goes over 9 company secrets/things they don't want you to know about over at The Consumerist. There's even a quote about Canada being not worth the marketing effort, that's always great, since HP's got a nice office in Montreal.

Here's the most interesting quote

9: In training our trainer said that if it takes longer than 30 minutes to troubleshoot (low end printer) we are then costing HP money and should just replace it.

So if the average retail of a printer is 70-80$ then the cost to hp should be half so that means that these CSR's make around 15-20 an hour, not too shabby, but interesting that they would just replace it instead of trying to fix it with the customer.

Alright more interting things later,


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Payperpost's Segmentation System for Advertisers and Bloggers, help everyone get paid!

Payperpost has unveiled their new segmentation system for blogs and post over the last week, and even if there was some software errors that prevented many bloggers from taking many of these opportunities for their blogs over the last week, it's a step in the right directions. Now many blogs can't just take opps that don't suit their blogs very well (I enjoy Valentine's Day though) however a tech blog doing posts on Flowers all the time don't make sense. That's why since advertisers now have the choice to specific exactly what blogs, what domains, etc, have the ability to take certain opps. Sure some people may lose out on some of these opportunities, but it's get for the advertisers to target a relevant audience at a great cost.

Payperpost allows bloggers to get paid to blog as most of us know, but now it's a simple decision for Advertisers since it's only costs them a 35% service fee, unlike many other blog advertising services where the fee is 100% of the opportunity. That's great for bloggers since they get more $$ and cheaper for advertisers as well, we all win in this situation. Check out for more info or click on the little box at the side of my blog, and help me earn some referral money :)



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I'm starting to love Paypal again

Normally whenever me or my mother have had to transfer money between each other I use to have to put it into my bank account, then transfer it to my Credit card to use it. But with Paypal I can add my Canadian bank account, my mother's bank account, and tie it all up with my US account so that I can move money wherever I want pretty easily. I was mad at them for their fraud policy but there's not much they can do so I'm going to let them slide for now.

You guys like Paypal? Used Google Checkout or other services? How they compare? Discuss,


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Last Chance for a Valentine's Day Ecard

I know I've mentioned the great cards at but I know there's a couple of you out there who forgot about Valentine's Day and didn't send or call some people in your life to wish them happy Valentine's Day but there's always these free funny eCards from Egreetings just in case you forget. You've seen the funny pictures before, and here's another one from those Chins guys I spoke about before, quite hilarious, and the card to hear Cupid's best pickup lines, which I showed a little preview of before a couple weeks back.

If you want to get a membership it's free for 30 days and only $13.99 for the year, which is great if you send a lot of cards to schedule them in advance and get other extra features.

Hurry Up, you got have 25 mins, I just remembered to call my mom, so get cracking!


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New old toy - Steve bought another PS2

Sorry for the missed day yesterday, it was a busy day in my personal life but I managed to pick up a couple of things I wanted, including a used slim Playstation 2 and the movie The Departed. That movie looks impressive with Matt Damon and co. I have to watch it tonight before I give it back to my friend, lol, since he gave me the money to buy it.

As for the PS2, I had been meaning to get one since I sold my old one this summer after receiving a couple PS2 games for Christmas and since I decided against getting a Playstation 3 anytime soon. There's no compelling reason to get one. Any game I want to play right now, FFXII, God Of War 2, etc are all on Playstation 2, and if I get a next-gen console, it'll be an Xbox360.

Nothing too interesting so far today in tech news, I've been stuck at work/track all day, which I'll talk about on my other blog, but I'll put something more interesting for you guys later.


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Ever wanted to organize your collections? Now you can with iTaggit

If you were like me, I had a bunch of things I collected as a kid, whether it be hockey cards, Magic The Gathering, Marvel Action Figurines and etc. Now I've grown a bit, and so have the items I've made Collectibles out of, things like Final Fantasy video games (I own every Playstation 1 and 2 FF), Lord of the Rings, my Terry Goodkind and Terry Brooks collections. You guys get the idea but what happens when your collections total in the thousands, how do you manage all those things? Well that's where iTaggit comes in, it's a web-based item management system that can help you organize, store and catalog nearly every item you own. That allows you to keep track of all your collections of various items. This can enable you to build a community based on your products, research the products others have and you don't and enjoy your stuff more since you don't have to spend so much time organizing it. Sounds like a great tool for those antique, or card collectors, I just wish I had a bigger collection to add to it.

I didn't mention the best part, iTaggit is free, that way you get to organize your things without have to pay anything and since it's web-based you can manage it anywhere, even on the go or at a trade show. Can't go wrong with that? Try it out at and let me know what you think.

Thanks and enjoy,


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3GSM underway, coverage at EngadgetMobile

I'm a big fan of cell phones, and happening this week is the 3GSM conference, in Barcelona, Spain. I've actually been to the area where the conference is being held, and it's beautiful, which is a nice way to show off all those beautfiul phones.

There's a lot of news coming out of there, raging from the release of Windows Mobile 6 OS for smartphones, to bunch of new phone releases, and pretty much everything in between. Some of my favorite phones released so far are the Samsung Ultra F700, which I mentionned before, the Nokia 6111 with the built in GPS and the Toshiba G900, with Tri-Band HSDPA, so I can get High-speed around the world.

Engadgetmobile has all the 3GSM coverage HERE and if you're into cell phones, it's a link you don't want to miss.



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New blog advertising company -

With the increasing popularity of blogs it's good news that advertisers are now able to focus on getting the word out to bloggers about their products. A new service focusing on that called is great because bloggers can get compensated and advertisers can get the buzz out on their products. Seems like a famous Win-Win for both parties, and can be another way to promote your product for only $50 as a minimum to start your advertising campaign. Can't beat that.

Check it out and let me know what you guys think of LoudLaunch.



LoudLaunch - Compensating bloggers for their unbiased opinions, reviews, and analysis. View the LoudLaunch campaign release this post was based on.

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Updates on Sports Blog!

Sorry for the lack of updates on Tech and News or other general stuff but I'm in Maryland for the NEC Championships so I've written a couple of posts there keeping you guys updated.

Don't worry things will get back to normal on Monday!


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More news on Egreetings cards

I sent out a couple of these cards last night and I got a good response from my friends so I wanted to let everyone know that I fully recommend Egreetings and their Ecards. My lady friends loved the Valentine's Day eCard by "The Chins" and I thought it was funny too. They got plenty more free, funny Valentine's Day eCards for you guys. However if you want to send a card now and have it arrive on Valentine's Day you're going to have to get their membership. It's pretty cheap at $13.99 and you can test it out for 30 days for free to make sure it's right for you. Why not surprise them with something funnier than your regular Happy Birthday Email? Something like this below

Don't you guys think? Who here sends Ecards? Let me know and post your thoughts.



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Forget the iPhone, I want this!

Now that's slick, and it's not from Apple. It's the Samsung Ultra F700, and thanks to the guys at Engadget, you can read some more info HERE. The specs look amazing, with HSDPA 7.2mbps + EDGE, a 5 megapixel camera, a 2.78 inch touchscreen, 440x240 pixel screen, full HTML browsing, I think I've found my next phone. The lack of GSM 850 shouldn't bother me but it would be nice if it came out with T-Mobile's new WCDMA. I'll just have to see.

Anyways enjoy the coverage, I'll go back to drooling.


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Different spin on things - Free Dating Site for Valentines Day

The Internet's traffic comes and goes with the season and the changes in the real world. Like right now, it's nearly Valentine's Day, and for most single people, they're looking for a date to take out. That's why when a site promoting free online dating comes around it's something to look into. They don't ever require credit cards and they're trying to build a high quality site to help those people who just can't find a date. I work on Valentine's Day so I might not be able to go out :( But I'll prolly have a beer and share my misery with my friends. Here's their logo, very nice and Web 2.0 ish

Enjoy the site and let me know how you guys like it, I might try it out when I give up on this girl I'm talking to right now, lol.

More later,


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Install OSX 10.4.8 on a regular Intel/AMD computer!

Pretty interesting thing out of Digg that you can blog directly about a subject from Digg. I think this article is pretty interesting, since most people love their PC's yet want the Mac OS and don't need Mac Hardware. I would test it out but I'm more of a Linux fan than OSX so let me know. Text quoted from Digg below:This guide covers every single detail about installing OSX 10.4.8 on a regular Intel/AMD computer. The whole process takes about 45 minutes and can be done by everyone who knows the words 'bittorrent' and 'computer'. For the more geeky persons: a link to an OSX/Vista dual boot guide is also included.Let me know how this works for any of you that try it!-Steve

read more | digg story

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Online Radio Station from Belisi

It's really nice when companies spread their wings and advertise through different methods and reach out to their fans via non-traditional means. Which is what I think the Online Radio Station from Belisi is a really great idea. Belisi Radio is a mixture of current artists with some progressive lounge tracks, some jazz, rock, country and a bunch of music legends as well. Seems very promising. To quote the founder of Belisi, Peter Belisi : “Belisi Music is my attempt to take the same qualities I look for in fashion – sophisticated, classic, beautiful – and take it to music,”

I'm going to give the radio station a shot, check it out too.



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Technorati - You guys use it?

Just adding Technorati to the sports blog, and was wondering, how many of you guys visit it on a daily basis? I'm a fan but have no time to visit it, and find Digg to have everything I need, but what about you guys? Do you guys think that new What the Fire (WTF?) feature will help it compete with Digg. Is there a topic you search on it often? I just look at the top stories and maybe search for things such as the Payperpost Puzzles or random things like the Britney Spears no panties pic, lol.

Post your thoughts and comments,



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Free Valentines Days from

I know that everyone is thinking about Valentine's Day and who they're going to ask out or bring to their loved ones but sometimes it's the simple things that count. That's why even just sending one of these free funny eCards from could just be the thing they needed. The cards, as you see in this post, can be customized and any message can be displayed. However, if you'd like to schedule sending a card in the future or access special cards you're going to have to sign up for a membership. It's pretty cheap, and they got a 30-day free trial membership, whereas the full membership is only $13.99 for the year.

Here's a sample of the cards, not too bad aren't they?

Check them out and send one to your close ones, or just one to me if you think I'm pretty, lol.



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Random story - Upside down cell phone

I was browsing Digg as I usually do after I get back home at night and saw this interesting link on the Core77 Design Blog. You have to see the picture to understand that I'm talking about.

This design was patented to make it easier to text message people. I don't know about you, but if I want a phone to text message, I'll get one with a KEYBOARD, not an upside down phone. Maybe I'm stuck in my ways, but this looks stupid.

Anyone agree? Share your thoughts,


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New PPP Blogroll

Since I'm using a new script by Cpryor for my Payperpost Blogroll (we gotta stick together) I'm posting the text version of the entire Blogroll here, for SEO and PR purposes and to show so love to everyone. Enjoy and take your time to visit some of these sites.

Writers Collaborative Blogroll - PPP

Don't forget to visit mine after you've seen their blogs,



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Gift Ideas from Optics Planet

I know it's not christmas but with Valentine's day right around the corner I know some of you guys have to grab some gifts for that special someone. Unfortunately I'm out of luck on that one for now but there's still 10 days for me to find someone. I suggested that my mom gets my dad some new prescription sunglasses since he needs good glasses for driving. He has terrible vision and I never see him without glasses, which is why something from OpticsPlanet like these Body Spec High-4's. At 41$ for the frames and 175 for the lenses, it's not that bad for prescription glasses. They got different styles for your loved one but it's my dad and he don't care about style, those are nice enough for him, well compared to his old ones, lol. Anyways check them out and maybe you'll find something you like for him, from binoculars, to flashlights and everything in between, with free shipping over $29.95.



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Internet or Super Bowl?

Since I'm going to talk about the Super Bowl on my other blog (Link Here) I figure I might as well talk about what people do when not watching the Super Bowl. I was flipping the channels during half-time, and all I could see was junk on the other channels, well I saw re-runs on MTV, figure skating on ESPN and I gave up and went upstairs for a bit. Were you guys on the internet? Did you guys watch the game at all? Post your stories.

Btw I thought the best commercial was the robot one by GM, simple yet effective. What was yours?


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Matchmaking article from

Normally I don't have time to look up things or just waste my time but this site is an up and coming site with a lot of ressources on many different topics. The interesting one I found today was one on Matchmaking. I didn't know that back in the day Christian priests where the main matchmakers, I thought it was all the parents and the lords/barons of the land. Encyclocentral has a bunch of articles on this and many other topics, it's growing so check it out and tell me what you thing.



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Back from track, and a rant on EB Games

Hey, been busy with multiple races over the last couple of days so unfortunately I wasn't able to post after friday. I'm going to post the results on the Sports/Travel Blog I'm prepping up in a little bit, got a nice story to tell over there.

So I'm stuck at the library, my usual position on a Sunday afternoon, just reading up on what's new on the net. As usual, there's a bunch of random articles on Digg, some good, some bad, but the most interesting one is this rant on EB Games on the PopCultureShock Blog by some former employee called the Mad Gamer.

He goes on to write a whole bunch of accusations about EB Games, most of them probably true, everyone knows how the system of trade-ins, pre-orders and other shady retail practices work, but he does it pretty interestingly and it sparks some debate. It is worth it to save hassle and go to EB Games, are you better off just avoiding them completely and using Ebay, other major retailers, etc for your purchases and sales of used games.

As per usual, post your thoughts, interesting comments and rants.


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Another interesting site - Dating for Millionaires

Just relaxing on the laptop before the race this morning and I saw that now there's a site for dating millionaires. Millionaire Dating provides the chance for millionaires to find each other and date. I don't know how it works in the rich world, but hopefully if you've got millions of dollars you can find others with that amount of cash that you can date. Or maybe you don't have much time since you're too busy making those millions, which means that a services like the one from can help you out. Just nice to see something for everyone on the net.

Enjoy the random news,


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Blogger Widgets

Seems like everything has widgets or customization today, and upon opening the front page of Blogger this morning at the track meet, I noticed the news post about widgets. Blogger actually has widgets, Wordpress may have plugins but blogger having widgets is a step in te right direction, since Blogger is not as open a platform as Wordpress. Anyone use them yet? I saw they had a FeedBurner widget, which displays the stats of your feeds. Looks very impressive, well, for Blogger.

Anyone have any opinions? They just following the crowd or trying to innovate? Post away,


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Adidas store Coupons from Coupon Chief!

I love posting coupons from Coupon Chief, they've got so many stores and actually decent coupons so it makes it worthwhile to go there. I love shopping online, finding all the coupon codes I want, and since my school is sponsored by Adidas, I have to get some Adidas gear, and these Adidas Coupon Codes actually help me out. It's nice having 5$ shipping or knowing about their sales so I can get 25-40 off things I need. Check them out, I know I've spoken about them in the past, but they're so great, so enjoy another plug.

Alright off to bed, enjoy the coupons.


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Another race tomorrow!

Yep I have another race tomorrow so it's going to be a long day. I just wish I could get a friday or something to myself. I know it's boring but hey, I'm paid to run, so I have to run.

Do you guys ever feel like that? When you just wished you had a weekend to yourself?

Yea I gotta go to bed, but I got some nice coupons for you guys so I'm not leaving you guys with nothing,

Results tomorrow will be posted on my other blog, my Sports and Travel Blog that has a higher PR than this blog, even with it's 10 posts, lol.



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Belisi - Take off the tie Campaign

I'm personally not a big fan of ties, especially ugly old man ties that people sometimes seem to wear. I bought my last tie at Express, and it's a nice Blue/Black, very nice and it's versitile enough to be worn in many occasions. However I've seen an emergance of fashion ties, where people where ugly ties with stupid outfits. Look at this "design", someone wasn't thinking hard enough.

The colors don't go with the outfit, nor does the dress, but still, terrible accesory. Well with the Belisi Take off that Tie Campaign you can participate you can post your own photos of a tie that should've been left on the rack, or in this case, left at the design house. Check out their MySpace page to see other pictures like mine, and even mine, since I'm on MySpace.

I'll post a pic of my tie later, trust me, looks ten times better than that one,


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Personal Debate - Vista or not?

I'm just talking to a friend over here, and since I've been looking at a lot of news, reviews and general stories about Vista, I'm wondering, should I upgrade? There's a lot of pro's and con's, and I'm beyond the requirements for Home Premium, so would it be worth it for me to pick up an upgrade copy?

Anyone else have these thoughts? Anyone sticking with XP for a long time to come? I wonder what's the opinions of the masses, most don't have a nice rig like I do, but for those with the requirements for Aero and with a decent recently purchased PC, what are you going to do?

Post away,


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Cell Phone users: Do you have the right plan?

I can't believe how people go over their minutes every month with their $20 or $30 plan. They think that they're going to save money when they pick the lowest monthly plans but then they have a couple of months when they go over the alloted minutes. That's how the cell phone companies get you, because if you go over your alloted minutes, it's easily upwards of 30 cents extra per minute over, and that can be quite costly. I've seen it happen to friends, and they think, next month I won't go over, and yet, it keeps happening.

Maybe these guys should take a look at the plans at Wirefly. They've got all the plans from all the major cell phone providers, such as my favorite T-Mobile (most minutes per $$), Verzion, Cingular, Sprint, etc, so that you can choose what's convenient for you. Let's say you get a cheaper $30 plan on T-Mobile and go over your 300 minutes, where a $40 plan on T-Mobile gives you 600 minutes, and free nights to go along with the free weekends. It's a no-brainer if you're choosing your plan. Some people don't have this which is why Wirefly has a bunch of resources to help you out. They even got a free convenient wireless wizard tool to help you pick the right plan for you by allow you to compare cell phone plans fromm all the providers, based on your preferences. This could help you down the road where it's worth it to pay 5 or 10 dollars more per month than 50-60 in overages.

I'm not one who ever goes over my minutes, even during the summer or the times when I don't have school, but for the business or busy person out there, then I'd recommend having a decent plan with enough minutes. You don't want to shoot yourself in the foot later after you've signed your contract for 2 years and have to pay extra per month for no reason.

Anyone else have horror stories about going over their minutes, I don't wanna mention names but I've just seen stupid people do it over and over again, maybe some place like Wirefly can help them. Post your stories and comments.


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Nvidia crapping on Microsoft Vista for nForce users

I'm an nForce4 user (DFI Lanparty NF4 Ultra) and have generally kept up with the drivers since I like keeping my comp up to date but after hearing these allegations on the Aggravated Gamers Blog I'm not too happy. Seems like nVidia hasn't released any drivers for nforce boards (4,5,6 included), and that they've stopped supported nForce 1,2 and 3 boards. My nforce 2 at home is QUITE capable of running Vista, great job on the support nVidia. Maybe I should go back to ATi, it's just too bad the ATi motherboards weren't up to par until now, seems like I might have to make a switch.

Anyways visit the blog and post your opinion, should nVidia support the older users, and why haven't they released proper drivers?


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