Bus drivers are crazizer in NYC

Is it me or are the bus drivers here worst than any other town? I was taking the q33 and this bus driver really didn't care about us passengers he just cared about hitting his "times" and pushing traffic/pedestrians out of the way. It was like being in a huge Taxi, but unlike the Taxi it wasn't a smooth ride. Compared to the Montreal bus drivers they make them look like grandma's driving tercels, lol. But on the other hand he made my 20 minute trip 5 minutes shorter so what the hell. How the bus drivers around where you guys at? Post your thoughts


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Big news at payperpost!

Yep to celebrate some big news that Payperpost is having they are having some sort of contest to us bloggers to figure out. They're having a big annoucement next week so I'm guessing this is going to be part of it. If you don't know about payperpost well they're a web 2.0 company who pay people to blog about products they like or create buzz and get things out there better than traditional web advertising. It's get for bloggers and advertisers alike and bloggers get a better deal than dealing with things like adsense.

Here's the piece of their puzzle to figure out the annoucement, and whoever figures it out get a pretty nice prize. See how many you can find.

This is part of the payperpostbignews contest so good luck and hopefully I'll be the one to take the jackpot. I just wonder if other people get different pieces of this puzzle....

GL to all my fellow posties doing this,


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Long day, good results.

Yep set another Personal Record at Van Courtland today at my race. I ran 27:00.4, just missing breaking 27 at Van Courtland by .4 of a second. Was kinda ticked when I found out but I punked out on the hill so I deserve it. Oh well. Apart from that I just relaxed and slept, I was really really tired today. Went into the city, bought some clothes, walked around. Good day, yea tomorrow just gonna work at the library, so i'll ramble on more then. Lates,


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Payperpost Video Testimonial

Hey everyone who reads this blog should know I think Payperpost is a great thing for Bloggers so I made a little video telling the world (well YouTube and you guys) about it. Let me know what you think, and yes my hair looks better in this one :) Anyone who's interested in making money blogging should check out http://www.payperpost.com. Enjoy the clip!



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Creative Drivers Suck

I love getting random vague error messages in Creative Labs software. I installed my friend's webcam for the post I'm doing later tonight and what I got was this vague error. All it took was going through every option in the software, going to the official crappy creative forum, then going back through the software to find out that creative doesn't support audio compression in the WMV format. So instead of telling me that it just gave me vague error and it wasn't until I switched to AVI I could get my webcam to record video AND sound, grrr, even us "geeks" get owned by computers and software sometimes. Alright watch my next post!


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Btw it's LIU's fault

I'm going to have to retract my last post and blame LIU as Blogger puts my blog up real quick now, so either they had minor issues or LIU doesn't like me, as usual, I really can't wait to get my own connection. Anyways later


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Payperpost Storms the Today Show!

Being from New York and having been by the set I'd have to say this is pretty funny the way that Payperpost stormed the NBC Today show set (it's in the Rockefeller Center near Nintendo) and gave people signs to write their own messages. I have practice when the Today show is on but they posted a behind the scenes video on the Payperpost Blog I told you guys about. Check out the video here for a real example of Guerilla Marketing, lol. I hope we got some more members/posties due to it, cuz Payperpost is a great thing, and I hope everyone gets involved and with crazy stunts like this, I'm sure everyone will know about it. Check out Payperpost.com for more info.



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Who to blame?

I've had to slow down my posting on my blog due to the crappy service I'm getting in my dorm room. Anything peer to peer related can't work, sites load slowly if at all, I keep having to flush the dns cache, release my network adaptors and renew them afterwords. So my blog takes forver to load a post once I've created it, so is it liu's fault or is it blogger for being so slow to create pages when i have a decently sized blog? Yea I'm using a kiosk right now so it's not that fast but hey it works. More later on the day


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Long Day fo El Presidente

Yea just relaxing in my room after a long session of Diablo 2. Man that game is like 5 years old and still addicting, lol. Yea I had library and my clinical today, so it wasn't a really good day but hey I got my budget kit for my club done. Yea if I didn't get it done my club, the Athletic Training Students club, wouldn't have had any financing from LIU and no official recognition and bla bla bla. I'm really tired today, lucky I didn't have practice or else I would've died, lol. Alright time to read up on the net before bed, and do some more payperpost stuff, later.


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William Shatner DVD Club

Our good old friend Captain Kirk has launched his own science fiction DVD Club, where he gives you underground scifi hits for a really low price (49.95$ for 15 DVD's, that's less than 4$ a DVD). You can also try the first month free (and keep that DVD) so it's worth it just to try it out. They got some interesting movies, I'll give you guys some snippets from a few.

Movie 1 is called Immortel and it's about the Egyptian gods who've returned to Earth and cast jugment on the god Horus, it's also set in NYC and has a Pyramid over Manhattan. Has some really nice imagery and should be a good film, especially if you like things out there like the fifth element.

The second movie is called it2i2 and it's a mockumentary (a fake documentary) about the web approaching the connections of a human's brain where they give the internet a sort of Artificial Intelligence and they go through the various levels of government to find the truth, supposedly a good independant film, haven't heard much about it.

The third is called Virus, and it similar to all those type of Outbreak movies but it came out first and it's from Japan. It was one of the most expensive movies in the early 80's in Japan and it's one of the finest disaster movies ever made, with ethical questions involves such as nuclear war and the destruction of the human race. Seems pretty interesting, especially with our paranoia about Bird flu.

The last film featured is called Close Your Eyes, and it's about a hypnotherapist called Michael Strother who has visions of a young girl who's an escaped victim of a ritualistic serial killer. She's gone mute and Michael has been called upon by Scotland Yard (British Police) to unlock her secrets and catch this killer. Not usually my type of film since I don't like thrillers but if you're into them this is a really good film.

Yea I gave you the rundown on some of his featured films, seems interesting to any scifi fan, and the price ain't too bad either. Check out William Shatner's DVD Club.



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Stuck in the library and blogger issues

Yea I had some crazy issues with blogger last night. I was trying to publish a post before bed like around 11:30/12ish and it wouldn't publish. Might've been LIU dorms and their wonderful internet connection (I had to go on my friends wireless laptop) but I'm wondering if blogger didn't have anything to do with it, since it wouldn't publish 2 of my blogs. Anyways I added some technorati things to my blog since Technorati's embed tags DON'T WORK and my call for help from them has gone unanswered, so thanks to them for nothing. Yea I'm stuck in the library for now so either drop by and relieve me of my misery or comment or something, lol.



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Sat Nav & GPS forum

Since I spoke about Sat Nav (Satellite Navigation) & GPS yesterday people have asked me questions about the technology and some products and etc. Well since I can't answer all their questions myself I pointed them to a forum/newsgroup called SatNavBanter. It's a web interface that links two well known newsgroups on Sat Nav and GPS, uk.rec.gps, a uk
related group and sci.geo.satellite-nav, a global group. There they talk about a wide range of topics on Sat Nav's, including things like what equipment users have bought, their experiences with it, techincal aspects of hand held / car GPS systems, etc. It's a good ressource for those who want to know more about Sat Nav and GPS as there's both basic and higher level knowledge there as well. Check out this sat nav and gps forum if you want to know more, it's really worth a look.



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The Cell Phone I Want!

Yea if anyone knows me I'm a geek, and I obsess over gadgets or toys that I want, it's jsut me. Yea for a bit I've been complaining about my cell phone, since it had and accident with the wall it's never been the same, even with the new case and repairs. I've been looking around for a nice unlocked GSM phone, at least 2.0 megapixel camera and an mp3 player, and I think I've found it :)

I present the Sony Ericsson W810i

Isn't it sexy?
-2.0 mp CCD camera with Autofocus (yes it's a real camera, unlike all the crappy ones that come on most phones)
-512mb Memory Stick Duo (same format as PSP and Sony Digicam) with expandable up to 4gb
-Walkman Interface mp3 player with controls on the front (so that I can actually use the headphones and have an mp3 player/phone and not one or hte other)
-Quad-Band GSM with EDGE, so I can surf the web while listening to mp3's

Yep, that's it folks, now don't you want it?

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VegasPokerPro, a very good poker community

Everyone knows that poker is big and especially Texas Hold'Em and with that a lot of new communities have been sprining up. One of the better ones for sure has to be VegasPokerPro, or VPP, which I think is one of the few to offer free gifts to those who sign up to poker rooms from their website. Yep they'll give you some chips, or a table, or an Ebay gift card, if you sign up for a site, deposit the required amount and play a certain amount of hands. Pretty good deal if you're going to play poker online anyways, like for example at Party Poker, Full Tilt Poker, etc. But one of the good things about VegasPokerPro is their Poker Forum. There they have lots of members who post on a wide variety of things, from strategy (slow playing, raising, aggresive play) to tournaments or house play and what favorite style you like to play (hold'em, omaha). They also review online poker sites and have blogs of some poker players too (didn't recognize those names tho, maybe they just haven't made ESPN yet, lol).
I play with my buds every once and a while and I've been reading up on some styles of play, I slow play but I like to be aggresive at times too to throw people off. Maybe this site will help you with your style, especially if you're a beginner and just raise when you're holding a pocket pair of face cards or better, lol. Well if you're looking for a Poker Forum to improve your Poker strategy or to just play online, check out VegasPokerPro.



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My week is over :)

I love having class 3 days a week, and 3 nights a week at that, it's so much better than spending all day hoping from class to class. Just bragging about that, and my week ain't really over, I work at the clinic tomorrow and friday, and have a race on sunday. It's the Iona College Meet of Champions at Van Courtland Park (VCP) in the Bronx, so it should be fun. I'm having another good practice week so I'm going to aim high this week and try to break 27:00 at Van Courtland, I ran 27:29 2 weekends ago to compare. Yea apart from that I've just been hanging out, enjoying the day, catching up on my sleep (it's amazing what an hour nap can do for you) and working at the library, which is where I'm at now. Btw sorry for the technorati tags, I'll edit posts to get them back up later. Alright work to do.


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Bodybuilding forum for those who want to get in shape

Since most people know I'm in Athletic Training and that I'm an athlete they ask me questions about lifting and bodybuilding and etc. Luckily I know that from being an athlete and my bachelor's in Sports Science (I'm in a BS/MS) but for those who can't ask me questions there's a really good bodybuilding forum called BodyBuilding.net. It's got discussions and topics on getting in shape, lifting, training, supplements, nutrition, fat loss and more. It's a good ressource for those looking to get into shape and lose a few pounds or just get back into the swing of things. I definetly think you should get out this Bodybuilding Forum.



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Facebook vs. Myspace

Instead of my usual boring morning stuff I'll start up a good topic about Myspace vs Facebook. Which one you prefer, why? For me it's facebook, more info up, more picture space, and less crap on your screen (songs, flash animations annoy me). Myspace is good for the change in profiles but I don't find it has a lot of things to add, you have to do everything yourself or find some layouts bla bla. Just not for me, and facebook tells me when people update their pics, profiles, etc. And yes facebook tells you everything you change in your profile, that's a good thing, if you don't like it you can change it, people are stupid. Anyways what you guys think?


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Anyone needs some Sat Nav for their car?

Satellite Navigation, or Sat Nav, is a pretty useful thing in a car. It uses Global Positioning Satellites (GPS for short) to calculate where you are within a few feet and display's this information on a screen. Think about Google Earth or Maps on a screen inside your car. This screen can display maps of the area and give you directions to where you want to go with specifics like (Turn Right 50m) and etc. It's pretty good especially if you travel a lot so you won't have to get a new map of each place nor will you have to ask some random person for probably bad directions. Curry's stocks a great number of Sat Nav's including some well know names like TomTom, NavMan, Garmin, etc so you're getting a good product. My personal favorite is TomTom, but if you're interested in this technology and not getting lost anymore then I think you should check out sat nav from currys.



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Whenever they do something good they do something bad. Yesterday I got 2 small 2 person couches for my room and a rug along with computer chairs so I wouldn't have to use the lawn chairs I stole from the construction workers. However, once I got all my stuff, my wired internet, which I had just gotten last week, started acting up so now I'm using Kari's computer to type this, always good fun if you asked me. Yea I had an easy day, mailed my package, cut my 1 class of the day, had an easy practice (was expecting a harder workout) so overall good. Also bought a wallet to replace my one that got lost in a black cab, good old Chinatown special, lol. Hey also if anyone has a good deal on a SE w810i cell phone let me know, I'm trying to get one asap. Alright enough for now, random things to do before bed.



P.S Technorati tags down due to not being on my comp, they'll be up 2morrow :)

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Free Tickets to DigitalLife '06 NYC

Anyone want to go to DigitalLife '06 with me? It's in NYC on October 12-15 at the Jacob Javits Center (near Penn Station) and since it's a tech and gaming show you know yours truly will be there. Especially since I got a free online ticket code to distribute with you guys. Just go to the ticketing page and use the code INSIDER and you'll get free admission. Usually I think the tickets retail for 15$. A lot of cool exhibitors, over 100 if I recell, will be there including AMD, ATi (my 2 favorites), Intel, Microsft, Logitech, Maxim, ebay, ESPN and other cool brands that guys like. If anyone is intereted in going leave a msg or a comment in my blog and we can arrange a time to go and all. Check out http://www.digitallife.com for more info and don't forget that INSIDER ticket code. Remember you can't really go wrong when it's free, and it's only a train/subway ride away for most of you guys, so check it out.


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Post Office

Ype just went to the post office, and for once I didn't have to wait in line, and there was an actual person outside the little teller windows helping you out, getting the forms I needed, etc. I'm actually impressed with how it was run, normally you gotta wait in this huge line, get crappy service, then wait again because they didn't give you the right forms. Yea I went to the Court St. one at Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn Heights, it's also where I got my P.O. Box. Dunno seems pretty random but I actually trust those people there not to mess up my International Package and get it to Canada instead of those boneheads at the old post office I used to go to who had idea what to do once a rush got there. Anyways there's my rant on the Post Office, going to go on another on LIU cuz my Bit-Torrent ain't working, lol, but that's for tonight. Alright more later,


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This elitist thinks I shouldn't get paid

After reading Rafe's post on Cnet's Web 2.0 blog I feel kinda insulted, like who's he to say that I can't get paid to write on my own blog about things I like or about products I like. Look at all the ads that cnet has around his blog, he doesn't care as long as he receives his Cnet salary, but I'm an independant and shouldn't receive crap. Well to heck with him, I Get Paid to Blog and I love it, and I'm perfectly objective. Check out this flickr photo I uploaded


Here's the link to the Full Size

Take that elitists!


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What browser you guys use?

Hey since I'm typing this away on Opera, just wondering what browser the majority of the people use? I know IE6.0 has the majority of people since it's the default in Windows XP, but what about Firefox, or IE7.0 or Opera? Any other users of these browsers in here. Me I use IE7.0/Firefox/Opera depending on what I'm trying to do, I also have different homepages on each so it's nice to manage what I'm doing, like Firefox has the news section on the homepage and Opera has all my daily sites saved in Tabs so I can just hit refresh and get all my news. Yea I use IE7.0 for a quick and dirty search or if I just need to do one thing, etc, since I find it much faster than the other 2 (might be placebo but meh). Anyone got any thoughts?


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Sign up for Payperpost and earn us both some cash!

Yes you may have gotten AZ's random posting on facebook but I'm here to let everyone know that it's very easy to earn money through blogging for those who have one (yes you can use the myspace blog if you have one) and for everyone who signs up and posts one approved post (they need to approve your blog 1st) then they can earn me 5$. So basically you earn money for posting and I'll earn cash for letting you know about it, sounds like a good deal right, who doesn't want to make money? If you're interested visit Payperpost.com or just ask me here. When you sign up PLEASE remember to put sirsniper@gmail.com. Hopefully one of you guys will sign up :P

Thanks and good luck posting!


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Does everyone hate Mondays?

Man is it me or do Mondays always have to be by far the longest days of the week? It's like you're still tired from your weekend but you have to shift gears, wake up earlier, and go through your usual ritual of work/school. Never fun, and the day I find I fall asleep the most. Oh well enough ranting. I had prac this morning, then went to Park Slope to go to the clinic, then came back and went through a 2 hour meeting which wasn't fun, and now I'm debating what to do before my next 6 pm class. Maybe I might take a nap, since my eyes hurt, lol. More later tonight


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Read the Payperpost Blog!

Yea just letting everyone know who reads my blog that Payperpost has it's own blog. If you're interested in blogging or just want to meet people who blog like me and get to know more about them I think you should check it out. The url is http://blog.payperpost.com. They have featured bloggers, news about payperpost and new features, feedback to the community and etc. Combined with their new forums/boards at boards.payperpost.com they give a lot of support and feedback. Definetly (I use that word a lot don't I?) a great place to advertise on blogs and have fun while doing it. Hopefully I'll get featured soon (hint hint payperpost) and then you'll get to hear more about me, but for now this blog's all you got :P

Thanks and go check it out,


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Did you hear about that woman who killed all those kids?

Yea just reading google news earlier tonight with Kari and I saw this crazy story, this lady in St. Louis was babysitting for this mother and she killed her three kids by drowning them and stuffing them into a washing machine and then she killed the mother and ripped open her stomach and pulled an unborn fetus out of the mother. That's just sick and horrifying, I couldn't read the rest of the story from being so disgusted and saddened for those children. You know usually you hear about someone getting shot or etc and you feel sad for a second, which is sad because it's "accepted" in this society but things like this make you pause and think about things. I'm not a religious guy but I think we should pray for those kids, it's really sad and hopefully they're off to a better place.


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Who needs a USB flash drive?

Pexagon Tech has released these new custom flash that can be customizes in 2 different ways. They can have your choice of 5 different colors and a free custom laser engraving to permentently put what label or your name on them, which is a problem with most flash drives at the library as anyone can claim their "Sandisk" flash drive. They also come in an aluminum design, which is great for those clumsy people who drop things alot or keep them in their pockets all day. If you don't know what a USB Flash drive is it's a small portable device that comes in 4 sizes, 512mb, 1gb, 2gb or 4gb of portable storage so that you can hold your Word Documents, webpages, Digital Camera Pictures, projects, etc, on a simple little device. These Pexagon Tech flash drives also come with security software to prevent users from plugging in your USB flash drive and opening your files. If I didn't have one of these already I'd definetly look into these Custom Thumb Drives. Look at the picture below, they seem pretty nice now don't they? Better than most of the ugly ones I've seen around the LIU library.

Check them out!


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Random Observation

Dunno about you but I was discussing this topic with a friend the other day and it just stuck in my head so I'm going to share it with everyone. We were talking about guys and relationships and etc and the conclusion came to us that no matter what's going on in a guys life, if things are good with his girlfriend, then nothing else matters. Not that project they got, that can get done, not the hard week of training or their boss nagging them, nope, but if something goes wrong with their girl, then all hell goes loose. It's like when a guy has a girl everything's cool, no worries, no stresses, but when he doesn't, he's always "on the prowl" or looking for something or someone. Dunno pretty funny actually, lol

Anyone got any thoughts?


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Vonage VoIP Forum

Hey if you guys remember I talked about VoIP a couple of weeks ago and if you guys are interested in that then you'll be interested in this forum about VoIP that's focused on Vonage. You've no doubt heard of Vonage, on TV or on an internet ad, and it's one of the largest VoIP Internet Phones for households. Well Vonage-Forum.com is a forum and news site that has articles and news about Vonage along a huge forum with many sections specializing in Vonage. It has many things from the different countries Vonage is in to Hard-Wiring and stock prices. It's definetly a great ressource for anyone interested in VoIP/Vonage or who has Vonage already. It has a good layout and easy to navigate forums, I liked how it was setup and how it even had xml feeds of each forum area if you don't want to check the forum each day. Check it out to get more info about Vonage and VoIP.



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Like the addons?

Yea I spent last night working on the blog since I couldn't party due to my 8:30am practice and I didn't feel like going nuts in the dorm, oh well. I add del.icio.us, myyahoo, myaol, and I'm working on technorati still, their embed tags are messed up. Yea I had practice today, I ran really fast and felt really good, a contrast to last when where I ran easy for 60 miles (around 8 miles) and felt pretty crappy and tired. Alright library time, gotta do some homework.


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Fun stuff with your digital photos

If you're looking for something fun and new to do with your photo's then I suggest you check out these new PixiFun Photo kits. They're a great thing to do on a rainy day with your kids. These kits allow you to edit your digital photos using the software that's included with the kit into special shapes and sizes. Once you've done that you can print them out onto the included special labels and attach your photo's onto cool things like magnets for the fridge or rings for the kids depending on the kit you choose. There's the Photo Key Ring Kit, Magnet Kit, Sitcker Album Kit, Photo ID Kit or the CD Labelling Kit. It's a great way to have fun with the whole family especially if you're stuck inside on a rainy day. The kits are priced at a low 5$ and there's a special offer where if you buy 4 kits the 5th one is free. As well there's free shipping on each kit, so they're really affordable and shouldn't break the budget. It's a great present or stocking stuffer for children, I'm sure my little cousins would definetly like this, and you really can't go wrong since it's your own pictures providing the material. If you're looking for a fun gift that's inexpensive then check out these Pixifun Photo Kits and make your child happy. At the bottom I've provided some pictures to demonstrate what you can do with these, should definetly convience you of how good they are.

Now someone should make a ring one for me :)


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Added the blog roll

Hey I've promised to add things to my blog and the thing I did was add a blog roll for my fellow posties at PPP. I've gotten some traffic from PPP Posties so it's nice to return the favor. I still got a lot of work to do but I'm working on adding technorati to my blog at the moment, and all the myAOL, myYahoo, etc tags, anything you guys think I should do as well?



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The death of Adsense is Approaching...

Yep, I'm one of those users who's had Adsense on my old site (jhawk's hardware) and who's been with Payperpost and I'd have to agree that the Payperpost method is great for bloggers. It took nearly 2,000 reads and about 50 clicks to earn anything with Adsense, which is not very feasible for a blogger unless their blog is immensely popular. With Payperpost I earned the same amount and more for content that never changes, it's not just rotating ads that people don't read. I think it's a win-win for both publisher and blogger, as the content is there permanently, they don't get charged each time someone views it and the blogger gets more $$ while getting exposure to their blog. With payperpost I think the death of Adsense in the blog-o-sphere is quickly approaching since bloggers can make money while generating real content that they choose instead of having random ads that aren't very appealing to both blogger and publisher. Check out Payperpost.com for more info and to start making real cash while blogging.


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My rant on Fatigue

Hey since I just slept today from 8pm to 11am, I'm just wondering if anyone else has had that extreme fatigue that I've just had. I wasn't up all night the nights preceding this, wasn't working some overnight shift, didn't have track practice or some athletic event that I was participating in, just extreme exhaustion. It's weird cuz I feel out of sync with the world, like it's 11am still when it's nearly 2pm on a saturday. Maybe "normal" people feel this on weekends when they deprive themselves of sleep during the week to catch up later, but I usually don't have time to do that, so I think my body just crashed and burned. Wondering if anyone has felt like this recently? Discuss if you want, I'll be here answering q's at the library, lol.


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Hip replacement, fun stuff

Everyone knows about my weak hip (I had hip arthroscopy to repair torn cartilage in my hip) and that I'm going to eventually going to need to replace it somehow, but not many people know what hip replacement is. You should definitely check out this page from the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Disease to actually find out what Hip Replacement is. My former track coach (seems fitting since I'm a track runner) had dual hip replacement and he was rolling around much better after he got his surgery and hopefully it won't be too debilitating for me as well. Check out this site about hip replacement to learn more about hip replacement and see if it's something you're going to need or experience in your lifetime, possibly like me :(



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Omg yesterday was a long day

Yea I did another football game, worked at the clinic, and then worked a volleyball game as a ref. Then I passed out, at 8pm, yep, very good day (sarcasm). I dunno I just felt exhausted or tired the whole day, like I'm doing way too much. It's weird cuz during the week (mon-wed) with class and all I'm ok but thursday/friday even when I didn't run I was dead tired. Maybe everything caught up to me and I'm doing too much? I dunno it's just weird, passing out at 8pm, feeling dumb tired, not able to do anything. Ugh and I haven't run since Wednesday afternoon. that's 2 days off, not good. Alright I'm just gonna relax at the library, do that search for next week, and recover hopefully and feel better. More later since I'm stuck here till 6


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You guys want a free ipod?

Now some of you guys may remember how I got my free xbox way back last year but I'm here to talk to you about getting an ipod for free through an easier way. Yes ipodsweepstakes.com gives away a free ipod each day. Yep they give 1 a day free without doing anything but signing up. If you want an ipod on your own without the draw you can do an offer for the company. The offers are simple like take a survey, or receive some coupons emailed to you. If you want an ipod to download some music then you really can't go wrong, definetly worth a shot. Check them out to Get a Free iPod from iPodSweepstakes.com Now.



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Fun times

Yea I'm doing 2 football games in 2 days. So apart from having no time and being tired I'm having fun. Kinda mad at track tho cuz they want me to work a game even when they know I can't, whatever then they shouldn't take me on spring break or whatever. Meh moot point. Yea things are rolling, unfortunetly I haven't had much time in the last few days, but this weekend will be better for me since I got no races and no work tomorrow I'll be able to do something around here at least. They're also working on my kitchen, installing my cabinets and all that, so let's see how that goes. IT's great fun working with the PT clinic, I'm learning a lot and I'm not bored. Alright gonna relax before I take off to football.


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New chatroom for people to love to talk

Yes I may love to talk but I'm here to tell you guys about this pretty good chatroom that some of you might find interesting, Pictari. It's 10 times better than yahoo chat, and you can setup you own profiles and pictures and all. If you like to chat there's not many better places to meet someone or just to find a random chat room on a topic you're interested in. I randomly talked about track to a fellow runner some time ago, was a good way to kill time at the library. If anyone is interested to chat in a new chatroom you should check out Pictari.com.



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Yea I know I was supposed to write that nice good topic but some stuff happened last night and I didn't get around to it and I didn't sleep well and now I'm tired. Sorry for the run-on sentence, it's just how I feel right now. Oh yea at least there's some positive today. I don't have to go to the clinic, I get to work football today with Brooklyn Tech, we're going to Staten Island so that'll definetly be fun. Yea I'm at the library right now so I'm leaving soon to get outta here and go over there. Someone wish me luck, it's been a rough day, I don't need any more serious or random things to do. More later whenever I get home.


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New Opensearch site, search multiple search engines at once

Hey just letting everyone know that instead of always using google for searching you can use the OpenSearch search engine from OpenSearchList.com. You can search through hundreds of search providers, it's easy to use and if you have IE7 or Mozilla Firefox (2 of my favorite browsers along with Opera) then you can add OpenSearch to the search bar at the top of your screen. It also has customized searching, vertical searching and lots of other features for those who are tired of just "googling" something and getting nothing, since with OpenSearch you can customize what search engines you use for looking for what, etc. Definetly a good option for those moderate to heavy search users. If you're a heavy user of the search functions in your brower, you should definetly Add searches to IE7 and Firefox 2.



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Now I remember!

Yea sorry for the weak post before, I was at the library, before I got swamped by people wanting print jobs, and I forgot that good topic I wanted to talk about. I think I'm going to write about it in a bit (or tomorrow), since I got 2 more hours at the library and I might as well keep you guys and myself as well entertained. For now I just feel like relating my day to you guys, well mostly just want to talk about my track workout and the day. Started off the day kinda crazy, trying to fix someone's computer while trying to do my abstract and serve people at the same time. Definetly won't be doing that again, don't wanna piss of my boss or get anyone mad. But I got my work done, took care of all my little things and more importantly GOT MY INTERNET. Weird how things work at LIU, once you go to the Head of the Department and they heard about things going wrong then things get fixed right away. I had no internet for 3 weeks (you guys heard) but after 1 visit to the head of IT they were there within 20 minutes on my floor fixing the ports. So now I got my wired internet. Then I went to practice and ran some really nice times, I felt so good even tho my feet were sore I just got up and ran and ran well at that. Don't wanna gloat or anything (people who know me know I do that enough already) hear it but I'm just happy with how things are going with running in general. Alright gonna go do something for a bit, hope you guys enjoyed Estelle. More later or tomorrow.


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Estelle Reyna's Trip to Panama

I've been given the oppertunity to tell you guys about Panama and more specifically about Estelle's Trip to Panama for estelle.tv. Panama is a pretty beautiful country, I had a close friend of mine stay there for 5 months, and there's a lot of things to see and do. In fact, Estelle considers Panama the ideal location for business and pleasure, or lifestyle as some may say. When Estelle visited the country she mentionned some of her favorite places to us. Those places are pretty special, the Playa Bonita Resort and the Gamboa Rainforest Resort. Pretty special places, you can't go wrong with a resort near to a rainforest. In fact, Estelle attended the grand opening of the Playa Bonita, the new "Bern Hotel" in Panama. Here we can see a picture with her at the opening of the Playa Bonita, having the time of her life dancing with the party goers.

(Click on image for full size)

While Estelle was there, she also interviewed the minister of Tourism, Ruben Blades, who's also a former movie and music star. Pretty important person if you get to interview the minister of Tourism if you ask me.Here's a picture of them together.

(Click on image for full size)

Lastly you can't talk about Panama without talking about the Rainforest, and the Gamboa Rainforest Resort is right next to it offering beautiful views of the land. It's one of Estelle's favorites as well. Look at this picture to see the view, it's stunning.

(Click on image for full size)

Now some of you guys might be wondering who the heck Estelle Reyna is? Well then I guess you're not one of the 800 million people who watch her TV show worldwide. Her sites also has 100,000 hits a day, not a laughing number, from 150 countries and her podcasts have substantial amounts of subscribers as well. With her visit to Panama, Estelle's show will help 300 million people worldwide learn about the small country of Panama, it's culture, business and great ecological diversity. Be sure to visit Estelle.tv to learn more about Estelle and the places she's visited, including Montreal, my hometown.


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I can't remember what I wanted to talk about!

I was going to write something abstract and interested. I had a thought for a topic when I was home last night but unfortunetly since I have no internet I couldn't write it down and I forgot it. This is ridiculous, I had it all layed out, something a bit more interesting than my trials and tribulations throughout the day, bleh. I gotta write an abstract so I can't write too much, more later when I remember things.


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Nice Samsung Mobile Phones!

If anyone here is a fan of cell phones then they'll definetly appreciate this site, thelink.com, with a large listing of Samsung cell phones. I've found Samsung's to be a good overall manufacturer, good rf, simple UI, nice looks, easy for novices. An especially nice phone is the Samsung E900, if you've held it in your hands you know it's a beauty. Its slim, light, has a nice bright screen, 2.0 mp camera for decent pictures (not like those crappy normal cell phone cameras), 80mb internal memory and a microSD slot to use with it's mp3 player should seal the deal for you. Heck even if you wanted you could use the TV out for the video recording that comes with it. They also carry other good Samsung's like the E770, another fav of mine, the S410i, the D600, which is another great phone, and many many more. Some even bundle a PSP when you pick up the right contract. Thelink.com is definetly a great place to check out, especially if you're looking into Samsung mobile phones.


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Too much free time in one day?

Tuesdays are my lazy day, all I got is track and class, no work, no athletic training hours, nothing else. It's weird cuz I haven't had an empty day like this in a while, and I really don't know what I can do with it. Sure I got all those little choices I'd been meaning to do, aka cleaning, laundry, send home a package, etc, but I'm actually feeling kinda lazy since I got all this free time. It's 12:15 now, and I got 3 more hours, then I got a run then 2 more hours till class. This is great, I wonder if the internet will work in my room by the time I get back, they say the techniciens are there everyday, maybe I should waste this time to track them down. Alright time to be less lazy!


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Anyone need some flooring products?

Ive been looking at my floor in my new dorms and hating it for a couple of weeks now. Reminded me of the new floor my Aunt got back home Montreal. Her and my uncle were talking about this Laminate floor they put into my cousin's room. He said it was pretty easy to install and he liked the look. Reminds me of the Mannington flooring that I saw on Laminateflooringco.com. I definetly wish I had some in my room. Check it out if you're in need of a new floor, or if you're new floor isn't too great like mine.


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100th post!

Hey just letting everyone know I just hit my 100th post on my blog. I actually never thought I'd keep on with this thing but I managed to start it up and keep it going. I think payperpost gave me the initiative to keep the blog updated. Now I'm looking for things to write about, using it as a journal, talking about my experiences, all pretty good things. I'm actually looking at this thing to grow, and looking to add things like del.icio.us and technorati tags and etc and make it look more professional. Let me know what you guys think!

Thanks for reading,


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What's going on at Payperpost.com

People have been asking me how payperpost.com gets money to pay us bloggers for our work. My personal belief is that all those companies spamming your inbox aren't getting through my nice gmail or other spam filters and are paying real people to spam your blogs instead. It's called blog spam :p Now with blog spam everywhere you go you'll see spam so it won't fill your inbox. So now we got these ads on blogs, which I think is a better place than my inbox since they'll be in my face all the time, lol. Check out Payperpost.com to learn more.


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Feeling good

Wow you know when you have a really long day that you're dreading but it manages to go really well somehow? Well that day was today for me. I woke up early, went to the PT clinic, got to do some new things like go to the gym with some clients and show them some exercises. It's fun cuz it makes me feel like a real athletic trainer instead of a just a student. I'm amaze at how PT's have more freedom and leeway than ATC's. I saw the ATC at my clinic fill in notes and just sign as a PT cuz they can't sign on their own. Pretty sad if you ask me, makes me wanna switch professions to be honest, do the same things, make more money, and get more recognition. Oh well guess for now I'm just gonna have to work on being an ATC and promoting it. Yep 2morrow's my day off, so I'll get caught up with life. For now just gonna relax and catch up on sleep, more later if I'm still up.


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Need some storage?

Hey if anyone I know who's moved into a new cramped apartment, dorm or flat and needs some place to store their things will appreciate this new self-storage directory. Moving.bz is the largest self-storage directory in the U.S. If you need somewhere to put your stuff in the middle of Pennsylvania then this site can get quotes from up to 4 local storage companies, just like Orbits or Expedia, and get the best price for their bid. It's a pretty easy site to navigate, just click on your state and keep rolling from there, and they got a lot more than just self-storage on there 2. They got moving quotes, packing supplies, DIY help for the people who do things on their own, and other services like mortgage and real estate services as well. The guides for the DIY are pretty good in my opinion. Overall a great site for your self-storage needs and extras on the side. Check them out at moving.bz (remember the .bz) to see the US's largest Self Storage Directory - Moving.bz.

Thanks, just don't ask me to help move those boxes :P


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2nd Place!

Hey just letting everyone know how I did in the race. Pretty happy cuz I took home 2nd place. I know it was a small meet but I didn't set the bar that high and I didn't feel good nor run the previous day so I didn't know what to expect. It was the NJIT meet at Van Courtland Park in the Bronx for those who didn't read my previous post (or are reading the notes from Facebook). After that I went to Ikea for the afternoon, bought some pots and a pan for my Hoyt street Apartment/prison, and helped carry Kari's Bookcase and assembled it, lol. Yea tough long day. OH well alright gotta get some random things done before bed, I'll hopefully have a) more time or b) internet 2morrow so i'll keep you guys updated.


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Just reading some blog's

Since I'm relaxing in the dorms, been reading some fellow blogs. Found an interesting one from a fellow payperpost member Dan Rua. He dugg an article stating that the consumer generated advertising revolution has begun, and here I am as proof that it's really here. It's good that advertising has stepped down from the realms of those who will just see them to the people that really care about their views, the bloggers. Whenever they write on their blogs, they care about what they're saying. Every post I've written about a product I've tested or viewed and give an honest opinion, and that's how it should be. It's not just spam-bots giving thumbs up about products. I've tested that SAT prep site, I've had feedback with the developers of Trailfire. I enjoy blogging and I enjoy getting paid and looking at new things. Some of these things I had never heard of before and it's great. I definetly thing the consumer generated advertising revolution hasn't just begun, it's here to stay, and that's a great thing, because it adds a whole new dimension to advertising and a great way to get things out to people and bloggers alike. If you think this is great and you would like to make money blogging then check out PayPerPost.com.


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The night before the race

Since I'm chilling bored in the dorms the night before a race, I'm wondering what people do the night before a big event, or performance, or game, etc. Like do you watch a movie? Chill out with your friends? Play video games? Watch old races? Me I used to watch Prefontaine and just relax, tried to clear my mind. Yea can't wait to run 2morrow, itching to get onto Van Courtland, show everyone what I'm made off, and destroy these weak runners.

Oh well just fantasizing, for now just gonna relax and chill, results tomorrow first thing!


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Big NFL games tomorrow

With the big rivalry game between the Giants and the Eagles tomorrow I feel like I should talk some more football, since that's all I've seen or done today. Now who in NY doesn't like either the Giants or the Jets, come on now, I think I saw more NFL jerseys in the stands at Sheepshead bay than I saw high school jerseys or t-shirts for the teams playing. Shows the interest that football has in this country, and if you need your jersey to represent your favorite player, like my man T.O. aka Terrell Owens, then check out Football Jerseys and more for your authenticNFL Football Jerseys. Hecks if you need more than just a regular jersey check out their NFL throwbacks jerseys or their official NFL Football hats. Definetly something for the football fan to party or tailgate with. Check it out!


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Football was fun!

Yep, just got back from the Sheepshead Bay football game. Pretty nice game, score was 44 to 16 or something, Sheepshead had way too much talent, coaches and fans for poor Clinton. It shows something for the team when the opponent's coaches have T-Shirts as uniforms and all the Sheepshead coaches have nice looking Polo's, lol. Was pretty easy working the game but a low point was when I couldn't work the Blood Pressure cup, looked kinda stupid. He didn't say anything but I knida knew what he was thinking. Anyways yea just chilling now, got that race tomorrow. NJIT at Van Courtland Park. Alright gonna try to find something to do, dorms are boring and everyone is relaxing or working :(



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Imagine getting married in Maui?

Since my girlfriend's sister got married I was just looking around placed where I'd like to get married. I think I found the perfect place, Hawaii (now wouldn't that be sweet). They're actually a lot of people who travel down there to do that, check it out at hawaiianislandweddings.com to get yourself a nice Maui Wedding. Me I just hope I can afford A WEDDING when I get around to it, lol.


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Busy busy busy

My my I haven't really updated my blog in a little bit. Well yesterday was quite a long day. First I was late, lost my wallet and was soaked from the rain. Then worked at One on One with Scott and learned a lot while doing alot. Then had practice where we pretty much ran suicides in the gym, ugh, lol. Then walked around midtown and stuff with Kari. Yea today's another cool day, I'm going to work football for the first time. Pretty cool oppertunity, should be interesting cuz I've never done it before so I'm expecting new injuries and all that. Bad part is that its in sheepshead bay, so it's out there. Well it was that or the Bronx with brooklyn tech, and I'll take the Bk over the Bx in terms of travel anyday.

Alright more updates later, including my take on the shootings in Montreal (my hometown)


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First day at the PT clinic!

Yep, after my long day (6 hours) at the library I get to go to One on One PT in Park Slope right next to Prospect Park. IT's pretty awesome because it's a new site, I've worked my hours at LIU's Athletic Training Room for the last 3 years so some change is good. The person I'm working with worked at LIU and I know who she is so it's all good for me. I just hope I don't have to deal with people who are non-compliant and don't really want to be there, etc. Overall it's a nice oppertunity and I get to do PSAL football. Wow it's really crazy at the libray, I'll have to talk more later. Too bad 2 I had more stuff. Alright later,


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Cartoon Doll Maker Avatar's for forums and Myspace

This might not interest many of the guys out there but I know some of the girls I know who spend a lot of time personalizing their myspace profiles or other profiles might be interested in. I've come across a site called The Doll Palace, and they offer customized doll avatar's for your website. Avatar's are images of someone or something to represent either them or what they like/believe in or etc. The doll palace has many different cartoon dolls for users to choose from, or people can play interactive mini-games and unlock and get new dolls to spring up their site. IF you visit their site you can see the variety they have, from national dolls to cow girls to you name it they got it. They're for the dollmaker in you and you can have fun with their fashion games where you spend tons of time in dress up games personalizing you're own doll. This is a must for all the princesses and definetly something to think about when you're bored or when you need something new for your homepage or Myspace. You can even use these as icons in your favorite instant messenger such as AIM or MSN. Also can be used in competitions and those things. There's tons more info on the site and many different cool dolls, games and other things for dollmakers so if you're interested please visit The Doll Palace for your Dollmaker Dress Up Games for girls.

If you don't really know what I'm talking about you can see these pictures below to illustrate the types of dolls you can create.




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I hate mornings!

Why can't all my practices be at night? I'm awake at night, instead of 7am each day, where I have to run, lift weights and do abs. Ugh I'm always tired/sore. Anyways enough whinning. Got tons on the agenda today, including calling the ATC (Certified Athletic Trainer) at the PT clinic who's going to take care of my hours for this semester. Then gotta go to international students office and get an employment authorization in order to get paid by LIU. Very important. Also got little things like planning a meeting for ATS club and do the Budget kit. Yep all the little things. Hopefully between today/tomorrow should get stuff done, got practice and 5-7pm class. Haven't thought of any topics to discuss or rants for today, someone should help me with one.

More later...maybe, lol


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VoIP, the internet telephone revolution is here!

If you haven't heard of VoIP yet, you really need to educate yourself to the technology that is revolutionizing the telephone industry. VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is a new way of placing telephone calls through the Internet to either data or internet networks and to regular phone networks and telephones, also called Public Switched Telephone Network. Why would VoIP ben advantageous to me? Well VoIP can make that long distance call go over the internet for a fraction of the price by routing the call over the internet instead of different telephone companies. With VoIP you can use special VoIP headsets or even regular plain old telephones with adaptor's if you choose. If you've heard of services like Skype and Vondage then you've heard of VoIP, and if you know their prices then you realize it's a great deal compared to the regular phone companies. There's so much more on VoIP but I really recommend you going to Tech-FAQ and reading up on this more yourself. They have books, different companies, FAQ's and much more explaining the in's and out's of VoIP better than I could. Check them out to learn more about VoIP.


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Long but nice day

Yea just got in from all my business, pretty crazy with the 6-10pm classes, but overall I'm happy. I've been running so well and easily it's amazing. I feel better than I have for the last 5 years at LIU. I'm faster, my body fat % is lower, I'm rested and I'm injury-free. If this keeps up I'm definetly gonna make All-Conference in Cross-Country, and win some medals during track season. Yea I've actually got some clients for my mini computer repair jobs on the side. Fixing my friend Robby's comp, has all the usual crap, Viruses, Spyware, the works. Did my usual, all the updates, latest programs, etc etc. Still got more work, however THE LACK OF WIRED INTERNET at the dorms is killing me. Due to the LAN not being installed yet I'm on Adamo's comp, meh.

Tomorrow I got time at the library, should be able to talk about something cooler than my day, till then cya later.


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For Those Who've Experienced Paypal fraud

If you're a heavy user of paypal then you must've heard the stories or know what I'm talking about with Paypal fraud. If you're received money or paid money then had it taken away by paypal or had paypal tell you they couldn't get a refund for your money you've experienced paypal fraud. I feel you should be compensated for this and more and that they should have a better system of dealing with these problems. At paypalsucks.com you can read stories from disgrunted users, former employees, etc, who've vented with them and plan on making a stand. If you want to join up and fight paypal's policies, then visit their Link here or goto http://www.paypalsucks.com. Believe me I feel you're pain and feel that something should be done


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Another day another discovery in the LIU Dorms!

Ha I bet you all were expecting to read this and expect me to tell you people about a mouse I caught in a trap or something nasty like that. Nope, actual good news today. I got a fridge and a microwave installed in the room, I had no idea they were even coming. I knew I had an apartment and was expecting all this when all the cubbarts and counters were finished but I'm surprised that the moment they got them they installed them. I got a microwave, which is a bonus since I didn't expect for there to be one either. All good news. Now all I'm waiting for is for them to CONNECT MY INTERNET, COME ON LIU, WIRED LAN INTERNET!! and I can stay in my room. It's as simple as that. I would comment on more randomness (yes I know that's not a word) that's going around here or how my first day of classes went but I'm lazy and most of you prolly don't care so I'll post more tomorrow.



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Amazon.com Textbook Coupon Codes!

Since everyone's looking for new textbooks thought I might share a decent coupon code from our friends at couponchief.com. Amazon.com has a 15$ Off 150$ or more on Textbooks, pretty good deal if you need to get a new textbook and the store bookstores (which are ripoff's IMO) don't have any. I'm definetly going to use this coupon, no time for me to wait in line in the bookstore. Check out couponchief for free Amazon.com Coupon Codes, and find some other decent stores as well, like Dell Home.



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Can anyone stop these 2 guys?

Since Roger Federer won the US Open in Tennis, making it his 3rd major in a row (only one he didn't win was French Open) and Tiger Woods' 6 wins in a row (with 2 majors in between) I'm honestly wondering are they simply the best in their sports or is the competition always just scared and afraid of them? Just like Andy Roddick had a chance to break Federer in the 3rd set Vijay Singh had a chance to beat Tiger as well in their last tourneys yet they both failed to take the championships home. I just don't think there's anyone close to them in their sports, period, especially the way everyone falter's when they play them.

Alright that's my morning rant, more later!


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I Got Paid with Payperpost.com!

Since many of you guys don't believe the fact that you can actually get paid for blogging I'll actually show you guys a screenshot of me actually receiving money from payperpost. Here it is

(Click on it for larger size)

Yes I've gotten paid, 30$ paypal total, and since I'm keeping my hair for a little longer, I'm going to use that money to pay off my VISA bill, since being a student ain't easy. There's more payperpost.com money on the way (dunno exactly how much cuz I just keep blogging every day, but it's over 100$), so it'll help with things. I recommend all my friends to do this, why not, can't go wrong, especially if you have a blog. Why not get paid for blog advertising with payperpost, you're losing out, I'm not.


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Life at the library

Yea as per usual on a Sunday afternoon I'm stuck at the library. Not a bad place to be when you have homework or things to study for or etc, but when you got nothing to do it can get to be a pretty boring place. I went for an 11 mile run with G and Shakir this morning at 9am, dam was it tough to wake up, even if it was slow as heck I was still sore and now I'm tired 2. Oh well, tomorrow I'm going to figure out my clinical and have my first class, Topics of Strength/Conditionning with Spatz, hopefully he won't talk me to death, lol, I'll post more later once I get out of here.



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Cheap Scrubs!

Anyone who's working in the health professions is always on the lookout for decent cheap scrubs. I've observed and been part of surgery (part of being an Athletic Training major) so I know the need for quality clean scrubs, you can never get enough of these medical uniforms. If you're looking for cheap scrubs or nursing scrubs I'd have to recommend http://www.scrubsgallery.com and visit their nice selection of scrubs, it's one of the best places for Scrubs on the net.



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