Looking for a hotel in Europe? Here's some tips

Having traveled around Europe with my friend a couple of years ago I got to experience a great number of sites and hotels, some good, some bad. I must admit we were younger and on a budget so we weren't living large however we did manage to find hostels using the internet or the word of friends who've traveled around before. The pitfalls of those methods is that sometimes these sites don't update their hotel lists, don't have telephone numbers, and can leave you without a place at a random time of night.

That's why now if I went back I'd take a look into a trusted name like Expedia or Orbitz. They have some nice listings for great places like Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam, all the places I've been too, and it's nice because there can be some shady places in Amsterdam and you won't know until it's too late. Most of these online places have a map search for the area you want to stay in, specials on specific hotels, pretty much a good resource for hotel listings. They should all have plenty of listings on other cities but why not go with what's popular.

Anyways that's my new site for the day, enjoy it on the last of my holiday,


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Some nice memorial day deals at Circuit City

Pretty boring day early on for me since I didn't have any plans like the beach or etc for my memorial day however it became a pretty good day after my friend dropped by. Right before he dropped by, I found out about Circuit City's memorial week sale where some video games were getting reduced to $9.99 such as Kingdom Hearts 2 and Fight Night : Round 3 along with Half-Life 2: Episode 1 going from $19.99 to $4.99. I literally went to 3 CC's in Manhattan to find me Kingdom Hearts 2, at $9.99 for the original non-greatest hits version it's worth it.

After that I came back, relaxed, and then went out to this dinner in South Williamsburg at 95 Broadway (can't recall the name of the place). I shouldn't say dinner since it looks cheap but it's actually a pretty expensive place, serving cheeses, fine wines, lamb, etc. I also had some Tasty D-Lite after, which is is this local Frozen Yogurt chain.

All and all a great way to wrap up this weekend, more news as the week pics up,


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Customer Relationship Software

I know Memorial Day Weekend is not the time to be talking about CRM or Customer Relationship Manangement software but why not take a look into something new while you actually have time to look at it. I've dealt with installing software for users for years, and the toughest thing about dealing with software for people not familiar with software is making it easy to use. Most people will take simpler software, like iTunes, over a fully featured suite with all the bells and whistles. That's why having crm software that's easier to manage for your employees so that they can do what they're trained to do, which is get sales and make money. AIMpromote can help you with this, so why not take a look, could easily boost the producitivity of your sales people making you more money. Why not take a look and see if it's worth it for you, they have a nice comparison chart to show you as well.



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Memorial Day Weekend

It's actually really nice to have a long weekend every once in a while. I must admit I haven't done anything really productive yet I've been enjoying it pretty well. Yesterday went shopping, bought a new DKNY watch, bought some sheets, made a nice stir-fry at my ex-girlfriend's place, went out and then meet some girls at the bar.

May not seem very interesting to you guys but that's exactly how I want to spend my weekends, just relaxing, shopping and having fun. However next few weekends I'm going to have to work and study, so that's going to suck big ass.

As for something interesting to you guys, here's the Top 5 Worst Ipod Knockoffs Ever on TechEBlog or for those who love video games and cartoons there's a funny collage from Destructoid HERE

As per usual post your comments and enjoy your weekend!


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It's that time again - Free Coupon Codes from CouponChief

I know many of you guys who read blogs probably shop online now too. It's an extension of just using the internet so why not save some money using online coupons codes doing what you'd be doing anyways. For me I've been looking around for a laptop and since I don't like Apple Macbooks the only other laptops that look asthetically pleasing are Sony Viao's. The whole Sony website has some decent Sony Coupons which can save you a large chunk of change when you're looking into a thousand dollar plus laptop. There's also some deals on other Sony products, so check it out, can't hurt right? If not check out the rest of the coupon codes on CouponChief.com, I'm positive you'll find some store you like shopping at.

More news or free stuff later,


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Internet at work and free phone giveaway at Engadget

I'm making good on my promise to blog for two days in a row so here I am typing away. I'm finished work for the day, it wasn't too busy and we close at 1pm on Fridays so I get a nice early start to my weekends. I'm also using the computer of our secretary to blog since they have high speed and they're coming to install our high-speed on Tuesday, which cannot come fast enough.

Apart from that I did some minor bank stuff and went to school, pretty boring stuff but it had to get done.

Since I'm too lazy to write any opinions right now, I'll just forward you the link to a contest on EngadgetMobile for a FREE NOKIA N75. Yep, all you need is to post a comment and you're entered. Why not could be worth it.

Alright I'm going to work out, after some more coupons for the month.


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More news from PPP - Payperpost Direct Launches!

Man, I wish I wasn't so busy at the moment so I could take in more fun with the guys at Payperpost. They seem to always have something new up their sleeve, especially with the new upcoming Birdo release they've released Payperpost Direct. It's a new concept from the people who allow to get paid for blogging when you'd do it anyway to cut out the middleman and get paid directly by the advertiser. For example, if an advertiser likes your specific blog, he can click on the badge (which will get installed tomorrow, see prior post) and pay whatever you think a post on your site is worth. This cuts out the man in the middle when your blog is directly generating the content and the sales lead.

I think it's another step in the right direction, I've seen other competitors of Payperpost do this but it seems that their prices where either way too high or too low. This seems to be more customizable and a better bang for the buck on both sides of the coin, us bloggers can charge what we think we're worth and advertisers can pay a nominal service fee instead of 50 to 100% of the post. It doesn't make sense to not do this if you have some specific blogs or places you'd like to target and you already know they're involved with Payperpost Direct. I think it also stimulates the bloggers to have higher quality content and to promote better, in order to get the right advertisers and visitors to the site, making it more attractive and raising the price you could charge.

I'm all for it, and will install this tomorrow, what you guys think? Who's doing it or not? Speak your thoughts.


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Verizon DSL needs to hurry up!

I'm sorry for the pause again in the blogging. My verizon DSL is coming Tuesday, and it's terribly hard to blog from my phone. Sure it gets on the internet but EDGE is so slow and having 2 or 3 things load at the same time kills my speeds. The fact that I've been so busy with my new job and the extra jobs I've been doing on the sides doesn't help.

To all those who are still there for me, I appreciate the support. I just wish I could keep you guys informed on what's going on with me, or what I think about anything in the Tech world more often however I've just been so busy. I also have been dealing with HP in terms of repairing a broken laptop, so that's another story I have to tell you guys, but until then I'll give u guys an update on my friends at PPP and I'll have a blog post tomorrow when I get to access some decent internet at LIU (my old school which is a 10 min walk from my job).

Until tomorrow,


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PayPerPost HDTV Tuesday's

I haven't heard anything new from PayPerPost in that last little while since I've been so busy graduating and finishing track while moving into Greenpoint (see previous post) I haven't checked in with Ted and the gang at PPP. Well whenever they're not trying to get more ads on blogs for us posties they're busy organizing contests to keep us busy. They've launched an event every Tuesday called HDTV Tuesday's where you cna win all shows of great prizes, such as Apple TV's, PS3's, and the grand prize and HDTV at the end of the month.

That's pretty spectacular, since they're already hooking us up with oppertunities, money for blogging and now we can earn prizes for just blogging to make money and getting lucky. I have to give out a shoutout to the guys at Bid4Prizes.com for making all this possible. I've spoken about them a week ago so check out my post and go visit them if you have the chance. As for me, I'm going to try to find that opportunity, maybe I'll get lucky and win something nice, since today I can win a Slingbox, Nintendo Wii, Yamaha Surround Sound System or a Logitech universal remote. If you don't know what those are you need to read this blog more often, but until then good luck!


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Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Yes I'm blogging from my new apartment in Greenpoint, unfortunately this is tougher than usual since I have to use my valuable and trusty T-mobile EDGE data connection through my phone.

I live off McGuinness Blvd, and I must admit I love the area my place is in, it's very open, clean, non dingy and accesible by car and bus/train pretty well. I think I might not be able to get DSL, which would suck since it's only 14.95 a month for the 1st year. I can deal with that price for internet but would hopefully avoid $30 a month then 40 after 6 months.

Apart from that I've been working and settling into things, we'll have to see how much I like things in a couple of weeks after I become fully intergrated into the workforce. I'll have a set schedule so I'll be able to blog more.

Check out here for more, and hopefully I'll have some grad pictures on this blog or one of my other ones.

More tomorrow,

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Another concept, Lowest Bidding site for prizes

There's a lot of sites out there that give away prizes, some for referrals, some for playing games, but here's one with a new twist. It's called bid4prizes, and you can win a prize by bidding the lowest amount on a prize. It's like a guessing game, where you bid on prizes, and they tell you if you're low, high and etc. You have certain amounts of points which allows you certain amounts of bids on the prizes, which are ad-supported to keep the guys afloat. However for $9.99 you can get an unlimited membership and have unlimited bids, which can be worth while.

So far I think it's pretty interesting, maybe tedious trying to outguess everyone, but imagine winning a BMW 3 series (my friend has one, they are some fine cars) off the internet? Sounds like something that could entice a good number of you guys. I'm going to give it a shot and hopefully get back to you. Anyone else try it? Any opinions? Post your thoughts!


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It's all over!

I had a post that I had kept in my drafts where I was debating the fact on whether I should apologize or not for long spaces between posts. After looking back at the posts, which I started writing April 27th, I realized that I shouldn't make excuses for my absence, but instead just explain how things are going and how I want to change them.

I'm finally done with school, yep, no more exams, lectures, reports, paperwork, FINISHED. I'm also done running for LIU. I haven't really been updating my blogs due to the enormous amount of work and things I've had on my plate. Hopefully, and I really hope to stick to it, will keep working on the blogs since I've come to enjoy my time blogging and the community that has followed my blog, from the Posties at PPP to everyone coming from Blogspot, or school.

So from now on it's up to me to keep this going, no excuses, no long pauses, just blog posts, tech reviews, and the occasional PPP stuck in the middle :)


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