The power of a blog post

Last time I wrote a post I deleted in within 2 days of posting it due to the information posted inside. I had written it in sadness and anger, and hadn't even thought about the consequences and who might read the post. I think the post accomplished its goal however I don't think I'll be going that deep into my personal life ever again. I had read other articles or news posts about the dangers of blogging but this wasn't truly a danger but a social kind of awareness that I didn't want others to have.

This makes me think of the problems that occur when revealing yourself to others. How much do you want people to know? If you keep it all in are you heartless or selfish or etc? I really have no ideas about the answers to those questions, as they've been developped by my writings beforehand when I thought of my last post. But hopefully they will develop into some positive discussion that I can write about here instead of boring mudane things about what's going on with my life.

As for what's going on in my life, honestly, not that much, and that's probably a good thing. I've been enjoying the summer in NYC, during tons of training, 5-6days a week of running, 3x a week weights, working in the library 4 days a week, and splitting my time between my friend's house in Queens and sneaking in the dorms. I'm not going to bore about my personal life but I've been chilling with my girlfriend and been spending time with friends. I do miss home and can't wait to go there for a bit but I need to work and save up and train before I get to do that.

Also been watching a lot of the World Cup, gotta go for England, my homeland in 2004, lol. It was great being there during Euro 2004 so I could imagine what it's like being there now when they're in the Quarter Finals after beating Ecuador. I don't think they've been playing that great but they are starting to come alive, they played really well in the second half and if Rooney keeps that up he'll definetly score tons and England will surprise some people.

Anyways that's it from the Library, someone remind me when it's been a while after a post.


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