It's New Year's Eve, time for some YouTube

Since I'm just sitting here today fixing a computer and waiting for all my NYE stuff to happen tonight I thought I'd share this hilarious (to some, don't play if your faint of heart) of someone burning the TMX Elmo (that's been going for like 10x its price). I know some people may object but it's my blog so enjoy, and post your comments if you wish

More later,


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Payperpost acquires

Ok I may be a little late on the news but to those who haven't heard it Payperpost, the guys who pay you blog about the things you love (yes I love the motto) has acquired certain assets of Taking a quote from the press release, they picked up "Performancing Metrics, the leading, free blog analytics service, and Performancing Exchange, an online "classifieds" for bloggers." You can easily read the whole thing at the PPP Blog since there's no point repeating info most of you already know through places like TechCrunch have already spread the world pretty well.

I've used the Metrics part of for a couple of days since I wanted to see how much it differed between those results and the results of the MyBlogLog logging option that I have on my sidebar. I have the sidebar widget for the visitors so that they feel cool since I enjoy seeing myself visit other blogs and not just being a number or IP address and the site statistics were a nice bonus. After using Performancing Metrics I'd have to say it does a much better job doing that, but the MyBlogLog wasn't complete since I didn't pay for it. Metrics has everything I need right now for looking at stats, like I had 1 dutch visitor yesterday, which is interesting lol. However I'd like to see some nice integration or maybe some nice special options for PPP users since they've acquired this technology. The one thing I DON'T want is for PPP to allow advertisers to require a certain amount of visitors per blog or post or any of that sort of thing. That would just kind PPP and eliminate the little guy from doing any sort of blog advertising.

I haven't heard much of Performancing Exchange, but with Payperpost and their team of great guys I'm sure they'll help us use it and open it up for everyone. Anyone used it yet? Post your thoughts on all this.



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Random 1am Post : Saddam, HDTV's and Fifa'06

Yep just got finished playing a marathon of Fifa'06 with my friend Carter, man that's a great game, and we're nearly the same skill wise now so it's pretty interesting who can pull it off and etc. It sure beats spending money doing nothing on a Friday night, lol.

By now everyone's heard that Saddam will be executed and there's been confirmation that the deed had indeed been done a few hours ago. There's various news reports but I was pointed out on Digg to the Wikipedia Page on Saddam's death, it's really interesting to see it changing every 5-10 mins. I have my personal views on the whole war but Saddam was a bad man and probably got what was coming to him.

Lastly before I head out here's a nice comparison of 1080i to 1080p, which may confuse some people. I won't spill the beans of the article but if you're looking into HDTV it's worth a look. Check out the link HERE

Alright I'm off to relax,


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Want to share a presentation or portfolio, try

Everyone on the internet knows about YouTube and Flickr and all the content sites where users get to upload their content and share it with everyone around the world. But imagine being able to share everything in one page or presentation at the proper sequence and with the right music or sounds. Seems like a cool idea that wasn't possible until now, with the introduction of's online presentation software which allows you to do all this for free. Filmators, as the users are called, upload their pictures, videos, Flash films, and sounds then simply organize the images to play in sequence according to trigger points they set in the sound file.

I shouldn't call it software since it's all online and makes it possible to create online presentations very quickly for free. Yep it's free for personal users, business or commercial users may get charged however, but it's a great way to reach a truly global audience without having a lot of knowledge or technical skills to do this. Ask any AV guy and they'll say it's not easy but Filmator takes all the difficult of piecing together a clip when you can do it yourself much more easily. Then all you have to do is embed it on your site, kind of like YouTube. Here's an example of a museum in southern France (being French and all it spiked my interest)

Pretty good tool isn't it, definitely seems like another option other than YouTube when trying to share a presentation online. I may not be big into the content producing part of networks like YouTube but I think this a great tool, especially for presentations, and that you should check it out. The URL again is



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Yahoo takes down their news message boards

Just saw this on and I just had to post this as it immediately made me think, WTF? Yahoo, the great internet news and searching portal, just shut down their message boards to "fix them". Ok why take them down as you fix them instead of fixing them a) While the old ones are still up? or b) Or intergrating the fixes with the old message board?

Seems like yahoo didn't really think this quite through, makes you wonder if you have sympathy for them losing marketshare and ad-revenue to google. Anyways the original post is on Slashdot HERE and the link to the shut down boards is HERE.

Post your thoughts.


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New social search engine out -

I'm a big fan of the user driven content sites, sites like Digg where stories or comments get ranked or voted on, so bringing that idea to the search engine world is a good thing. Well the people at have introduced a social search engine where people don't vote on comments they vote on the search results, seeing if they were useful or accurate they would get a 5 and could move up right away on a search result for another user. The score given a site is then weighted as a group score for all users. They also let each user create a personal index of their favorite sites when they search a keyword. That's pretty social or democratic if you ask me. They also got some nice things like advertisers like targetting the voted upon sites and etc, so it'll be good for everyone as well. I tested it out and it worked right away, I voted for myself (cheater) but hey I gotta be on top, lol.

Sproose may just be in Beta but it seems to have a lot of potential. Check out the Sproose home page to find out more and do some social searching, then post your thoughts here.



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PSP2 to have a 60gb Hard Drive?

Just saw this little tidbit on Engadget (my favorite gadget site if you don't know by now) and there's a bunch of speculation (aka rumours) that they're going to implement a 60gb Hard Drive in the PSP2 or the refresh. There's been rumours before of the PSP refresh or PSP2, whichever you want to call it, but having a nice 60gb hard-drive inside a PSP would make it much more attractive for those who wanna watch movies or play games, since 4gb mem stick pro duo's don't come cheap.

The full article with a picture from a presentation is on Engadget HERE.

Would you get a psp with a 60gb hard drive, or still would get a nice DS lite? Post your thoughts.


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Postie Patrol 3 - The best one yet!

You guys may have remember the postie patrols I've talked about from my good friends at Payperpost, well it seems this time they've teamed up with HP for the best postie patrol yet. Hp, the guys to look for any Digital Photography Reviews, make a video/photo Postie Patrol that is hilarious. From Ted taking off his clip-on pants to reveal shorts, to having strangers sing Rudolf, or to trying to make snow angels (that was pitiful, lol) it was pretty funny. I would love to do one of these things, I mean who wouldn't want to paticipate in a Postie Patrol, especially one sponsored by HP with all that gear and the chance to win $1,000.

Here's the YouTube video, check it out it's pretty good.



P.S. This post is brought to you by the wonderful people at HP, go support them!

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AACS DRM (HD-DVD and Blu-Ray copy protection) cracked!

Wow this is exciting news for those movies fans. There's a guy at the Doom9 who cracked the copy protection for the new next generation of movies, namely HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. He gets a key from some of the new players and decrypts the movies to a hard drive. Engadget tested it out and they were able to get the movies on their HD but they weren't able to play them due to the crappiness of PowerDVD/WinDVD. I wonder if it'll be as easy to play as DVD's were, so we'll have to see.

In the mean time you can check out the Engadget post HERE and find out what's the fuss all about.


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Holiday Debt Management

I know the holidays are tough on the wallet, I know I'm a student, but doesn't mean you have to exhaust all your options in trying to pay off the bills. Me I don't have many bills so I may not have to use some of the advanced options of loans or mortgages but in case you do the guys at are there for you. They got advice and tips to help you get out of a jam, things likepersonal loans and secured loans. Can't go wrong when looking to save some money by paying less interest on a loan versus a high credit card right? Check them out and lemme know if it helps?



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VoIPCheap - The new Skype alternative

Hey just letting you guys know about the new alternative to using SkypeOUT since they're going to start charging in January for calls to phones. The program is called Voipcheap and it's much better than Skype since you can use a regular telephone/cell phone instead of a computer. What it does is place 2 incoming calls and connects the two together. They also do free SMS (text messaging) if that's what you're into.

Honestly it's a great program and I recommend it to all, I can talk more about it but that's what the FAQ is for. Check it out and tell me what you think,


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New Years is coming soon, do you have a resolution?

When I was with my friends last night they were all talking about what they were going to do for New Years and it had me thinking, do I have any New Years resolutions yet? (Btw I'm spending New Years at a club with some close friends and an open bar, haha) I think it's always good to have some goal or something you want to achieve, and making it come true is always something nice. Last year I achieved my goal of finding a decent girlfriend (even if I broke up with her, lol) so that's the first time I accomplished one of the goals that I remembered.

This year however I'm going to do it different, and I'm going to broadcast my New Year's resolutions for you guys here, on the blog. There's a site called which advertises your resolutions to the entire world. My first one is HERE, and it's to break 4:00 in the mile this year, I'm 20 seconds off but I want to aim high so I can really work at it. It's cool since they show your goal on the front page, mine is 601102, you need to complete a quick 1 min survey tho, but once you're finished it's all good. Hopefully posting it up here will help me maintain the goal, which is always good motivation.

Here's a pic from their site, hope it helps you, or at least make you laugh, lol

What are your resolutions? Anything yet or you going to wait till New Years? Lemme know,


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Good times at home

I feel as if I've been giving a little less love to the blog since I've been here in Montreal this last week and a half. It's like I'm seeing all my friends I've neglected all the nice news on Digg, or speaking about more Technical sites or Computing news period.

On a good note I did get some Satellite for my parents, since we're in Canada I got them Bell ExpressVu, it's not too bad since we're getting the equipment and installation for free and 50% off for the first 6 months, and I'm getting a second receiver for my brother so he can watch TV too.

Apart from that things are good, just relaxing here, I'll try to post more and let you guys know what's up once life stops being crazy.

Till then ciao,


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It's that time again, Coupon Chief Coupon Codes!

I know everyone's pretty broke from all the shopping they've been doing, I know I am, so I might as well share some nice coupon codes for you guys. has got all sorts of coupons. Place like Best Buy Coupons have some nice coupons, and some nice deals like the Xbox 360 with a free copy of Call of Duty 2. Check them out you might find something you like.



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Tme for the great canadian tradition of Boxing Day!

Normally I don't care too much about buying stuff in stores when something goes on sale since online it's generally cheaper except for this one day right after Christmas called Boxing Day. It's where every Canadian goes nuts and spends whatever money they have left after Christmas shopping on some crazy deals. Unfortunetely the deals aren't all good this year, but there├Ęs a few that stand out. I'm waiting for a $50 DVD player that plays DivX for my good friend and then I'm going to try to get another one for my brother. Also going to try to get either satellite or cable for my parents and a NiMH battery charger and batteries for $15 dollars. Pretty good deals for me, but there's a bunch more if you look hard enough.

If you're canadian and you haven't heard of RedFlagDeals yet check them out, you might find something you like. Enjoy!

I'm off to shop, more later!


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Cool game to try on Christmas!

Since many of you guys don't got much to do during Christmas maybe you should check out this game I've heard of. It's a small single player game where you get points to dodge links, cool concept right? The game is called Dodge This, and it comes from the people at They're just starting out but it seems pretty cool. Check out this link to try it out. Endway - Dodge this, who knows, maybe you can win $100 for just messing around and trying to dodge some URKs.

What you guys think? Seems like fun. Post your thoughts and enjoy the day!


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Merry Christmas to all!

I know things have been slow, you know the holidays and all, so I'm just stepping in here to wish everyone Merry Christmas!

I'm at a friends celebrating with some video games, just relaxing and having fun, what you guys doing? Anyone having Christmas Dinner?

Enjoy the day!


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Check Out this Personal Fitness Blog

Hey I'm into the Health Science and sports fields since I'm an Athletic Trainer so I have to show some love to a blog in the Fitness field. I've worked out for over 10 years and trained people for nearly 4 (track and weightlifting background along with Sports Science undergraduate degree) and Marcela's blog at NoExcusesGym is really on point. She has great articles on training programs for beginners, or specifics for the fitness women are looking for like their Hips and Butt or nutritional tips from places like Mayo Clinic on Holiday Feasts.

I was very impressed by the diverse range of the articles, it seems she really has varied stuff and understands the MANY components of fitness, trust me I know. There's a nice link section with other helpful places that she's linked to. Her other articles and posts are pretty well thought out as well, for example the 3rd post on the page about the best Hotel Gyms in the US is a great find. I travel a lot with track and it would be interesting to know where we can go to workout if we don't have the opportunity to go to a formal facility, and it could be helpful to the active traveler as well. I'm not a big fan of the cyan colors but hey nothing can be perfect now can it, lol.

Honestly go check out Marcela's blog at and lemme know what you guys think.



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The price of computer repair

Yea just went to my dad's friends place to fix their computer and it was amazing to see what kind of computer they got and how much they paid to get it fixed. They paid $225 for a 15gb HD, an illegal non-sp2 copy of Windows Professional, and another 128mb of SDRAM. Pretty dam amazing, I could get both pieces of hardware for 50$ and the software for free. Dam repairmen, always overcharging.

Yea I didn't get to update the template yet, I got caught on the forums then went to Wal-Mart, which is always a hassle on the holidays.

I'll try to post more when I get home, but until then post your thoughts on repairmen, are they on point or they too expensive?


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Payperpost's got a YouTube Channel

I didn't know this until quite recently but Payperpost has a YouTube channel with all it's videos. I thought it would be just a collections of videos but there's comments and a bulletin board as well. I even saw videos there that I hadn't noticed before on the blog or anywhere else, payperpost definitely loves to keep me guessing (they're on the blog now). For those who don't know payperpost it's a shame, since you can't get paid to blog about pretty much anything :). Click on the link to find out more.

Btw congrats to Anna for winning the first camera, I'm still outta luck, help me out PPP!


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Updates for my template coming

Hey it's crappy weather here in montreal, freezing rain and it's unusually warm for this time of year, which makes for a green Christmas in Montreal. I can't run cuz it's too slippery and i'm stuck inside.

So I've found out that the great guys at Geckoandfly have finally (joking) updated the template I used for the newer version of blogger. They posted it HERE so I'm going to try to mix their code with my edits and see what comes out.

Wish me luck!


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Chatrooms, you guys still go?

I don't usually go to chatrooms since I'm usually too busy but I had some free time today after I got back from my shopping. However today I felt like relaxing and used the chat room at and I had a pretty good time. It's fun if you're bored and what to meet people, or just want to relax and talk to someone new. No real reason not too, it can be fun and you know know who you're going to meet, so check up these chatrooms if you're itching to talk.



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Blogging from FutureShop!

I would just love to say that Wifi is great, when you're at a major store, "borrowing" a free wifi connection on a brand new store laptop that you're "testing out". Do you guys smuggle in free wifi or check your email when you're out at a store? Or am I alone here?

Maybe I should get off the laptop before they get suspecious, lol

Anyways more later when I get home, nothing so far interesting on Digg today, guess it's the holidays,


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Stomach issues?

I don't know why but I've had some stomach issues in the past and they led to I.B.S. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and I wasn't a happy camper so to speak. I asked a friend who had gone through it for help and he told me about a product he used recently. It's Digesthelp IBS Remedy and it's a non-pharmaceutical way of dealing with IBS. Might help you where other drugs have failed.

check it out and lemme know if it helps,


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Passports, there's got to be a better way

Just spend most of today getting my Passport renewed, and as usual it took forever to get it. I even had to pay an extra 30$ since I had to get it before New Year's, which is another worthless hassle.

I just wonder if there's a better way of doing this online, or without the ridiculously long waits, I had to wait an hour and 30 mins, luckily it was in Downtown Montreal so I had things to do while I waited but still, doing all that, getting my documents signed by a Guarantor and getting my passport photo's, ugh that was a long sentence.

Anyways I managed to get to the gym and workout, so I'm happy, however I'm still kinda sick so I wasn't 100%.

Alright gonna relax,


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Ugh Holidays and Credit Cards

I went shopping yesterday and not only did I not get any gifts for the people I wanted to get stuff for I got stuff for me on my credit card. I think I really should've been following better advice from this site for Credit Card Advice. It's good site for all you guys trying to watch your credit and credit cards to make sure they don't skyrocket out of control. They got some Credit card news so that you can keep up to date. Me I think that credit cards are a good thing if you can manage them, if you cannot you're going to be in trouble and they will take over. I messed up my credit in Canada when I was younger and only now am I able to fix it. So don't make the same mistakes as I did, follow their advice and make sure you get some nice gifts during the holidays.



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Addicted to my new video game and Blogger

Yea sorry guys I haven't blogged as much as I've been wanting too, I can't seem to pull myself away from Day of Defeat:Source. For those who don't know, Day of Defeat:Source or known to most as DOD:S is a highly addicting fast paced game based on WWII where people fight to control the map via flags and kill your opponents. It's simple, fun and addicting. I used to run a clan or group of players for the original Day of Defeat for the HL1 engine (DOD:S is on the second HL2 engine) and I've loved the game since then and finally got an upgrade.

Btw I've noticed that Blogger's out of all the beta's, which is good so I don't have to type, good for it, keeping my life simple while introducing new features is great.

Alright off to more DOD:Source, later!


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You guys know I'm a fan of the, come on who isn't a fan of rockstartup with Ted going around the US trying to promote and bring Payperpost from an infant company into a giant consumer generated media powerehouse. It's a pretty riveting reality show that might impress you, might make you laugh or make you wonder what the hell these guys are up to sometimes? Check it out at Oh yea they're having a contest to promote it so if you get all the pieces you can get $1000, I'm way too lazy (as per usual) so enjoy the piece and good luck.



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What Pizza Are You - Internet Quiz

Found this on Ranee's about me section of the French Kitten Blog and thought it was funny so I took the quiz, nothing like getting the type of pizza you are picked for you, lol.

Meatball Pizza

Unusual and uncompromising.
You're usually the first to discover a new trend.
You appreciate a good meal and good company.
You're an interesting blend of traditional and modern.

What's Your Pizza Personality?

Anyone else take it? what they end up being?



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Who here likes to Ski or Snowboard?

Being home for the holidays reminds me of something I haven't done in the last 5 years that I haven't been in Canada, which is Ski or Snowboard. I must admit I may not be the greatest skier but I can hold my own on a snowboard, trust me going down some Black Diamonds or Double Diamonds at Mont. Tremblant make you learn REAL quick.

However I still have good friends who ski nearly every weekend since the mountains are so close to Montreal, a lot of good resorts and Mountains are within an hours drive or at most 2 hours to Vermont/New Hampshire to mountains like Jay Peak and they love it. Maybe I should look into getting them some of these Last Year Model Skis ! for cheap on Ebay. Can't beat Ebay and these guys have 80,000 pairs in stock, which is pretty astounding. They all the major brands like Rossignol, Salomon, Dynastar, Atomic, K2, Elan and etc. Like look at these Bode Miller (yep the pro skier who failed in Sydney but is still good) Atomic Rage GS:9 Racing skis. Pretty slick. They also got some nice boards like the Rossignol Scope, Amber, Sultan lines like this Rossignol Scope board here.

Lastly if you can't get out at all to a big mountain maybe you can just get your friend some nice Snowshoes so they can make their own trails. Remember guys I need some new stuff so hint hint, and will someone please take me boarding this year, c'mon I've been good, lol!


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Blog Review 5- Terri's Musings

I know I haven't been keeping up with my Blog Reviews since last week but I think I should let you guys know about Terri's blog up in Olympia in the wonderful but rainy state of Washington. She's a married mom of Zane and she's been kind of stuck in inside as shown by the fact of the S.A.D lamps HERE or going out with some fellow Mom's HERE. Don't worry I feel your pain during the school year, I don't get the liberties that some of my fellow slackers I mean students get since I'm so busy but I can't complain since I enjoy what I do.

Her blog is really interesting, with nice variety of subjects from her husband's videos (and subsequent jealously of me HERE :p), some nice Christmas Cards, a nice post on I.B.S. (don't EVER want that) and more. Check it out at" and send her some love.

Btw I might be a more permanent visitor to the US, more on that in a later post, but it includes the words jobs and money :)


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San Diego Visit?

Man it's getting pretty cold in Montreal right now and I wouldn't mind spending some spending some of my time in somewhere a little warmer that I haven't been to before, maybe somewhere like San Francisco or San Diego to visit some of the friends I have in California. Never been so it wouldn't be cool to there, rent a car from this San Diego car rental place, and just relax and cruise the strip, lol. Maybe I'm just daydreaming or something, but I'm sure a student like me would love to do this since it's cheap and easier than going into a local rental place. Check it out,


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New Digg Homepage, Updates Galore!

I was relaxing on my comp waiting for IE7.0 to finish installing on my parents computer and I went to my usual place for news It said "We're updating" so I was sitting there wow this better be good and low and behold it is. Digg did a pretty massive update, with support for Widescreen monitors (yey!), better layout organization, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I'm way too lazy to write it out by hand since I watched the video by Kevin Rose but here's the copy/paste from the Digg Blog (Blog.Digg.Com)

Interface Design, Digg Goes Widescreen
We’ve gone from a fixed width layout to a flexible one allowing you to make use of your screen real-estate on larger monitors. Navigation has also been moved to the top allowing you to quickly switch between sections.

Top 10 Stories/Videos
Digg stories move fast, so we’ve created a quick view of the top 10 hottest on Digg, updated in real time. This list changes as other stories accelerate in Diggs - so make sure to check it often. Think of this as your quick pulse of what’s hot in any given section.

Videos Enhancements
Aside from giving Videos their own position in the top navigation, we have added a couple cool features: Top 10 hottest videos, and on-Digg video previews. Simply click any video with a play icon to get lightbox window in which you can preview and Digg the video.

Now you can Digg your favorite podcast series and individual podcast episodes. Not only can you see a list of the most popular podcasts by section, you can also dive into any individual podcasts to see the most Dugg individual episodes. And don’t forget - every time you Digg a podcast or podcast episode that is bookmarked in your profile and shared with your friends.

Profile Enhancements
Now quickly jump between your Dugg News, Videos, or Podcasts. With three separate sections we make it easy to sort through your own Diggs or the Diggs from your friends using the friends tab.

Pretty sweet news for people like me who love digg, check it out!


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Want to see what Prague looks like?

The friend who drove me back home today went to Europe during the summer and told me I should go. I've always wanted to do Eastern Europe since I went to Western Europe during the summer of 04. I've been checking this Virtual Map of Prague and it's pretty cool. They got tons of pictures of places and it's pretty nice.

Check it out and lemme know what you think? Pretty city or just another European town.


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Just got in to Montreal! - Cable vs Satellite?

Just got home, man it's always great to be home, no matter how messy or what shape it's in. Its crazy, my brother got a new car, my parents just got a new dog (my old friend Buddy passed away during late September) and things have been good. I'm just relaxing, some friends are going to drop by and I'm going to unpack/claim my room in a bit. The drive from Maine was long but it was beautiful, very scenic, I couldn't live there but it's always nice to get out of a city for a bit, I think New York was getting to me.

Anyways I'm also debating what I should get for my parents for Xmas. We've been using an Antenna for years, but I'm thinking of getting the either Cable or Satellite. I think Cable's a better option however, since it's like cheaper and they don't care about movie channels too much. Also I don't want them to be outside turning the freezing antenna in the middle of the winter.

Ah decisions decisions, k I'm gonna go relax, more later!


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Need Some Sales Software for your Small Business?

Ever worked for a company that had a crappy software on their registers/computers and caused a lot of problems for you and your customers.
I remember this place I worked out 2 summers ago, they had the oldest registers ever. It was tough and slowed things down immensenly, he should've easily got a beter system going. The guys at have some point of sale software he should've taken a look at. They have a nice website for all of their services, from software to hardware, and they got a forum (Always a positive in my book, serves to communicate and promote customer loyalty) and some good support options. Could be an option to increase productivity and sales for your company relying on some outdated stuff. Check them out and post what you think?


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Facebook worth $8 Billion Dollars?

Just saw this on TechCrunch, its from Bloomberg and its more speculation and rumours on the company everyone loves to bet on Facebook. There's been offers of $1 billion, people been saying $1.5 billion and more, etc but some people think its worth $8 billion. Obviously they're on some sort of crack (not serious) but here's the quote:

"Started in 2004 by Harvard University student Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is now one of the fastest growing sites on the Web. Thiel, 39, says the site's college-aged users make it worth $8 billion or more, as much as Viacom Inc.'s MTV music video channel."

They think $8 billion is a $8 billion is a low estimate, are they nuts or is Social Networking really stepping up and becoming a legitimate form of media? Speak your thoughts.


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PPP requires Full Disclosure!

Yep TechCrunch isn't hating on Payperpost as usual. If you read TechCrunch, which many of you bloggers into Tech and/or Blogging worlds do, then you'll have seen this post HERE seeing that PPP is requiring full disclosure for posts. Yep that's right we can't advertise bluntly for a company without telling you. I've never advertised for a company that I honestly wouldn't use given the right opportunity, remember I am a college student so I'm not rich but I enjoy supporting or writing about companies or giving products on products that I like.

I've had a Disclosure Policy for a while and I don't take opps that require the fact that PPP isn't mentioned either. Payperpost, the company that lets you get paid to blog and get some blog ads for your company, has brought you this and is bringing you more good love for the blogging community. If you're interested click on that box on the side to learn more :)



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Blogging in Portland, ME!

Hey I'm in Portland, Maine, never been here so it's pretty cool! I was supposed to be in Montreal but we went to Portland to visit his girlfriend instead on the way. Me and my friend drove here from NYC to Portland in about 5 hours, wasn't bad. We just came back from the downtown area of Portland, wasn't as fun as good old Brooklyn or any of the many areas of Manhattan, but it's not as bad as I thought. Everything is close together sot that's not.

I haven't been able to follow the tech scene last couple of days, been playing on the new laptops. I really am thinking of getting a new one soon, waiting for my job to start on January 3rd, that's right I'll be getting paid at the PT clinic. So until that starts I should just relax, there's also Boxing Day in Canada so we'll see what that brings up.

Anyways gotta go, long drive to Montreal tomorrow,


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Who needs some nice Christmas Cards?

Anyone around here need to send anyone they care about some Christmas cards but never got the chance too? Well the guys at Blue Mountain got you covered. They got online Christmas cards, Christmas online games for the kids. They got offers for members, which as scheduling of when to send the cards, or for those who like to send a lot of cards to get a yearly membership for $13.99, which is great savings of money.

Let me know what you think of the cards? I'm going to send mine out this week,


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Slick new HP laptops

My friend who's come down from Montreal to meet up with me and drive down just picked up not 1 but 2 new laptops. One was one of the best HP's the dv2000t with a Core 2 Duo, yes Core 2, and a nice gig of ram, dedicated video card, and a gig of ram. I'm typing on it right now, it's pretty slick. The second is a decent Compaq, a V3000T, with a Core Duo, 512mb ram, it's nice.

I just went out tonight into the Lower East Side, was fun, went to some bar at the corner of 1st and 1st. I'll get the name later but it was definetely something new.

Alright off to bed,


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Who's used a smart "whiteboard" before?

If anyone here's used a smartboard or smart "whiteboard" before they know how easy it is to use and how great it is when working with presentations and groups. The sports science department at LIU has one and we use it all the time, great for those AV presentations that are interactive. I was wondering who actually installs and buys these things and these guys from the UK at Reflex Limited actually do a lot of custom installs and AV work for many big names, like Sony, Fujitsu, etc. Way out of my league but would be great for that business needing professional work done. Check out at



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Montreal TOMORROW, semester is done! - Also, who loves Bit-Torrent?

Yea going to be a little off topic on this post since I am going home tomorrow and I am pretty excited. Don't worry the content will still be coming at you guys, just going to be from another country :) I finished all the little random things I had to do before I left ubt I want to go shopping and see if there's any gifts I still need to pick up before I go.

My friend is coming down later tonight so we're going into the city to celebrate and relax with my teammates, going to be fun. But right now I'm burning some movies for a friend. What site you guys use for Bit-Torrent? I mainly use and, but do you guys love Bit-Torrent also or am I alone?

Speak your thoughts.

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Who's used FreePay? or any site like that?

Last year I remember hearing a lot about the offer sites where you would complete an offer and get friends or referals to do other offers so I tried it out. I wanted an Xbox to have a nice Media PC without paying for one so I tried it out. It wasn't so bad, but it involves hassling my roomates to sign up and get them to complete offers, I had to give them money to do it, lol, but they got it done for me and I got my Xbox. Once my offers were completed it wasn't so bad and they shipped my xbox fast.

Most people I knew thought it was a scam, how can I fault them, no one gets anything for free. However it's not really free since you sign up for something and become a customer for that firm. So let's say if you do those offers and sign up for a product you like you're doing everyone a favor as you're a new customer, freepay gets paid, and you can get a free items, such as a laptop, ipod, etc. It's a nice way to get free stuff, and once I educated them they were more receptive to it. Like why would anyone not want to Choose a free gift! for signing up for Blockbuster like I did.

Freepay has a couple of sites that you might want to check out, can't hurt and you might be able to get something for yourself, like has ipods for your holiday gifts, can't go wrong with that right?

Check them out and tell me what you think? Is it worth it or not?


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Guitar Hero causing injuries?

I guess video games cause more and more pain these days, with even professional athletes receive injuries from them. Supposedly one of the pitches from the Detroit Tigers had injured his forearm while playing the game "Guitar Hero". Guitar Hero is a game like Dance Dance Revolution where you recreate songs on guitar by strumming and hitting certain keys. Well they play that for their World Series lost last year.

The player, Joel Zumaya, profile is on Yahoo Sports, stating this, but we'll see if its really true or not. So watch out kids, grown ups or finely tuned athletes, since Video games can get you, lol.



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Next Gen DVD formats and players guide

Most people here have vaguely heard of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD but most people do not have a clue between the differences between the two. Mainly Blu-Ray has been championned by Sony, it's in the PS3, and it has a larger amount of media companies behind it and the discs can hold more data (50gb on a DUAL-Layer Disc) where the HD-DVD camp, lead by Hitachi, have the support of Microsoft and Intel among others, and is cheaper to make and has Xbox360 support as well.

Ok that's good but what about the stand alone players? Well this Next Gen DVD Recorders and Players Guide can help you with that, with info on theSamsung Blu-Ray Disc Player (I've watched movies on this at the Samsung Experience in NYC) and Sony's Blu-Ray players, which many predict to win the format war. Either way getting some nice HD quality movies in your home is definetly worth it so check it out.


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I'm alive, just barely

I'm nearly 100% done with the semester. I don't have any classes or major papers to hand in but once I give in my End of Semester folder with all my evaluations, injury reports and random things for my clinical class I AM DONE. It's been crazy last couple of days with school, 10 pages papers and all.

On Tuesday night I stay up the WHOLE night writing my paper, yes I started at 10:30pm from my job, went home at 12, then continued writing on only Red Bull and munchies until 7:45am. However I wrote my 15 page paper (came out to be 16) and managed to live another day.

My friends are coming down Friday night to grab me and get me home, so I'm looking forward to that and I'm happy, however I still gotta go to work and finish that folder.

More news later, I've been trying the TVUPlayer at work, it's been crappy on my network, anyone else try it?


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Rockstartup Episode 3 is up!

It's pretty funny since I'm at the library I can't really watch the episode of my favorite online show but I'm just going to write about it and post it up so that when I get to my nice expensive computer at home I can see it in all it's HD glory. Ok sorry for the run-on sentence but I'm a big fan of being a big Payperpost guy and it's take on reality tv. Someone please let me know what's going on? I can see from the front image I see Veronique with the Vitamin Waters that she had her confessional.

So check out the video via YouTube and let me know whats up before I get home at 12.


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Pretty interesting, Pay-per-posting OK with Search Engines

Most nay-sayers of Paid posting programs like Payperpost or ReviewMe aren't frowned upon by most search engines. I thought it would be the opposite but as long as people like the content I guess there's not much they can do. This is good for SEO purposes and other things, and great news for bloggers like me who use PayPerpost. The article was posted on the SearchEngineJournal, where they interviewed members from all 4 major search engines, Yahoo, Google, and MSN. You can read the full article HERE

I saw this on the Payperpost Blog I mentioned this weekend, the URL in case you're lazy to check it out is Blog.Payperpost.comso go read it and learn some things :)


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Great Home Decor Website

Most of the time I don't post on home decor items but since I've been looking for gifts for my mom, the one that loves to decorate the house, I thought I'd share a site with you guys. It's called the Wrought Iron Store and from the title everything is made out of Wrought or worked Iron. It gives everything that crafted look, making things look good in an older house such as mine (made in the 1940's as a cottage), but I'm no expert in the decoration scene so my opinion may not be right. I've been looking at things like this Wrought Iron Wall Candle Holder since my mom is a candle fan, she buys a ton of them but someone gives most of them away or this little 3 Candle Holder for $20 bucks since I'm a poor old college student.

You guys have any ideas from the site? Let me know what you think while I go back to my homework.


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Updates and Life

Yesterday was one of the craziest days I've had in a long while. I had to present 2 times for 10 minute presentations in the same day while going to my clinical and finishing up 2 10 page papers with the references and etc. I had to write the presentation for one class during the other class on my friends laptop, and somehow the work that took me 30 minutes in one class came out better than the presentation I had done at 1-2am the night before. Then I had to go to the hospital with one of my teammates till 11am for an unspecified matter so that just killed the whole night and I'm exhausted.

Today however I have 2 more papers to look forward 2, one is a response to a set of questions for my Take-Home Final Exam and the other is a 15 page paper I had been supposed to be working on all semester. I already have all the ressources for that long paper but I need to crank it out, it's the last serious thing I have to go before I leave for Canada on Friday.

Anyways I must be off, papers need to written and food must be eaten, more news later


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Great aquarium store from true aquarium enthusiasts

I love online stores that have build their business around the community that the product that they're trying to reach. Many times those are how the most succesful business are started, things like Papa Johns, or any of the PC Modding sites I've shopped from, or Futuremark which has great community forums and always tries to serve the needs of the gaming community.

Well Aquarium Guys is company like that. They were founded in 2000 to provide fellow aquarists, which I didn't know had a seperate term, the best high quality aquarium supplies at the lowest prices. They carry a large selection of products for both fresh water and salt water fish tanks, everything from tanks to Aquarium Heaters. I've had some pretty crappy stuff for my first fish tank and it's nice to see the stuff improve over the years. These guys even have built a new online community for Aquarium enthusiasts, or Aquarists, lol, called which is also a nice gesture and a great way to build community and sales.

If you need anything for your aquarium or fish tank check them out, like a new tank for the holidays to give the fish some heat and room, the URL is



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Blog Review 4 - Digi-Cass

Everyone has something that they want to get better at or are interested in, well for another one of my good old PPP friends that subject is Photograhpy. Her new Photography blog, Digi-Cass is going to chronicle her experiences learning to how to take better pictures, writing up guides or other info, and showing pictures.

This is a quote from her first post, pretty great way to start off a blog.

"So unimpressed that I could just sleep through my own photographs. Not good. Photography has fascinated me since I first saw pictures, and I took my one and only class in middle school. As a home-schooler, I firmly believe in the ability to self-educate, and that’s just what I plan to do"

She's already off to getting a new camera HERE and posting about Free Photography Guides from HP so she's off to a good start. Go check it out and see how you like it! Btw Cass is sick right now so go send her some love, no one likes being sick.


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When's the last time you visited the PayPerPost Blog?

Most of you guys in the Blogosphere have a couple of blogs you read daily, some you read once in a while and some you have on RSS since you want to know every new post as it comes up. One of those Blogs I have on RSS is definetly the PayPerPost Blog. It is the site for news, funny videos like the Antonio video I posted before, updates on what's going on and what's more.

Payperpost is for those who write blogs and would like to get paid to write about cool stuff. Can't really go wrong with that, and it's great fun. Ask anyone at the forums if you don't believe me at and tell them you sent me, don't worry they know who I am, and we love having new people enter our community and posting, so come join us.

(Don't forget to click on the big box 2 posts down if you're interested, help me out!)


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Long day - Homework and Kenyan's

It's so tough getting up at 6:30am for a track meet on a Sunday. Yep I had to do it today since I had a race there and my teammates had to be there at 8:30 so we left around 7:30. However it was not all for something as I came 2nd to a legit Kenyan, yes one of those crazy runners from Africa, in the 1000m. He wasn't probably in the best of shape since he ran at NCAA Cross-Country Nationals 2 weeks earlier but it felt good to go toe to toe with him. He barely dipped me at the line, and I ran a pretty good time, 2:36 for the 1000m this early in the season isn't bad. I wish I could get that picture at the line, lol.

I'm going to have more stuff for you guys since i'll be up a while writing papers and procrastinating, so don't worry content is coming!


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Notice the new button on the side? It's Payperpost's Affiliate Program

Yep the folks at Payperpost have done it again. Back in the day when you brought people into Payperpost you had to give them your email address manually and they had to input it when filling out the form. That could earn you 5$. Now everything's changed. They a nice script setup, and a nice big button for your sidebar so that you can send EVERYONE on your blog to Payperpost so that they can get their fair share of the paid postings I do. Who wouldn't want to blog for money? It's great because I get to meet new people, learn about new products and sites, promote a great company with awesome employees and best of all I get paid to do it. Honestly you can't go wrong.

Now if you don't click on the big box on the side when you sign up I won't get 15 dollars, so help out this poor college athlete and show him some love :)

Just in case you ppl are lazy, here's the BIG BOX again, come on sign up!



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Tech blog of note - Bulletz of Knowledge

Man I'm giving lots of love to the blogosphere lately, but so many great blogs and friends from PPP I feel it necessary to spread the love.

My blog of note for today is a Tech Blog by another Postie called Suni or known around as BulletProofSoul. Her tech blog, Bulletz of Knowledge brings tech news to the regular person, by doing such things as finding articles explaining PR, or Search Engine Optimization which many people have no clue about. I have some, but only because I'm getting more involved in the blogosphere.

If you would like a different kind of spin on Technology and the Internet, visit her blog at and learn about these things and more.


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Jack Black and Hellacious D Interview

I think Jack Black is a hilarious comedian, not a stand up comic kind of funny but and overall funny guy that makes you laugh by his demeanor and what he does all day. Well that guys at Maxim Online, yes that's right Maxim, have an online video with Jack Black and Tenacious D availible for you guys.

The interview is funny in the typical Jack Black way, and while your there you can view all the other nice features of Maxim, such as girls, games, entertainment, cheerleaders and all that other great stuff. Check it out!



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Blog Review 3 - Surviving NJ

Deb, aka Jersey Girl got a pretty cool blog about the land of the Devils, Nets and somehow home to 2 New York football Teams, called SurvivingNJ. She's got another varied blog with some great posts about Taco Bell, or a rant about Men with hair on their chest. I got a little something on mine (well a lot but not too much to be beastly) so seeing someone that appreciates that gets the thumbs up in my book.

She also brings some cool gift ideas, ideas for things to do around the house like a Photography Scavenger Hunt or talks about her favorite artists like Taylor Hicks, who's not my type of guy but hey to each his own. Anyways check out her blog at or check out her new blog at



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Some different holiday gift ideas then what you usually see from me

I know I mostly talk about gaming and technology but thought I might share a great site for anything optic or lens related They got tons of stuff, from Telescopes, to rifle scopes, to binoculars, quality flashlights, sunglasses and even
radar guns for a baseball coach or amateur cop, lol. They got FREE UPS on orders over $29.95 which is great for the holidays.

Now someone get me some Bolle Sunglasses for running this summer and I'll be set. I love the Bolle Action Sport Turbulence due to the fact that I need a quality set of sunglasses that I can change the lenses for different conditions such as snow/rain or sun, or if I can't afford that maybe the Mongrel Sport model. C'mon help out this college boy!



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Procrastination part 2 - Aftermath of the Christmas Party

It's been a pretty long friday for me, and the day isn't over yet. Yesterday was my Christmas party at my internship, for which I might get a job after, so I went out, and drank my fair share. I managed to stumble out of bed, go to my internship, then go to track practice afterwards, and somehow I'm here now working on my paper.

I got 2 10 page papers, which may not seem much for you professional paper writers out there but for someone who works with their hands and studies all day it's a bit much. I'm cranking out the easier paper pretty easily, nearly a third of the way done in a hour, which is pretty good, but while working on the paper, I came to a realization. I realized it's amazing what deadlines will do to you. There have been many other times when I could've done this over the past week, where I felt better, wasn't nearly as tired, yet, I didn't get this started until today. That's pretty sad.

Anyways you guys REALLY have to read this post about me at Colleen's main blog at She actually wrote a post starting, Meet Hawtness. She used the word hawt so she gets mad points in my book, and she definetly makes me feel better after not talking to that pretty girl last night at the Christmas party. I was a loser and chilled/danced with all my friends, no one new, lol. I think you/Mimi are pretty too, and you 2 Cass :). Thanks to all the ladies on the PPP forums for making me feel a bit better, lol.

Alright back to the paper in a bit,


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Search Engine where you can win prizes just by searching

This is definetly a new concept, a search engine where you can win prizes just for searching. They're having a Winzy Search and Win promotion at They got 3 ways of winning prizes with is pretty sweet. One is instantly just for searching, the other is by having friends sign up and refer you and winning the same prize they win and the last is by earning points by searching and entering the monthly sweepstakes. I just saw someone win an iPod Nano an hour and 47 mins ago, pretty nice for just searching, and someone and their friend just got 100 points for the day.

Check it out, the search engine is powered by so it's not bad and winning prizes can't hurt. The URL again is but click on my link to help me out as well :)



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Another blog of note - BuyMeBlog

Just thought I should talk about this new blog posted up by my fellow PPP postie Colleen called the BuyMeBlog. I remember getting an email advertising their first Office Depot 15% off Coupon, which is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. She's also got a bunch of other coupons like a 20% off employee discount at Macy's but it was only a weekend thing.

It's a nice choice to have a blog for those bargain hunters like me, so enjoy and check out her blog. The URL once again is



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Look at this, a deals site that gives away stuff for finding hot deals

I know I talk a lot about deals, coupons and etc but I've seen a new site that gets great deals while giving away free stuff. is a great site on deals for computers, electronics, toys, etc, all the regular stuff. But what makes them special is that they're having a draw for free stuff from Dec 6th to the 19th. Here's the details from their site

1. Find a hot deal, such as Soyo DYLM1998 19" LCD Monitor
2. Share with your friends by email or instant messengers.
The more invitations you send, the more chances to win at that day! *
3. Check back, share more and win many. iPod Nano will be drawn from all invitations responded during the promotion period. All other gifts will be drawn from invitations responded at that day.* Winner will be annouced at homepage at 1pm PST the next day.

Pretty sweet, they don't require no registration and a purchase is not necessarily. The list of prices is on their site but it includes, iPod's, Logitech G5 Gaming mice, and more. Check them out at



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Blog Review 2 - My Thoughts, Ideas and Ramblings

My 2nd Blog Review is going to be on a site where I found a link to get the template you guys are seeing here today. Lisa's blog, My Thoughts, Ideas and Ramblings is another blog of great variety. Content is pretty all over the place which is nice since a lot of blogs are mundane and too focused. I loved the Mom Before Christmas Poem, to the post about the Husband putting the wife in the oven or the little penguin clip on the post after that. Never can go wrong with funny videos

Of course, she's got a great template (Powered by Gecko and Fly) and has a posting on my comparision of the Snes vs Wii Classic Remotes. Two thumbs up in my books, lol.

Hope you guys enjoy the site, the link to the blog again is


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Survival Kit - Do you have one

I've been reading at Digg about the disappearance and tragic death of James Kim and his family. Fortunitely his family was found save and sound but he seems to have perished from frostbite.The way him and his family were stuck in the Oregon wilderness makes you think about what would you do if you were stuck and lost without food or power.

Well there's another article on Digg about a vehicle survival kit. Most people don't have one they have possibly a first aid kit but never anything like it. You guys should definetly check it out if you have a car and travel anywhere with it. Check out this Vehicle Survival Kit from the Right Thoughts Blog and post your thoughts.


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Need a Dell? Got some Dell Coupon Codes for you

If anyone around here is looking to get a last minute computer or some accesories or a nice widescreen monitor like the 2007wfp then maybe these Dell Coupon Codes from the people at They got a bunch of coupon codes but since everyone loves Dells I thought I migh as well hook you guys up with some. Their codes are updated hourly and they got great instructions on how to use them if your not too familiar with coupon codes.

Enjoy and post what you pick up,


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Blog Review 1 :, My Thoughts, review

Since I've been so involved with Payperpost I've gotten to meet some cool people and seen some great blogs that I normally wouldn't have seen. I feel it necessary to spread some love to these guys and post a little something about everyone's blog, what I like, why I read it and if there's something I don't like I'll post it too (a bit of constructive criticism can't hurt right).'s My Thoughts blog is a great young blog but one that has a lot of promise. His blog is quite varied and has a lot of different types of content that's pretty good. He goes from talking about how UNC won the D1 Soccer championship (LIU made the NCAA's but lost in the 1st round to Texas) or talks about a funny encounter with a Russian Bride to recipes about sugar cookies. Pretty entertaining and fresh, nice to see a varied bit of content, and talking about football on the side don't hurt either.

Anyways show him some love and visit his blog at


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Free online Poker Portal - Info on playing Hold'Em, online casinos and more

I may be into electronics but I've been known to play some poker online at times or with a bunch of friends, since I'm in college and I live in a dorm its really a no brainer. Gotta love the poker on ESPN too, since they seem to play it whenver they don't have real programming availible, lol. Anyways if you're looking for a Free Poker site and Information portal then is the place. They got tons of info on playing poker online, reviews, promotions and discounts. Pretty much everything you need to get started. I'd check them out if you got that urge to get online and play cards. Check them out, the URL is



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Random thought, what electronic gadget you want most for Christmas?

Just thinking of all the stuff that's coming out in time for the busy holiday season, like the new 2G Ipod Nano's, or the Microsoft Zune, or the Wii, PS3, or the classics like the DS Lite or an Xbox360 and was wondering which one you guys would like to get?

Me, I'm torn since I want a Xbox360 but I a) don't have a high-def TV yet and b) don't have the ability to play online games due to the connection at my school dorm. I'm not upgrading my computer since I'm going to wait until the new releases in the summer but maybe I might look into a portable system instead, maybe a DS, or maybe even a PSP with a little homebrew.

Any more thoughts? Or post the thing you want most for X-Mas and discuss.


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Just saw this funny outtake on a Bond Video, it's called La Femme Nikita but it's really about online Jewish dating. Pretty interesting to see advertisers take different outlooks or methods to get your attention. If you're at all interested into Jewish Dating I think you should check out the Jewish Social Network at But either way check out this video and tell me what you think.



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Helpful article for gamers with widescreen displays

If you've read my blog you'll have seen that I have a Dell 2005fpw 20.1" Widescreen LCD to go with my 6800GT. This may be dandy for you but many games, particularly older games, don't scale very well with widescreen resolutions or get stuck at a fixed ratio. The article from article shows you some of the options you have to make games look better or fill up more of the screen without looking too fuzzy or pixelated. They use both drivers and the options on the monitor itself

Btw I know the game they're using, Half-Life 2, has native Widescreen options in their settings (I play at 1680x1050 with 4x AA, 8x AF and love it) but they're using it as an example.

Let me know what you think,


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Who hasn't had a bad job review from their boss?

Yea I remember working at McDonald's when I got my first job review, the boss at the time was all proud of me since I was only 6 months into the job and didn't completely hate it yet. I was pretty much a model employee. Then 6 months later, after being there a year, I kinda lost interest into the job after this terrible review my boss gave me for my 2nd review. It was late, unprofessional (I had no idea back then) and I only got a 10 cent raise, what the hell is 10 cents when you're working for minimum wage. They really need to get some Employee Review Software, like the ones at Manager Assistant, so that they can give better more timely reviews and actually evaluate me instead of giving of opinion of me. It's pretty good and may help you keep disgruntled employee's like me from leaving the door.



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Funny websites?

Just wonder what's your source of daily humour? Usually I get some pretty funny and random stuff from good old Digg but some of my friends visit and other friends of mine go to ebaumsworld. What's your favorite?

My current favorite of the moment is good old You really have to be French-Canadian to a) Understand it and b) Get the jokes but so far it's hilarious.

Enjoy, or just curse me out later for the crappiness of talking bobbing heads, lol.


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Who wants CashBack?

Just reminding you guys that one of my favorite deal sites and one of the few Cash Back sites out there has some pretty nice deals out there, especially on prepaid cell phones. They got a T-Mobile to go phone (the Nokia 6030, not too bad of a phone) for free or a Motorola C139 from Cingular's GoPhone (not as good of a phone but some people like Cingular more) also for free after cash back from It's pretty sweet for those looking to give a prepaid phone as a gift to a young one. However they got deals for many more stores included, Toys R Us, and more. Check them out and get some $$ back.



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Another find - Free Online File Conversion

Just saw this off [H] and since I a)love those guys and b)think it's a great site I just felt I HAD to blog about it, lol.

If you ever need a file converted there's a new site called that will convert most audio/document/video/image formats between each other. Can be great for that useless wordperfect file you get (I get them all the time at the library) to convert it to word, or your 3gp file you record from your cell phone to mpeg or avi formats. There's a lot of potential since it's FREE and since the specs are pretty good, files up to 100mb as well.

Check it out at and let me know how it works. I'm still at work so no go but I'll test it out later.


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Protecting kids from the wrong people on MySpace can be done without removing them from MySpace

I spoke earlier today about Keyloggers and how they were used for good now and to go a little further about that I'm going to speak about some MySpace safety. Most parents know that they're kids have MySpace and can't really monitor what they're doing unless they remove or block access to the site, which can lead to the kid visiting from places you cannot control. There's software that can record general keystrokes, go through logs but unless they block the site they don't really know what's going on when they aren't around. Especially when looking at myspace chat there's no way to record the conversation, well until now. SpectorSoft has released software called Spector Pro which can record what their kids are doing on MySpace, from top to bottom. Who they've got on their friend list, view their messages, view the comments, pretty much everything. This is great to make sure that their kids are doing what they're supposed to do and not talking to the wrong type of people, if you know what I mean. It's there to protect kids, not spy on them, and with software like this, protecting kids can be a much easier thing to do on popular places like MySpace.



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Nintendo, retro yet futuristic

Just looking at the Nintendo Wii classic controllers that are coming out, which look like a futuristic remake of a old classic for some or just a rehash of an old controller for others. Personally I think it's great for those virtual console games on the Wii but for other games like Gamecube games it might not be the greatest.

Look at this picture:

Not too shabby yet not too innovative either.

Anyways post your thoughts, I think it has potential but the best thing about the Wii is probably still the wireless controller, not this.


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Keyloggers can be used for good too!

Back in my day keyloggers were the devil, well that was the early 90's, when AV software wasn't as dominant as today, and trojans and keyloggers were everywhere. Now there's been a lot of buzz on people using keyloggers for good, instead of evil like me. I've seen people use keyloggers at home to detect what sites their children were visiting, which is great in the case of MySpace where parents don't really know what's going on. Also there's been a lot of tech and IT companies using them to monitor the usage of the internet at work, so that they aren't spending company time to go onto all day to check the sports scores. I think there's a place in today's internet for keylogging, just like there's a place for Peer to Peer networking, sure it can be used for bad, but if it's used for good it can be a great tool and help people out tremendously.

What are your specific thoughts on Keyloggers? Have you used any? Know any companies that use them on you? Post away.


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Funny post for the night, people love the WWE and Britney

Since I was following the flame war started by our good old friend Michael Arrington at TechCrunch I've seen that Yahoo is releasing it's top 5 searches of 2006 at 9 pm PST, which is 12am EST so I'm not staying up for it.

However it's pretty interesting to note that the 5 terms, Britney, WWE, Shakira, Jessica Simpson, and Paris Hilton are going to be part of them. Why are people obsessed with Britney and WWE, lol, I can maybe understand Shakira or Jessica, but WWE a top search, c'mon

Anyways Yahoo is going to release the official results HERE so be sure to tune in, lol. I just wonder what other obscure terms will be there, apart from porn, lol.


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Michael Arrington and TechCrunch

Obviously the big fish don't look out for the little guy anymore, as seen by constant bashing of Payperpost and now by TechCrunch and their leader Mike Arrington.

If you've read the post HERE on about him bashing RockStartUp you'll see that he doesn't care about the little guy who can't make money off Adsense to pay for his blog. It's good an all that they do articles on things they aren't paid for but if a product deserves merit and needs some attention why can't I get paid to review it? He has this issue with Disclosure, which I have met with my Disclosure Policy and the readers of my blog know that I sometimes review stuff for payperpost but honestly I think Payperpost has made my blog much better than it was before. It's given me content, a will to write and it's made me some money on the side. Not all bloggers have large followings and can afford their own hosting Mike, sorry. I'm glad with my little community, my posts and the feedback I get from people and customers alike.

If I don't represent the blogging minority in this well too bad, and I hope Payperpost goes on to be a multi-million dollar company in order to prove a bunch of people wrong and make all the people who follow along in the process some money as well.

Alright I've said my piece, he can do whatever with his Blog, I'll do what I want with mine, and enjoy it.


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As usual, Vista cracked, illegal KMS servers on the Internet, but Microsoft will still laugh

I saw this blog post on Digg, from Josh's blog at, where there is news of Chinese KMS servers popping up to authenticate Windows Vista so that they can get updates and etc from Windows Genuine Advantage sites/programs. It's normal that Vista will get cracked, but unusual for people to setup servers to authenticate the keys that have been leaked already.

However good old Redmond might be the last laugh, since Microsoft forces people no matter what license to authenticate every 180 days if they want the neat features like Aero and etc, so you can have a crippled version, which maybe be fine for the crackers, but the mom's and dad's that have a fake copy install by their sons might not work.

I think it's good for MS, bad for me since I can't remember the last time I was forced to buy a Microsoft operating system, but if they're getting smarter I think it's about time.

You can read the full article from WindowsConnected HERE and post your thoughts on the whole thing.


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RockStartUp is Live!

If you've been following Payperpost or are a Postie yourself then you've heard of Ted Murphy, the CEO, and his crazy antics. Ted's had his Antonio video, which will have Ted dye his hair blond if it hits 10,000 views on YouTube and if it reaches 15,000 Pete Wright aka Froogle will do a 40 year old virgin style waxing, haha.

Well the time is here to annouce his new project, called RockStartUp, which is produced in HD and in various formats, as business reality tv. It goes through Ted at some of the trade shows, shows what it's like being the CEO of a startup, some of his humor or personal side. I've seen some of this as being a postie and an active member of the PayPerPost forums at I've seen the first two episodes, which are pretty good, from Ted eating his sandwich and talking about Business week to getting ready for the Today show. I also even downloaded the free desktop backgrounds, and they even made a 1680x1050 one for my nice widescreen, nice touch.

I say great for Ted, it's a good show and I'll be there to watch and support him. Check out more of RockStartUp at and as always, post your thoughts.


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Cool Photo Recognition site

Just saw this off a friend page on Facebook (yes I'm addicted to it) and tested it out. It's called MyHeritage, and they recognize the faces in your photo and compare them to many look alike faces from celebrities. I tested it out and got some funny results.

Here's the first, I look like Luke Wilson, not too bad, lol


I'm going to test it out with another face picture to see if I get different results, should be fun and interesting.

Edit I had more time so I tested it out with another pic, results weren't too good tho, check the one below.

There were even girls at 60%, wasn't too happy, lol.

Alright time to get stuff done before the party, ciao


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Ever wondered how much your house is worth? Find out Online at

I think this is pretty interesting that you can now find out how much you house, your neighbor's houses, etc, are worth online. They just take your address, find out if it's there, show you a map using Microsoft Virtual Earth, and show you how much houses are worth in your area. I did the place I lived in this summer and they gave me the price range and the square footage of the property, not too shabby. has a database of over 70 million homes, that's pretty impressive since you can do a property appraisal for pretty much any home in the US. If you register you'll get all that and more detailed statistics for free, which is pretty good news and get thing to do if you're looking for homes in specific areas.

I did some of my friends areas just for fun and all but one showed up, which is pretty cool. If you're looking at house values or just want to know how much yours is worth check out



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Speculation on PS4

PS3 is barely out in stores and already people are calling for the downfall of the PS4 for Sony. Most people know that the pioneer of the PS3, Ken Kutaragi, was removed as president from Sony's head of entertainment, which is basically the head of Playstation, and replaced by Kaz Hirai, the head of the US division. What this analyst shows is that Microsoft can afford to sell an Xbox360 for 50$ and make the same amount of loss as a PS3, which is pretty interesting, and unless Sony start's really smoothing relationships with publishers they're going to become like Sega, a software company.

Pretty strong claims from the article at BoomTown HERE. What do you think? Can the PS3 survive and flourish enough for a PS4? Time will tell I guess but I don't think a PS4 can take such losses like this again.

More later,


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You may have seen the other product I spoke about earlier discussing conference calling for groups but I got something new for people who need to organize a commitee or group. It's called and it's a place where you can share files, have discussions and post messages, have a calender to schedule meetings or to RSVP important dates. Seems like a great free alternative to WebCT for families, non-profit groups, chambers, etc. Try it out if you need to keep things together for your group since it's tough finding the right place online to do it. Beats having to go to someone's house and I enjoyed the site.

Here's the logo for GroupLoop, not too shabby.

Test it out and post your thoughts, I like it so far but going to give it more time.



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DoJ subpoena's AMD and nVidia over graphic card price fixing

Pretty interesting post out of the NY times online edition (it's rounding the major tech news sites as well) where they've said that the Department of Justice has subpoenaed AMD (who bought ATi) and nVidia. They haven't made any allegations but I'm sure something's going to pop up. What you think's going to happen. I always thought high-end cards were priced a little high for me but maybe the DoJ sees the competiting price points as anti-competition or something.

Anyways here's the NY Times article HERE and another from TechNewsWorld HERE. You bought a graphics card recently? You think the price was fair? Post your thoughts!


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Foonz, a free service for conference calling

I've seen this great new idea for conference calling that makes it actually practical to call people tough to reach together for a meeting. It's called Foonz and it has a lot of promise. For example before if you've ever needed to discuss a proposal or a meeting with a group of people and you knew some of those people weren't in front of a computer you knew you would be in for some trouble. Now with Foonz, a free service to call groups, you can do this easily from anywhere for free. Now you can do what large companies have done for decades already, but weren't able to do yourself.

Here's some great points about Foonz that might get you more interested.

1) Foonz is able to be used by any phone, it's not a program on your phone
2) It's free to use Foonz, only your normal usage phone minutes will apply, aka your daytime minutes on your cell phone, etc. There's no addtional fees, no advertising, and they don't sell information to others
3) You can use Foonz at anytime, no need to preplan or etc, since people get invited to your group call via a text message to their cell phone or an IM message on their IM of choice.

Foonz is really use to use. Once you've created a free account you create a contact list of people to call. You then get a number to call foonz and with that number you call foonz to start a group call. Foonz then gives you instructions on starting the group call and sends messages to all your contacts inviting them to join the group call and gives them a number. And if they can't join the call right away you can leave messages for these contacts.

Foonz sounds like a great way to get around a meeting or a study group. Since anyone can do this at anytime, it's a pretty good idea. I'm surprised people haven't really thought about it earlier, would be much easier for my club (Athletic Training Students Club) to meet up instead of scheduling meetings. There's tons of uses for it but that's up for you to figure out.

Check them out and Sign up for free at the foonz web site. Can't hurt and you'll never know when you need to call that important group of people.


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