Calm before the storm

Wow for the first time in a while I've been completely bored. Lately it's been either track or work or tranining room. I'm glad I got a day like this, big race tomorrow, running the mile at the NYU meet at the Armory T & F Center in NYC. First mile in 2 years, so that's pretty big. It's good to have these extra two weeks to prepare for the semester, train, get extra money, it's great. I got to work, buy books early, took care of all the little things I wouldn't have time to do, got extra hours done at the LIU training room where I do my internship, it's pretty good especially the meal money part, lol.

As for New Year's, it was a good time, spent a shitload however I got my money's worth, Moomba was pretty tight and Armin Van Buuren was SICK, he played an insane show, too bad I couldn't stay the whole time cuz my friend was dumb at the supper club, meh, there'll be more shows and more big DJ's. Avb is all I've been listening too lately, he's prolly the best dj imo in the world now, with his show and all.

I've been working on little things around here, going to install XMBC on my xbox so I can watch xvid/divx, I'm modding my ps2, I'm cleaning up / OC'ing my comp again, got my 3200+ from 2.0 to 2.6ghz 24/7, pretty sick clocks since that's FX-55 speeds, lol

Anyways I'll post back when things get a little less crazy, I'm going to try to work on my (3rd) webpage since I won't be stuck in the library 24/7, so until then wish me luck with running, it's looking go so far, let's see how it goes.


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