My review of Buyertools Reminder: Freeware eBay Sniping Tool

Hey last night I had the chance to use Buyertools Reminder, a sniping tool for ebay but also much more. I found that I used the other features of Buyertools just as much as the sniping tools. I just used the sniping function for a V551 case for my cell phone, it has automatic bidding for you at a set time or price just for when you want that item at the right price. The account intergration is really nice, and it explains to you exactly what the program is doing. I also liked the in-program search function, also thing that it missed is some shorting options but overall it was nice enough to use without having to open ebay itself. It contains alerts and saveguards to prevent buying of items twice as well. The installation of the program was quick and easy, and it intergrates right into IE and Firefox. I downloaded it from but you can grab it from as well. The program containts no adware/spyware or popups, I think it makes money from advertising from ebay. Overall I liked the layout and the ease of using and I'd recommend it to anyone who uses ebay on a regular basis to manage their accounts and to get that pesky items they've been trying to get at the same time. For more info on buyertools reminder I'd look here for your automatic eBay bidder.

I've included a screenshot to show the interface in action, pretty good especially with the number of items there and with icons to show what you've won, bid, looked at, etc. The eyeball confused me at first but I like it now.

(Had to resize due to layout of blog, click on image for fullsize)



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My butt is soo sore!

Isn't it great when you have 2x practices and plyometrics and you're bum is so sore from the running and the lunges that you feel like crap the next day? Yea that's me today, feeling like an old man at the age of 22, dang I really am getting old. Oh well, at least I got today off, so i can recover. Bleh I gotta work a soccer game for LIU tonight, the Women are playing Rider, and I'm going to be the waterboy, it's going to be fun. Anyways back to searching for old books at the library.


p.s. who loves that vid? isn't it stupid and funny at the same time?

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Hey I'm wondering here who actually gets all the textbooks for their classes. I know they're expensive but you guys really think it's worth it to wing a class or do you put up the 100+$ each time you need one? Just wondering cuz I spent liek 100$ total last year and it wasn't fun. Alright talk to you guys later

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What I'm going to do with my money

Here's a funny video I made for showing the world what I'm going to do with the money I've made blogging. It's pretty sad how long my hair is, so hurry up with the paypal payperpost :p Enjoy the vid, flash required cuz it's on youtube. It's great toadvertise on blogs with, and it's funny 2!


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Dumb Tired

The word for today is tired, I'm dumb tired, ran 13 miles today in 2 practices. Yea apart from that nothing else is really going on, I made a funny video for in the next post, you gotta see it it's hilarious. More later if I get unlazy.


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Useful Dell coupon codes

Since it's that back to school time and with all my friends (and audience online) needing new laptops I'd thought I'd share my favorite coupon site with some nice Dell Coupons. I just ordered a laptop with one of these codes for my old roomate so they work and they're not bad, especially that 499 laptop, just get some RAM on it and you're set for the basic home needs. If you're looking for some Dell computer gear, I'd look at these coupon codes, online coupons, or coupons, whatever you wanna call them, lol, first.


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Staying with parents or moving out?

My random thought of the day is whether or not it's worth it to move out on your own when you're like 21-22. You're still quite young so cash/finances aren't the greatest however the need for independence is pretty great as well. Also with moving out on your own you lose the benefits of parents/family helping with things and you might have a really random/smelly roomate. Was just thinking on that subject on the bus, which one should I choose, lol, when i need to make that choice.


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Another boring rainy day

Yep, it's raining again in NYC, pretty gloomy and dizzling. If it keeps up Coach might cancel practice. I'm stuck at the library looking up books, but oh well, it's money and I'll get cash from LIU meal money as well, and we get gear 2day so that's another bonus. Ran at 7:30am today, got up at 6am to get here from queens, ugh, it's like nearly 12 so that means I've been up for nearly 6 hours, dam!!

Anyways enough jabber, more later when I'm stuck inside, lol.


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Good Entry Level Job Search Site

Hey just wanted to let my fellow college students know about this pretty good entry level job search site. I actually found jobs in my field, Athletic Training, of which I was surprised as many big job search sites don't have many positions. There's also tons of positions in the normal fields of marketing, management, etc. If I was looking for a job I'd definetly take a look here, for your entry level job search.


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I let my girlfriend help me shave 2day and she decided on a whim to shave my goatee and now not only is my face mad itchy I look like I'm 12. It's great, I haven't been like this since I was a waiter in London. Ugh I'm tired from the workout 2day. I ran 15 400's at the track, 71-72 avg each repeat with 90 sec rest in between, and I got another 7:30am practice 2morrow, great news isn't it.

Alright enough for now, time for some Mario Kart on Xbox, ciao


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iSynergy, high quality professional web design

If you've looked at my old website you'll see that high quality web design is not a talent of mine. But if you're looking for high quality professional web design I'd have to recommend the guys at iSynergy. They offer cutting edge E-Commerce and E-Marketing services and development. Some samples of their sites are and Pretty nice sites if you ask me. For more information on iSynergy Web Design or their professional high quality web design and web development services, please visit



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I miss my personal comp :(

I've been stuck using public computers, library comps and my teammate comps and it sucks :( Yea I ran 11 miles last night and ran another 4 this morning along with abs and I still got practice 2night. Pretty long week, ran 45 miles, longest by far in a while. IT's good for me tho, will get me in some serious shape for the rest of the season. Yesterday went around the city checking things out, pretty cool stuff, yea it sucks being in preseason, everything's in limbo, all I have right now is track and my job, rest is like on pause for now. Bleh enough blabbing on for now until I find something more constructive to talk about.


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Newsland, free news reader on smartphones

Newsland is a free news reader for WindowsMobile 2003/5 smartphones and PDA that downloads news and topics when sync'ed to a PC so that you can read it on the go without internet access. Pretty sweet if you wanna catch up on your news when you're stuck on the subway or etc. It's worked fine with my friends Motorola MPX220 and the install/setup was a breeze. You just select what topics you want to read about the the newsland software will sync it automatically to your phone. The software can be found at and many other mobile download sites. I reviewed it on under username sirsniper as well just to promote it. Check it out at Newsland


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Most addicting game?

What's the most addicting game you've ever played? Tetris? soduku? Diablo 2? what's the game you can play non-stop? I got Diablo 2 again, a nearly 8 year old game, and i'm still loving it. I played it in high school and couldn't get enough of it. Now I got it again and with some friends i'm back into it. What's your personal fav? Discuss in comments

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Payperpost, the way to promote your product

Payperpost is a new way for advertisers to get word out on their products and create positive buzz on the internet for their products. Bloggers can review and post influencial testiominals and buzz that can be looked at by thousands of people for cheaper prices than posting advertisements on adwords. As well, it's a way for bloggers to get some extra cash for doing what they would be doing anyways. I enjoy working with payperpost as it helps me get some paypal and it makes me enjoy blogging more. I recommend anyone with a blog to participate and work with payperpost, it's a win win for everyone involved. For more info please visit


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Rainy Saturday morning

Yep, it's rainy here in NYC. Coach cancelled morning prac so it was good cuz I got in at 1:30 from the Tavern. Pretty fun stuff, lol. Today I'm prolly going to chill with Ko, play some DOD, and maybe go out at night. Very interesting day isn't it? Yea i'll fill you guys more later on stuff.

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Build a house for kim! is a pretty funny site where people buy pixels to help finance Kim's purchase of a house. IT's like a cross between oneredpaperclip (the Montreal guy who traded his way up from one red paperclip all the way to owning a house in Saskatchewan) to the guy who made the first pixel ownership page in (or something like that). She's got a pretty funny blog too if you want to read that. Anyways help buy Pixel Property for Sale in Kim's House and get her a home!


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Wow, I'm impressed by Trailfire

I just got an email yesterday from one of the guys from Trailfire. Seems they really care about their users and what they think of the product. I did the review for them but hadn't had time to really do some trails and the guy from trailfire wondered about it and checked up to see my experience with it. I'm pretty impressed with it and by him and his comments. I'm going to make more trails when I get back to my computer at home, especially seeing how you guys care about your product. I really guess that's the power of blogging.

Anyways for my mundane stuff for today all I've really done was run at 7:30am, work at the library, run hills at 3pm, go shopping at pathmark and generally chill around. Not the greatest friday ever but I have a 90 minute run 2morrow morning at 8am so i'm kinda stuck around liu. All I have is my TV and Dan's gamecube, haven't messed around with it yet but i might just get that bored 2night, lol.

Yep that's enough outta me 2night, might do another payperpost blog and take it easy. Ciao


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New free ipod site, no catches required

I've found a site that actually gives away a free ipod every day, for free. No advertiser's offers that need to be completed, no spam mailings, etc. If you want you can do the regular offers for an ipod through a reward site but to qualify for a free ipod all you need is to request some information or print out some coupons. Seems like a sweet deal. If you're looking for a nice free way to get something to download some music mp3's take a look here at Thanks!


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Yep another ride with coach, another wrong turn.

Yea as usual with the LIU track team, we got lost again. This time somehow we got lost IN NYC WHEN WE LIVE IN NYC. Can't blame her just one wrong turn but it always happens, lol. Yea we ran 6.5 miles at Van Courtland today, nice and easy, and we didn't have morning prac so it was nice. Yea I'm on a public comp in front of the library so i'll write more 2morrow morning.

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Move over blackberry, emoze 1.1 is here, world's first free push email system.

Emoze personal edition 1.1 is here to offer Microsoft PocketPC smartphones the ability to have that "push" email service that so far only blackberry users have had the luxury of having. It sends your work, home, PIM or personal organizer data such as calenders, contacts and daily scheduling, through their servers to your phone once it is received, you don't even have to click or anything to get the mail. The service is proactive, so it doesn't wait for you to go online to check, which means less time wasted waiting for that important email, it's automatically sent to you. It gets better since the software is enable through emoze's easy to configer web site which takes you through all the steps. If you've used a traditional mail program such as Outlook you'll easily be able to configure emoze as it's similar and simple like that. Wait there's more good news. Best of all, this software is free for personal use, that's right free. As of right now emoze personal edition 1.1 supports microsoft pocketpc smartphones out of the box but support is coming soon withing the next few weeks for the vast majority of smartphones and the Symbian OS smartphones such as the 6680/6682, Nokia N-series, etc. All you need for this push email service is the emoze software off the website, a few configuration screens, and you're good to go. For the benefit and the price, anyone with a smartphone should do this, especially the one who are attached to their emails 24/7. It's a great way to keep in touch and keep yourself in the thick of things without having to do the work yourself. Also great for those who've had a Blackberry before and miss the key feature that it had, now it's availible for most smartphones as well. Why not try it out, it's free after all.

For more info on emoze, check our their homepage at


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Ugh morning practice

Yep, got up at 6:15am to leave at 6:35am to get to liu at 7:30, ugh,I won't be doing that too much more I tell you. We ran like 4 miles, nice and easy, and did abs, so i'm good, just tired. I don't like the dorms cuz there's honestly nothing to do during preseason, i might as well go home, play diablo 2 or chill on the internet and spend my time more wisely. Also there's a little bit of progress on the new dorms, they're receiving furniture as we speak, however the walls and things aren't done, that's not going to be good for a September 3rd move-in. Oh well someone will take care of me, for now I'll just enjoy the meal money, lol. I ran 9:20 in the 3k at the time trial, that's 17 sec faster than last year and it felt a lot easier, means I'm in decent shape and i'm healthy, 2 positive things. Yep at the library right now, I fixed the printer so ppl are happy here lol. Going to move my stuff later from Kel's room before Single Loops at Prospect Park. Alright enough boring details on my day, I'll talk some abstract things later.


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Alternative Student Loans

Being a college student I've seen many cases where people need cash or loans for school. A site that specializes in alternative student loans that I've found to be helpful in finding them and getting them is They have private student loans, alternative student loans, for K-12, undergrads, graduate's, etc. They give pretty good info on the loans and have competitive rates with repayment and interest. They have 24/7 customer support and pretty fast application process and payment schedules, 5 days is quicker than most of the loans at my school. I think it's a great way for someone looking for other methods to pay for their college or education in general. Anyone interested should look here, forPrivate Student Loans from


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And so it begins...

Yep, it's that time again, cross-country season, my 5th at liu, well I redshirted one due to injury but now it's time to hit them trails. Did my physicals today, and tomorrow we got the time trial. Geraldo been talking some ish, let's see if he can back it up, since I'm the only miler/3k runner there I should be able to take him, but he's in better shape, so it'll be fun. Yea today just chilled around, worked at the library, and did some track stuff, pretty normal day. More on some random thoughts later.


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Trailfire, taking the Digg concept to the personal level

There's been a rash of new Web 2.0 websites coming up, such as Digg and Netscape are a few popular names with the social networking, but I've been using and admiring this new site called Trailfire, which allows you create your own Digg or netscape with your own trail of posts or URL's that you like with comments on them and etc. All you need to do is signup and download a plugin for IE/Firefox, no Opera support yet, but once you set it up it's a small toolbar with 2 icons, one to click on sites and another for managing your trailfire account. In your trailfire account you can manage your profile, see what you're marked for trails, see your subscriptions, so that you can subscribe to other people's trails and see what they've been looking at. So if you find someone interesting you can just simply follow them all from one page. The site is pretty helpful in itself, showing you easily how to do everything I've said up there, and has a guided tour for those like to see all the features explained in detail. The explore feature is cool, you search for a keyword and see all the trails that are related to that subject, kind of like a database. Or you can view most active users and see what they're all about. This site is all about being social and generating user content, meaning you have to post trails in order for it to be a hit, and so far, it seems like they're on the right track. If you're looking to show people what you like on the web visit Trailfire here and make your own trails!

My username on this is DaSnipe, subscribe me if you're looking for random interesting stuff :)


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Back in NYC

Yea I know my updates have been sporatic, but a lot has gone on in my personal life. Btw you guys like the new layout? I think it's more professional than the other blue one but I need to do some changes to the html around the corners and need to add my favorite links and all that crap. I spent the weekend with my parents, left Montreal friday, took us 9 hours due to the Mets game taking over the Triborough and GCP which crippled Queens, lol, and then spent Saturday doing the tour of Manhattan. Took them to the Time Warner building, brought them to Godiva, the Samsung Experience, Whole Foods, then took them to SOHO for a bit, then to Union Square, then to TJ Maxx/Filene's Basement, then to Rockefeller where I showed them Sak's, and the Today show set, and the Nintendo store, which I had never been into, wasn't too impressed but I'm a bit older now. Today I just took them to eat at IHOP and then brought them to my house to see Ko's parents. Anyways preseason starts tomorrow, with physicals, compliance and gear, so it should be nice, then I might move into the dorms sometime this week. Ugh it's getting late and I got a long run tonight. I'll add more tomorrow, but till then ciao!


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Test Run, a test case management program

An opportunity came up to review this software called Test Run, which manages test c ases and trials, and it seemed interesting from my background of designing webpages, not much software, so I decided to give it a run. It's a program that helps manage trial runs by giving the stats on each individual case and/or specific criteria, such as eg. the basket part of the application wasn't working as intented. I installed it on my webserver, only needs apache, php and php json to install and it was quick and painless once those were in place. After that I made a project and ran it through the various phases and overall I liked it, if I had a large group of people managing the development I'd surely need it. You can assign tasks to specific members, give them specific tasks to fulfill and see the success rate/history of the project or task, and get email notifications or generate reports to show the progress being done. Price seems about right too, for about 300$ a year max ownership cost, which is quite less than some subscription rates for other software companies, cough Microsoft. Overall if you're a software QA manager or a project leader I'd recommend this software, at least to give it a whirl, it's free for single installs, so no harm done. Interested people can view the software here, at


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Last day home

Man it's nice being on a mini-vacation. No work, no worries, just getting things done around the house and helping out is nice. I helped my dad/mom fix the pantry, did some laundry, did the dishes, fixing my brother's comp and lastly I'm going to try to vacuum. I also fixed the home phone and the DSL, so things are good. Yea just been chilling with Chris lately, nothing high key, just bumming around, playing video games, being young, lol.

Tons of things to do today, ugh it's going to be a long day before I leave tomorrow. I'll write more tonight if I get off my butt, but for now that's the plans.



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I was looking around youtube and I came across this cool open source video project devoted to taking control of congress in November 2006. You can submit a homemade video and win prizes of 500, 250, etc and even just get 20$ for appearing in their final video. Seems like a good project for a good cause, and the videos are short 2. Anyone who's good with a camera should check it out, and TAKE BACK THE CAPITOL! Gotta love that catch phrase.


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Relaxing at home

Been chilling at home these last couple of days, it's really nice. I've been playing some ps2 and actually been giving some nintendo ds gaming a go. It's pretty good, beating Zelda A Link To the Past is pretty fun, I just want homebrew on that thing, it would be pretty sweet.

It's pretty quiet with everyone away or doing their own thing, I've only got 3 days left here so I took the opertunity to go downtown and look around and etc. Tomorrow we'll see what I'll do prolly nothing as usual, lol.

Anyways more 2morrow on what I'm up 2, lates


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Promoting Safe Gun Storage

Hey guys, I don't know many of you who have guns or rifles but to those that I have to recommended that you guys get a good gun safe. Most have their guns and ammo in different locations, but what happens if someone finds both? Or if someone breaks into your house and you have to run to find your ammo is in the basement? With a good gun safe located in a easily accesible place in your house you can keep your guns secure while maintaining them close by for those sticky situations. There's some interesting stats that show that 30% of crimes with guns are guns that people have legally purchased and that are stolen from people's homes, cars, etc. So if you're crazy enough to have a gun in your house you definetly need to look at some gun safes to keep them locked down and ready to use.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about should look at these,


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I'm home

Man I've been busy at home, just keeping you guys updated on what's going on. Partied with Costa, went to movies with my dad, chilling with Chris. Still haven't fixed my home internet but working on the phone line.

Anyways more 2morrow once I call Bell and bitch them out, they should have operators 24/7 like Tmobile does in the States, it's awesome.


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Review on

With all my traveling and research and etc I've actually been taking a look at a couple of travel time sites and the best one I've seen so far is They actually have a canadian section and that's pretty good for us travellers from up north. They have google maps integration which shows you locations of places on the maps and can show you many little inns and smaller hotels that you'd never find anywhere else. I'd recommend it to anyone looking to travel in the new future to look into, I like the new layout too. Go on to for your vacation rentals.


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Since I'm going home today and since I'm pretty dam bored today at the library I was thinking about rideshares on craigslist. Anyone do any of these? I know Carter had one down on a weekend but I've never had anyone I know do a rideshare on Craigslist apart from Carter's friend Phil. Scary experience? Cheap experience? What you guys think? The difference between most rideshares on CL and fare on the Greyhound ain't that much so I haven't taken any even though I've wanted to try but anyone else around it try it?

Post your thoughts, lol, or just aim/msn me since u ppl are too lazy to comment.

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Decent cooking and baking site

Hey I was looking around for some receipes at the library since I'll have time to cook and clean and all that once I got home and I found the site Baking Nation. It's a pretty good Cooking and Baking site and I was impressed by the number of things once you get out of the homepage that there was. It's got a Cooking Forum and articles on receipes and etc. I actually like it, it's not that bad. Anyways if you feel the need to participate in a Baking and Cooking community I think Baking Nation is the place to go.

Cooking Recipies and Baking Community


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Going home!

Yep I'm going home 2morrow, it's official, taking the good old Greyhound. Leaving NYC Port Authority at 11:30am and arriving in Montreal Station Centrale (Berri UQAM) at 7:15pm, a nice 7 and 45 min trip. Trying to take care of everything before that is a mess, gotta clear my bill, buy my ticket, get my student advantage card, maybe get the V300 from G, ugh what a mess.

Oh yea gotta update my running log, if anyone wants to see it I can post up csv files of my mileage and workouts and etc. Let me know. Alright enough for now


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Keeping your car cool during the summer.

I've come across another decent product that doesn't seem to break the budget and manages to keep your car cool at the same time. It's a fan that pushes out hot air of your car while it's sitting in the parking lot or while you're waiting for someone at the airport. Seems like a nifty invention, seems to keep your car 30 degrees F cooler and it's solar powered, not too bad if you ask me. Anyways you can check it out here, Auto Cool Solar Car Fan. Not too shabby for you car owners


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I HATE MOVING LIKE 3X A YEAR. Everytime I have to leave school, go back to school, go to someone's house, ugh, such a dam pain. I gotta move stuff temporarily to my friend's room, that's going to be a bitch, then I gotta start packing and cleaning up to go home 2morrow. BLEH I HATE THIS CRAP!!!

Ok enough ranting, I think I'm really losing my mind at the library, hopefully I can get a job at the fitness center, lol.

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Products to save electricity and beautify the yard

With today's need to make everything pretty around their house and all there comes a cost environmentally. Using expensive mock up lights require lots of electricity, when things such as solar powered lights or glow in the dark or other forms of lighting like LED lights could be used. A new thing that could be used is solar lights, a new invention that uses the power from the suns stored to light up things. Sounds interesting, since it wouldn't depends on power, would be more weather resistant, etc. I'm all for it, even tho I don't have a garden, seems like a good thing to know about. There's also many other things that could be used to beautify your yard too. Take a look here, Solar Lights.


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Just ranting on

I hate mornings. Couldn't wake up this morning since I was tired from practice and etc so I got into work 15 mins just to get bitched at by this loser librarian who's like 40 yrs old and has no future. Forget her. Anyways I'm just thinking how even if you have a month or so left in summer people always think it's over. I don't start my grad classes till the 7th of september, but it seems like its tomorrow, bleh!!

Going home for a week on Friday, pretty excited, also got Costa's birthday on Saturday and it seems like i'll have some good fun while I'm home. Apart from that life is ok, always the random stresses of juggling too many things, work, friends, training, girlfriend where it seems I always drop the ball on something but I'm managing. This semester might be the first one in a while where I get sleep, since I won't be stuck in the Training Room with every free hour I have during the day and since I only have class Mon-Wed nights that leaves decent time to do things during the day.

Anyways off to another payperpost editorial, I actually looked at the boxing gloves, not too expensive if you ask me :p

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Pink Boxing Gloves, wtf?

Why the hell would anyone ever buy pink boxing gloves? I was going across the offers on and one is for this boxing supply company. Fair enough I looked at it. It mentions writing about mentionning boxing gloves in a logical context and including something along the lines of Pink boxing gloves. "pink" and boxing gloves are usually not associated together. Unless you're a fairy boxer or something why the hell would any real boxers get any pink gloves. Black, red, blue, sure but pink, bleh. Anyways, anyone who's interested in Boxing gloves should check out this site, , as it'll benefit a number of people, including me. :)

More later on life. But for now, boxing gloves are what you need, lol.

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Life is crazy

Is being busy a good thing or a bad thing? I wonder. I got lots to write about however I need to go to lunch soon and want to get this post here before I go so I space my payperpost stuff with my real life stuff. I took up this offer on boxing gloves, lol, time to look up some gloves.

More later

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Tell The World About PayPerPost!


I actually got 5$ on paypal for using these guys. I wrote a post about searching (July 10th) and got 5$ like 3 weeks later from payperpost. Not too bad if you ask me. I used it to buy something on ebay. Maybe if I save up I can grab those in-ear headphones that i wanted. This post is an ad for them but honestly its not that bad as they'll pay you to write on stuff, as long as you have an opinion on the product, good or bad, you can just ramble on in long sentences like me and get paid for it. I'd try it, what's to lose? 5 mins and 100 words ain't that bad. Click on the image below if you want to get there.

On a personal note, I wonder how long this will last, might as well cash in while I can, unlike, lol

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