Tired of using WinZip? Try SecureZip, all the compression with more security for FREE

I love having a tech blog, I get to review tons of new things that I think might be of interesting, well at least to me. Today I'm looking at one of the competitor's the crown of ZIP file utilities for Windows called SecureZIP - The next generation of ZIP. It's from PKWare, the guys who made one of the original ZIP utilities for DOS. Most people know about ZIP files, that you can archive and compress information, but the thing is that now ZIP files can safeguard important information with strong passwords. That's pretty sweet and since SecureZIP integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Windows very well you can protect all your sensitive data, even the ones you email to others.

The best part about it is that SecureZIP is FREE for a limited time, all you need to do is simply provide your email address to their site and you'll receive the download link, no spam or nothing. I think it's better than having WinZip's messages annoy you all day. I've downloaded it and it's quick, easy to use and free. Can't really go wrong with that.

Check out their full site at www.securezip.com and let me know your thoughts.

Enjoy the free stuff,


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I love being a graduate student

Unfortunately for me, I'm a busy college student with 2 jobs, clinical obligations to finish up, and I still run track and field for a Division 1 NCAA school. What does that mean? It means little to no free time for blogging. My last post before tonight was on my other blog from Wagner College in Staten Island while I was waiting for the Lacrosse team, that's how little free time I have.

I've been neglecting my personal blog at dasnipe.atotchat.org for quite some time now. I have had thoughts and other serious things going on in my life. Hopefully tomorrow night I'll have the time to sit down and get in some quality blogging time before my race.

Until them I'm just going to eat my Chinese and relax. Maybe I'll download Ubuntu 7.04 and give it a whirl, we'll see tomorrow.


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Interesting concept - Turn your Flickr photo's into cash

I like how new Web 2.0 sites and existing one always seem to find different niches or populations of users. I know some photography heads so when I heard about this new site, FlickrCash, which is the intergration of Flickr and eBay, I was immediately interested. It's got some pretty cool options, nice galleries of pictures on a particular subject, a good search engine to find specific photos, and options to "heart" or "hate" an image to remember later. Like take this gallery on Orange Flowers - found by FlickrCash, you get pages of full galleries with all kinds of pictures, it'll be easy to find any picture you want.

Seems like a great idea to me, check it out and let me know what you guys think.


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LONG weekend - Xbox 360 news

Sorry for the last of posts between Friday and today, I've unfortunately been busy at track meet, work, school, and all the other things affecting my life right now. There not much going on today with the shooting of the 32 students at Virginia Tech. My sympathies go out to the all the victims and friends/family of those unlucky to be there that day. I'll speak more about it on the other sports blog.

Back to gaming news, a rumour has been confirmed for the Xbox360 that when the Xbox 360 Elite will be released that Gamestop will have a special trade-in offer for those who have older Xbox's.

Here's the values:

Xbox 360 Premium : 250$
Xbox 360 Core : 200$
Xbox (old Black one) : 50$

I linked off Xbox 360 Rally so give them some credit, but enjoy the news if you're looking for that new Xbox.


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Need to use your IM when you're away from the computer? Try KoolIM

I'm in between my classes and I'm stuck in the computer lab yet I want to be able to login to my MSN and my AIM messengers but I can't since the computers here don't have the clients. Am I stuck? Nope, because of Web Messenger websites like KoolIM.com which have come along allowing you to signin from any Internet Browser window. That's right I'm on a locked down computer yet I can still sign into MSN, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, etc. It's simple and easy, so check it out.

Alright back to class, enjoy the tip,


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Funny headline from Joystiq : GTA 4 Drops Staten Island, Wu-Tang Response Unknown

I know most people who aren't associated with video games or rap won't get the headline, but the new Grand Theft Auto game, GTA IV, which is coming out in October from Rockstar Games, is portrayed in New York City which has been renamed Liberty City. In their rendition of NYC, they've kept and renamed 4 boroughs and even included New Jersey. However they left Staten Island out, which prompted the headline.

Not all people are displeased with the decision, but I wonder why they included Jersey over Staten Island. The full post is over at Joystiq with some articles linking to the Staten Island Advance and MTA News. Good read if you're a New Yorker.



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I'm going to need some blinds for my apartment

Yep if any of you guys have been following the blog you may have noticed, or not, I didn't exactly scream it out, that I've been looking for an apartment. It's been kinda tough, my real life has been coming in the way, a roommate has backed out of an agreement, which complicates things when looking for a room, and etc.

However I have to also keep in mind I'm getting an unfurnished place, and finding furniture and things for the apartment is going to be tough. I have been looking at little things like tables, couches, etc, but I really have to think about other things such as blinds and things guys don't normally think about. Do I want venetian blinds, regular blinds, Ikea bamboo blinds, curtains? Tough choices ahead if I'm going to have to furnish a house. The site I mentioned above, Terry's Fabrics, has a bunch of stuff to look at to setup a decor, I'm going to have to look at it more, but it seems pretty interesting.

Well that's my non-tech post for the day, enjoy!


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Lazy, so here's a video

Kinda lazy tonight, lots of stuff going on with school, paperwork, etc, so instead of a full length post I'll embed the video of the new Linkin Park song. Strange sound to them, but interesting. I wonder what the rest of the album will be like.

Here's the video, hope you guys like it,



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Free ORION Windows Event Log Reader Software

Can't go wrong with free software, and this for the IT crowd, especially the Network Administrators out there who are always looking to managed their servers. There's some free ORION Remote Windows Event Log Reader software out there for you guys, if your processing volume is under 5 events a second. What does this software mean? It's a useful tool that monitors your Windows System Events can be can automatically be forwarded to Syslog Servers, email, SNMP, or written to databases in real-time, keeping track of your server and specifically what's going wrong with it. For those with much more servers or higher processing volumes it can be upgraded for a month-to-month subscription for $12.95/month for 15 events/sec (don't worry non-tech's, Network Administrators know the figures) so it isn't too expensive for those with large networks as they'll easily pay more for other software. It's pretty easy to use and can be up in minutes, as shown by the screenshot below:

(Click on image for larger size)

Overall I think it can help, and could be a useful diagnosis tool for your servers. Check it out and as always feel free to post your thoughts.


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More North Carolina computer usage

Still stuck in North Carolina, but I managed to creep into Duke and use a computer in their cafeteria area that someone left logged on. I didn't run well today but that'll be for a lengthier post on my other blog (My Sports one, check it out at Steve's Sports and Travel) but in the mean time I'll talk about a controversial issue (DRM) and how they're always working backwards in trying to fix it.

Remember how DRM was cracked back in December (blog post HERE) , well Corel, the makers of WinDVd, have released a patch that forces users to patch their software to their latest version or not be able to play any AACS (DRM'ed) Blu-Ray or HD-DVD. This was reported on Engadget but it's still such a rotten deal, forcing people to patch their software or not. This is the way of DRM, and they'll never win, however Corel loves to stick it to users. I think I'm with the majority in that DRM will never win, but that's just me, I'm no Hollywood studio.

Alright I gotta go back to the track, more later,


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Sticking to Music - Find publicity on Unsigned.com

Was just browsing through my MySpace while at the hotel, and noticed some more bands trying to get my attention. Sure it may be nice trying to grab my attention there, but I'm really not going to listen to you on MySpace nor are you going to stand out on MySpace compared to the multitude of other bands. I say be out there, try new or different sites or methods, and for me a site like Unsigned.com looks like another bands should try. You can be in any musical group, solo, duo, where it be from Rap, Hip-Hop, Electronica all the way to Grunge Artists Unsigned.com could be the launching point of your career. All it takes is one music executive to like you to get noticed and then you're off.

Alright there's my rant on music for the night,



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Apartment Search in North Carolina

Hey, nothing tech news related today, since I'm in North Carolina and I haven't been able to Digg or browse Engadget as much as I'd like too. I'm using the computer in teh business center, which has the usual high-speed and a printer. The funny thing is that even thought I'm on the road I'm still focused on my apartment hunt. I'm moving out in May and I've been hitting up Craigslist and other listings trying to find apartments, accepting calls on the road, etc.

Ugh alright back to Craigslist, emailing and IM's,


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Looking to make some new investments? Try Futures

Since I'm a college student, I may not have much saved away at the moment in terms of investments for my eventual retirement. However I do manage the portfolio of my dad since I do his taxes and it's pretty interesting. He has a 401K from work, which is pretty standard, and some general savings bonds along wtih a regular RRSP from work and some mutual funds. Nothing exciting and pretty basic. I wonder if he needs to diversify his investment options, more stocks, or gold, and something new I've heard of, Futures. Some people are talking about global futures as a new investment form that could help diversify many portfolios and help him out. As well the initial investment in futures can start at around $250 so it doesn't take too much to get started.

Sounds like some interesting options, I'm going to forward the information to my dad, and maybe you guys could find out something new too.


Disclamer: There is risk of loss trading Futures, options and forex (just like most investments)

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Keeping Windows up to date

It just seems that no one will ever keep their computer secure unless Microsoft forces them too, which is pretty amazing considering what most people think about computers. I just borrowed a friend's laptop, which is running Windows XP SP2, yet somehow doesn't have Internet Explorer 7 installed and no other browser. How could you only have IE6? No Firefox, no tabs? I guess I've just been spoiled by my computer.

Do you guys often the same thing when using other people's computers? Are you like why do you turn off the automatic updates when you won't update yourself?

Just makes me wonder sometimes,

Alright more later,


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Help get discovered at Music.com

I may not be the greatest audiophile, but I know that a lot of musicians here in Brooklyn are always trying to get discovered or get signed by record labels. Instead of doing what every band does and try to only promote through MySpace maybe they should try the new tools at Music.com. The whole Musicians Wanted at Music.com - Get Discovered program is really enticing, where you can sign up for free, upload the music you've already made, and make some money off it. You can have a full website on Music for your band, a blog, an artist profile with band member profiles if you wish, photos, event calender or show listings and more. Music.com will even select some bands for more promotions as well, so it seems like a get venue to get your bands name out that. The more people who know about your music the better right?

Check out the whole Musicians Wanted at Music.com - Get Discovered program at Music.com and let me know what you think? Or maybe just stay on MySpace and try to add me as a friend (which doesn't work)



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Rainy day - Thoughts on the Blog

I know I've been kind of busy lately with the whirlwind that is my life, and sitting here in front of the computer on this gloomy day I've been thinking about the focus of this blog. Do you guys want more opinions on Technology, Internet, Gadgets, Video Games and etc or would you like more personal stuff involved?

I think I'll setup a poll on the side of the blog, see if people will vote that way. What you guys think? Any ideas? Post your thoughts


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Selldeo.com - Craigslist with Video

Ever wanted to get something on Craigslist or another online classified service and gotten no information and crappy pictures? Well there's a new service out there that I think shows actual promise that is an online marketplace focused on Video Marketing. Selldeo.com lets users create videos of an apartment they're trying to sell, which is a great idea. Imagine selling an apartment and being able to view all the rooms? Or selling a car and seeing all 4 sides, the interior, etc? Seems like it could really take off since it can save the seller time by answering less questions and give more information to the buyers. I think it has great potential to be up there, it's kind of new so let's see how it turns out.

So go check out their site at http://www.selldeo.com and as per usual, tell me what you think.


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Wow - Steve Jobs convienced EMI to drop DRM

I guess peer pressure does work, since everyone has been clamoring for labels to drop the Digital Rights Management (DRM) for a long time I guess they just only finally now start listening to everyone someone has done it, EMI has dropped DRM. I don't buy much music myself, since I'm not the biggest audiophile, but this is a step in the right direction. I've only read clips in the free newspapers (AM Newyork and Metro) but there's a really good article on one of the Ars Technica Blogs. It's from the Infinite Loop blog, and it speaks about how Ditching DRM was EMI's idea.

Very interesting read, and something to think about, since it goes onto more than just DRM but the whole Apple iPod/iTunes experience. Check it out and post your thoughts.


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