Man I feel lucky to be on a scholarship

I'm in the library on Wednesday nights, it's long because I work 5-10 and I have practice beforehand. As usual we have people trying to clear their bills, trying to find loans and other general ways of paying for school. Needless to say, some people end up very poor from college and some cry when they can't find enough money, it's true I've seen it happen. These are the types of people that should invest in some Student Loan Consolidation services before it's too late. You don't want to pay any more interest than you already don't, and Student Loan Consolidation Programs can help you out and save lots of money later on. I don't have to worry about this myself, but I feel for the people who do.

Alright more later,


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Fight the power! New York Teen sues the RIAA!

Keeping with the music news (well Zunes play music) I read a story earlier before I left for practice and came back to see it being the most popular story on it. It's about a Kid in New York suing the RIAA. I don't link to the comments or digg article since I like having the source but the discussion on Digg brings a lot of good points.

For instance, many of the times that the RIAA has met any opposition in courts, they've either backed off or offered to settle. As well they pick on small, inidvidiuals or families, they never pick on rich people, businesses or corporations. They also have little evidence, can't prove you're sharing if you're on a Wireless network, etc. Very nice comments (which is impressive for Digg).

I'll let you guys read, but as usual, post your thoughts and comments.


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Customized Poker Chips

Last night I played poker with my boss from work, the owner of the clinic, and a couple of other guys I work with over at one of the guys house. He has a nice setup for poker, with a table top setup specifically for card games, lots of chairs, food, drinks and least of all some fancy poker chips. These chips were really nice since they had his initials on each chip. There's not many places that can do that, but has customized Clay Poker Chips and table tops so that you can make your own personal private setup. Great for intimidation of your opponents when they see your name on each chip, like you own that chip, and own the pot. Check them out and see if you can get your own chips, can't go wrong with poker, right?


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Interesting, Zune's cracking under battery pressure?

It seems that the Microsoft Zune, the attempt that the guys at MS have made to combat the iPod, has a free more issues to content with. There's a story on Engadget about Zune Screens Cracking Under Battery Pressure. Pretty crazy if it's true, since the info comes from an insider at Microsoft Tech Support who's working the call center. The battery expands when charging and puts too much stress on the screen apparantly. I wonder if more stories will come out, so now hold off on your Zune purchase, well, most people already did and purchased an ipod.

More later,


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Can't wait to go down to Florida

In about a months time, I'll hopefully be blogging from the sandy beaches of Florida as we go down to Miami for our annual Spring Break trip. Last year we went to Puerto Rico, but it's fun to change places every once in a while. We'll be in Miami most of the time, but hopefully we can go to Orlando and maybe visit Disneyworld. I wonder how much Orlando property must cost with all those attractions and tourists around there, would be nice for a tourist from somewhere such as England to have a place to stay during the winter. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself, but I'll mention more about Spring break as time goes by, on one of my 3 blogs.

Alright back to work, practice in a bit,


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Vista's out

Yep everyone, the personal or retail release of Windows Vista is upon us. Of course there's been tons of articles, reviews, pictures and bashing of Vista over the last couple of weeks/days, but since today is the official release, I might talk about the article I liked the most.

It comes from MSNBC surprisingly, and it's Mac User who Switches to Vista. What? Blasphemy you say, well it's a nice objective look at someone who's going from the opposite side of the fence into the dark side without the usual fanboy zealotry that accompanies Mac fans. Really interesting look at things, and there's a little twist in the article that I don't want to mention. Go read it, well worth the time.

Another interesting read is from the Cult of Mac on, and they also install Vista to a Mac Pro, and notice that it feels faster than OS X. Pretty interesting as well, haven't read the full article since I was linked from Gizmodo but looks like a nice read, check it out.

Alright enough for now,


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Anyone here love hockey? Check out these hockey forums

I know that 99% of the people from Montreal love the Canadiens, even if they've never played or watched hockey, unlike me, where I've followed the Canadiens for years and can talk about them to anyone at anytime. That's why I love reading all the posts at this NHL Forum from They got tons of people since the board has been around for 5 years. They got individual forums for each team, seperated by conference of course, and other forums for international hockey, the NHL, minor leagues, hockey history, pretty much everything. It's prolly the best hockey forum around, and I'm not lying. If you're a hockey fan like me you'll love this forum.

Now hopefully my Canadians can bounce back from the 4-1 loss to Toronto on Saturday.



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I'm tired of these long Mondays!

Yea Mondays are the worst for me, I'm litterally non-stop from 7am until 8pm, so by the time I get home I'm pretty much done. Oh yea, you guys want some news don't you?

Well the most interesting thing I've found today was this picture of a comet on Flickr. It's McNaughts Comet in Australia, it's a really beautiful shot under some trees overlooking a lake. I don't want to steal the author's thunder so I'll just have you guys click there yourselves.

Other interesting news is that Sony's profits may be down 50% due to poor PS3 sales, which shouldn't help Sony in its cause. Also a piece from Gizmodo on the new 120hz HDTV's that are going to be coming out soon, which promise to help improve image quality drastically by dealing with the 24fps limit placed on movies. Interesting read.

Alright enough for now, more later as I find it, btw I'll have some Vista coverage tomorrow, so stay tuned.


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Reverse Cell Phone Lookup - Find out who is calling you

Ever get a call from a random number and you don't want to pick up because you have no idea who it is. What happens if you pick up and that person starts harassing you? Sure you may have the number but you don't know who that is. Well one way of finding out is using this Reverse Cell Phone Look Up tool. I tested it out on myself, it only gave me the basic info I could find on Google anyways without paying, so unless you're willing to pay don't expect that much. Still could be useful in some situations, just don't become a stalker, so go test it out and see how it works for you. It's free to test out, so no harm done right?

Let me know if you find out something interesting about your number,

Good night,


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Wordpress plugins - Tough to deal with

I just spent nearly 2 hours managing the MyGallery Wordpress plugin script and dealing with all the little things such as adding an album, numbering the pages, ugh. It took a while but overall I think it was worth it, since I'm now more familiar with Wordpress and MyGallery, and I can now just upload pictures from wherever I am in the world.

Oh and I updated my Wordpress install to version 2.1, which was MUCH easier than installing MyGallery. Well installing plugins is easy on Wordpress, but managing and configuring them isn't super easy. So go check out my hard work at and click on My Gallery.

Btw I know I didn't post any tech news, but I still got something accomplished, so give me some credit :)


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Free Podcast Hosting Site

Looking for somewhere to store your podcasts that you've been working on in your basement with that $10 computer mic? Well has storage and Free Podcasts up for those still running their website on basic blogs and haven't moved to a paid solution yet. It's pretty simple, and they even have options for those with established podcasts to move over there and make some profit off them. Pretty interesting, maybe I should let my friends over at The Daily Hook ( know about this.

Check them out and let me know what you think.


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Updates on the personal blog and Blog Carnival

Hey just a couple of updates since I'm just relaxing today.

1) I'm participating in the Blog Carnival at Marcus* Williford's blog. There's going to be a lot of posts on some cool subjects from Posties like me. I submitted my rant on Television, which is a couple posts down.

2) I actually wrote a post on my other personal blog, about what's going on in my life, and some of my personal thoughts. Might not be too tech related, but since I know most of you guys pretty well, thought you might like to see what I'm thinking about or what's going on in my head. The URL for those who forget is It even has a PR of 1 now, that's pretty amazing, lol.

Ok more ranting later,


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Dubai, one place I'd like to visit

I've been around Europe and North America but I've never been to a prodominantly muslim or arabic country such as Saudi Arabia, or the United Arab Emirates. I've heard a lot about the international city dubai, there's a lot of investment there. There's also that golf tournament there that Tiger Woods plays every year. They also got those Islands that ressemble every country in the world, that's pretty cool. Yea I really could use some nice, hot weather, but for now it seems I'm stuck in NYC.

More later,


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Opinion Piece - Will the Internet take over TV?

Since it's a nice Sunday afternoon in New York and I'm stuck inside the good old LIU library making some extra $$ on the side I might as well share my opinion on TV in the Internet age.

Since television is a medium that's been around for a solid 50 years, and with the internet only becoming really popular in the last 10-15 years, it's amazing how the Internet will either bring tremendous improvements or might even spell it's downfall. More and more people are connected to the internet, TV viewership is down among the 18-49 group, more people are turning to YouTube and iTunes for their TV shows or user generated content. This may spell the doom for TV as we know it, however I've seen some TV networks be proactive and make efforts to save their butts.

With some of the newer shows such as Heroes there's an extensive web tie-in with the show, so that people can do research, watch clips and do more than just sit in front of the TV for an hour. Also, some networks are letting you watch the show you missed a day later or after the show, such as ABC. I think these things are what's going to save television, since gone are the days when television is the only good medium in town.

This post was inspired by the Bill Gates comments HERE. Nice interesting read on the subject, since many of you will agree/disagree with the billionaire.

As per usual, post your thoughts and comments,


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Experiences with loans

I was stuck talking to one of my teammates on the long bus ride from Boston and he was telling all the financial woes he had trying to cover all his bills for the school year. Not only does he have school loans to pay off his tuition, but he has personal loans to cover his room and board, and he had to take out a secured loans for emergencies. Make me feel lucky I got my scholarship, even if I'm not running so well, I don't have to manage any loans. I should stop talking now, since I might have to take some if I do more graduate school.

Alright more thoughts later,


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Long day, depressing results

Yea just got back from Boston, didn't have a good race, mentally punked out, I overstressed myself and just quit running near the end of the race. Good thing was that my time wasn't too bad, but it's 2 weeks before our conference championships so it's not a good sign.

Anyways, I might go out and get hammered, or stay here and do the same, we'll see.

More later,


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Who's into music?

I may talk about it here, but I'm avid music fan who's got a wide variety of tastes, from rap, hip-hop, to metal, to trance, to rock, even to classical. I believe in the right type of music for the right setting, and being in New York I've gotten to experience a lot of live local bands, from rock, to jazz, to impromptu rap battles on campus. I've pretty much seen it all here. That's why I Unsigned Bands a chance because I've seen a lot of them, and it's always great to see some change. The site is a new site catering to all the unsigned bands out there trying to make it. They're still new so they're always looking for members, bands, and listeners, so why not give them a shot, maybe you'll find a new band to fall in love it!

Check it out at and as per usual post your thoughts, what's your favorite indie band, or group in general.


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I finally have some love from the PR gods at Google

Remember that rant I had a couple of days ago I ranted about how MyBlogLog page had a higher PR than my blog, well the tide has turned and you'll see that my blog FINALLY has some PR. I know it's only a PR of 2 but c'mon my blog deserves a little love.

If anyone wants to participate in some link exchanges, or a review, or some other form of partnership and promotion let me know!

Alright one more post before I go to bed!


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New Payperpost and HP Puzzle!

I just had to stop what I was doing to get in on the latest Payperpost and HP puzzle. I know that I'm never good at these but hey, why not give someone the chance to win $1000 from PPP. HP has been real good to Posties, giving away something like 10 cameras and sponsoring all these contests, so why not be nice and visit them for all your Digital Photo Printing needs. Michelle was the last one to win an HP camera so the pictures from this contest are from her winning the camera, pretty sweet. Alright enough rambling here's the picture folks

Enjoy and good luck with the contest (remember I want 10%!),


This post sponsored by HP.

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Sprint launches MobileFaker - Get out of that bad date easily!

Pretty interesting news out there this early afternoon about the new service that's being launched by Sprint called MobileFaker. The guys at MobileCrunch have the full article but it's interesting to note the capabilities of the software. Not only can it fake incoming calls, fake numbers, and lines to give the guy / girl the slip, but it even comes with a Fake Breathalizer. Isn't that fun, I'd use that just to get someone in trouble, haha. Overall it's nice to see little applications that people can use but I wonder at the cost, and exactly who's going to remember to use it at the opportune moments.

anyways that's my interesting news for the afternoon, enjoy!


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Be Different, give her a flash drive for Valentine's Day!

I know many of the geeks out there who read my blog are a little different (I'm not bashing you guys, I'm one of you) so maybe for Valentine's Day you can give your special someone something personal yet useful, unlike flowers or chocolate. That's why these flash drives from Pexagontech can really be a nice little something, since

a) girls like pink
b) girls need to store their documents, files, music
c) A personalized gift makes you look good.

It's a win-win for everyone. The drives come in 512MB, 1GB, 2GB or 4GB of portable storage and they're USB 2.0. If you don't like pink there's 14 different colors.

Best thing is the Personalized Laser Engraving, which makes you look good and it's FREE. They even got some online specials for you guys, the cheapest is the 512MB Thumb Drive (any color) for $14.99 with FREE laser engraving. 1GB Thumb Drive (any color) for $18.99 with FREE laser engraving. 2GB Thumb Drive (any color) for $37.99 with FREE laser engraving. 4GB Thumb Drive (any color) for $69.99 with FREE laser engraving.

Those are not bad prices on flash drives and the laser engraving with a wide choice of colors can't be beat. So enjoy and maybe get one for you and one for her at the same time!



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Orb, anyone use it?

I just remembered that I had Orb on my computer, a program that streams media from my computer onto portable media such as my cellphone or laptop and was wondering, how many people know or use the program. I heard about it a year ago, but my cell phone wasn't good enough to stream much. Now I got a SonyEricsson W810i, so I can pretty much do what I want with it yet I haven't since I have my own media library.

I'm going to give more info about it after I get to truly test it out but for now goto and give it a shot, they even released version 2.0 so I'm downloading that now.

More news later,


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Football Forums

Everyone knows that the Super Bowl is coming around and hopefully my Colts will pull out the victory and give Peyton Manning his first Super Bowl ring. With football there's a lot of issues, stories, discussion and other fun things to talk about. Heck I could probably start a blog just on football alone, but if you're looking to talk to a a large community of football fans then this football message board is the place to go. The board at Football Boards has been around for over 6 months, so it's got a decent sized community that's pretty great. It's the perfect place for all you football fanatics.

Check it out and lemme know what you guys think.


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Wow that was quick, review of the LG BH100 Hybrid Blu-Ray/HD-DVD player

Normally most things announced at CES take a while to show up but the folks at Gizmodo have the first review I've seen of the LG BH100. I think the player actually looks really nice too, with those top glowing buttons.

However the review wasn't so nice on the rest of the features. HD-DVD playback was incomplete due to the inability of the BH100 to play the menus of HD-DVD's. The quality of the player's DVD playback came into question and the cost of the player, being more than 2 seperate devices, was also questionned.

Anyways post your thoughts, I'm holding back on next-gen formats for a bit, well, until I get my HDTV in the summer :)

More later,


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Bored? Try playing games at My Time Killer Games

Everyone's had that moment when they've been bored at work and wanted to just relax, shoot some bubbles or solve a puzzle to get their minds away from the job for a little bit. For me when I get like that I try to play some little flash games, and the games at time killer are quite fun to play. They're definetly time killers, since I've spent way too much time on them, but enjoy them and just don't play too much.



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MySpace for WoW users

Pretty interesting with the new WoW Expansion that was just release (The Burning Crusade) there's now a MySpace social network specificially for World of Warcraft users. has the converage on Rupture, who's founder is also the founder of Napster, Shawn Fanning.

The whole profile is based on your WoW account, and your picture, in game stats, etc are all from that account. Seems like another great way to connect to people. Mashable has some nice pictures for you guys so check them out while I'm stuck at the library.


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Need some cash quick?

I know everyone has had that time when money's been real tight and you needed an Online Cash Advance or a Payday cash Advance Loans. Well with the people at PayDayCashAdvanceLoans.Biz you can get a Payday Loan Online without any hassles or even get a no fax payday loan. I've never had to experience that kind of lack of cash yet, but I know people who have, so having another ressource to go to apart from your friends can definetly help out. Check them out and post your horror stories, if you got any.



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Hi-Tech Hockey Jerseys - New NHL Uniforms

Now this is what I like, the marriage of sports and technology into one, and it's with hockey to booth, one of my favorite sports. Yep the NHL and Reebok/CCM have partnered to redesign the shirts and the pants of the uniform. They call it the Rbk EDGE Uniform System, even if the name seems a little too sponsored, it's really an improvement for the players. They get lighter jerseys, especially when wet, and less bulk while maintaining the same Range of Motion, and they get more hip protection as well.

Here's a pic of the uniform

Pretty cool don't you think? Might have to hold off on that Sidney Crosby jersey purchase for a bit, lol.

More later,


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Need a free phone?

Now even if I go out of my way to pick up the latest and greatest phone for myself, which usually involves me paying out of pocket for the phone, most people want free phones on their contracts. That's just economics in the cell phone industry, most people will take the "free" phone and be happy. Well have no fear, since Wirefly will give you free RAZRs, with no rebates required if you activate a contract with them. That's pretty sweet since a Motorola RAZR looks much better than any of the free phones most carriers give you and they're not too bad as a phone themselves. Looks like a win win for everyone, so check out Wirefly for your cell phone needs and even pick up a nice phone for yourself.



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Spyware Removal Software of choice?

Busy Monday, I know, I didn't post due to me going all around town and having class, practice, work and other things to attend to. Today's my lighter day, but I slept in 3 hours so I'm kinda off at the moment.

Anyways just wondering what major program you guys use for Spyware removal on a Windows computer. Everyone's had to do it so let's hear your thoughts. Right now I use a combination of Lavasoft Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D, HijackThis! and then I install Windows Defender for permanent 24/7 protection. Usually does the trick but you never know with all these popups and the spyware.

Anyone have any other ways? I've never used the AVG Anti-Spyware, heard it's good, or what about Spysweeper? anyone have any experience?

Post your thoughts

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Vista Ultimate already?

You guys wanting some Vista Ultimate in the sleek retail packaging are going to have to wait until the 30th, or try to get an Amazon Pre-Order, or lastly, you can head over to China for one of these as seen on Engadget HERE. They make fakes of everything now don't they, even before they make it market. The most impressive thing is that the box art for the Vista Ultimate was release only a couple days ago, making this a REALLY fast release. Here's a pic,



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Want your article published?

You have a nice article that you've written and you don't want it to sit idly on your blog. Maybe try reading this article on Book Publishers and see what you can do for yourself. They have some nice details on the entire process for you. There's more articles on as well on a lot of varied subjects, such as Bridal Consultants, not just on book publishing, so it can be a great resource for not just the writers but everyone out there. Check it out and let me know what you think.



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The COLTS won! (so did Arsenal)

I'm taking another unscheduled break to report the results of the great football game between the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots. The Patriots, with their man Tom Brady at the helm, could not pull another comeback victory with a minute left, and lost to the Cots 38-34.

Honestly it was one of the best football games I had ever seen, with a lot of lead changes, tough defense, great football and an entertaining match. I'm sure most of you guys were watching it, and I'm wondering what your reactions were? Happy that Tom Brady lost that aura of invincibility? or that the Patriots just got beat by a better team on that day? Discuss

Btw, for the non-American readers of my Blog, Arsenal managed to beat Manchester United during FA Premier League action today, 2-1 on 2 late goals by Robin Van Persie and Thierry Henry, it was beautiful. I couldn't watch the game because I was at work but it's amazing that even with all the misfortune that Arsenal can beat the Premiership leaders. Way to go guys!

More tech news tomorrow,


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Quiet Saturday night? Why not play some poker?

Let's say its a Saturday night, and all you want to do is simply relax and play some poker with real people. Unfortunately you're friends are out or busy with their girlfriends/wifes and can't play with you. That's when you should turn to
PokerDIY - A free service to find LIVE poker games. Yep they offer a nice FREE service that allows you to search for live games around your area. You can even create mailing lists, inviting users/friends, make RSVP's, or manage a poker league and keep track of things. Great ressource for those poker fanatics. Also as another incentive they have the PokerDIY Freerool for members where you can win some real prize money and a place on their PokerDIY League Scoreboard. I think that's pretty awesome, too bad I'm too tired to look for any games tonight.

Remember PokerDIY when looking for a local game, the URL again is



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Hockey, Track, Basketball, Soccer and Football

Yea it hasn't been a very good weekend in terms of term for me, since I've had track on friday, went to see the LIU basketball game today, then went to Staten Island, NY to cover a hockey game for Athletic Training, then tomorrow I'm going to watch some soccer (GO ARSENAL) and some football (Saints and Colts are my favorites).

Nothing really new in terms of tech news that I've been fond of, just the usual product releases, etc. There is however a nice phone in Japan that takes after the Nintendo DS and has 2 internal screens with one being a touchscreen. Too bad the US may never see it.

Here's a link to the story on Engadget and nice picture of it.



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Looking for HDMI cables for your HDTV or PS3?

Most people who have an HDTV or own a PS3 have HDMI ports on their devices. Why is this so important? Well instead of having seperate cables for audio and video, HDMI has both in one. With HDMI you can open up a whole bunch of possibilities, like having hdmi wall plates around the house and linking your devices simply. Or like at CES they had an HDMI cable from a PS3 to an HDTV running 1080p at 60 meters, which is nuts, when using a nice HDMI Equalizer from the guys at TCA, or Techincal Cable Applications.

Here's a pic to show you guys the Equalizer,

Having the right cables and tools can help you get that Home Theater setup right without creating a huge mess of cable, so check out and browse their extensive catalog. It's not just about buying a big TV when setting up your theater so do it right.



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iPods cheaper in Canada?

Interesting article out of Australia from one of its top banks dissecting the prices of a 2gb Apple Ipod Nano among 26 countries. This is a common item, and it shows the variances in purchasing power and currency value around the world. Amazingly, Brazil has the highest cost, nearly $323 whereas in Canada the iPod is cheaper, yes, cheaper than the US at $144. Go Canada!

The full article can be found on Yahoo HERE, and as per usual, post your thoughts.


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What's beautiful to you?

Normally I don't dwell into fashion topics but being in New York fashion is all around you, everyone has to look nice, everyone has their own sense of style or expression and it's pretty interesting. Well the fashion house, Belisi asks, "What's Beautiful to You?" on their blog, where you have a nice shot at winning a $100 gift card from them. Not too bad for posting your opinion.

My opinion on "What's beautiful to You?" is that the most beautiful people I've seen aren't the supermodels or the hot girls I see around campus all day (they're just hot), nor are they just regular people who go on with their lives being regular people, like the mothers, fathers and children out there. Beautiful to me is those people who go out there and really make an effort to try something new, experiment with themselves, and becoming better people. Sometimes you may mess up and just end up looking "different", but trying new styles, making an effort to have a good fashion sense, and not just like a walking label, is what's beautiful to me.

Everyone has their own tastes in fashion, from the highest levels to the lowest, but it doesn't that you have to not care what you look like. Peter Belisi's brand has a nice brand of accessories to provide the final touch to any good looking wardrobe, with a fine touch of luxury. It may not be your thing, but it is really nice stuff,

Nice and casual, which can appeal to various people, and that's what I like. What's beautiful to you? How you dress like? Post and discuss,


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Afternoon Digg Roundup

Yep it's that time again, a quiet, snowy afternoon in Brooklyn and no class until the evening, leaving me to surf the net and post my favorite news from around. There's a good variety of articles on Digg, from Ubuntu to STD vaccine's, so I'll post my 2 favorite pieces for the afternoon.

The first is from, and it speaks about 10 states making it mandatory for girls to take an STD Vaccine against HPV. Pretty interesting debate being sprung up, is it worth to force all the girls to take it, or make it a choice and worry about the consequences if they contract it somehow still. Personally I'm all for the vaccine being mandatory, but I understand how some people could object.

The second is for gamers via, which is a large gaming portal, and it asks the question, How Would You Fix Xbox Live?". I'm not on Xbox Live due to the connection at my dorm, but I don't think there's that much to fix, it's pretty much the best online multiplayer network amoung the 3 consoles, and they're always updating it and bringing more content so I don't have much to bitch about. Anyone have any gripes?

Then here's a little add-on for Firefox users. IF you have to access an FTP, why not have better management through Firefox? There's a nice Add-on called FireFTP, and it could make life simpler for those webmasters. I'll give it a run through tonight and post some thoughts,

Alright enough for now, post your comments and thoughts as always,


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Promoting your website with localized promotion

As most of you may know from my posts I do some freelance work as a computer tech and also have done some web design in the past. I had to help one of my friends uncle with a design he worked on through some software that came bundled with his hosting package. He really didn't have a clue of what was going on, just knew how to follow instructions and copy paste. He asked me a lot on promotion of his website, how to get people to visit, how to get in on the first page of Google, what advertising he should have, etc.

The first thing that anyone putting up their business online is to post it on the search engines, and for me the search engine submission by is an easy service to target local results and companies. They'll help him reach his goal of getting on that front page, or the top 10 on the major search engines. The rest I showed him some of what AdSense and Yahoo Publisher can do for him, but having his results show up high on the search engines was his priority, and is one of the easiest ways to help do that.

Check them out and let me know that you think,


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Now this is a nice cell phone - Nokia Aeon concept

Look at this phone, it's one of those first phones in a while (after the iPhone) that just jumps at you with looks. If Nokia can actually release it, I think it'll do VERY well. It's a full phone touchscreen, no buttons at all. There's not many other details so far so I'll just post the pics and you guys can dream about it.

Thanks to for the pictures.



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What the heck is up with Google's PR?

As many of you have noticed, I have a nice little Widget from on the sidebar of my blog, to show who's visited, get me some stats, those kinds of things. I was just checking it out earlier tonight, then went to my profile, and looked up to the Google toolbar I have installed in Firefox. It gave my profile page ( a PR of 2. Notice the PR of this page? Yep, ZERO, now how does that make sense?

Either Google has no idea what it's doing with PR (which I think is partially true even if I'm wrong), or all the profile pages on have the same PR. Something's fishy, Google I want some PR, or at least some consistency. Is that hard to ask.

Anyone can step in and clarify the situation? SEO ranking and PR aren't my cup of tea, I just dabble with them, just want some love for the blog.

Alright enough ranking, goodnight!


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Playstation 3 Giveaway Contest from!

As you guys know I've been looking or debating getting a Playstation 3 for myself since I sold my PS2 over the summer. There's still not many in stores right now, so why not win a Playstation 3 through Earlymiser. They have a simple contest, which is better explained below by the founder of Earlymiser, Brian DeSpain.

"To enter the contest, you just need to link to with from your blog, myspace profile or other website. Then simply register at earlymiser.comFor those people without a web site, simply set up a feed of your favorite products. You will be entered to win the 6o GB Playstation 3" explained Earlymiser founder Brian DeSpain.

"All you need to do is register a new account and provide a link back to us from your MySpace profile or a link from your blog or web site. If you don't have a blog or myspace profile, that's fine just set up a custom feed devoted to your favorite products. After you register and have set up your link, simply email with the subject "Playstation 3" and the location of your feed or link and you are entered into the contest" continued DeSpain.

Pretty simple isn't it, is a web based shopping comparison engine, so you can search places like Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay all at the same time. Great for shopping and comparing prices, which could save you money is a meta shopping comparison engine base ond the web services APIs of, Amazon, Amazon Marketplace, Ebay and Yahoo Shopping. Check it out, and enter the contest, I'm going to, why not win a free PS3.



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Wednesday News roundup

I'm stuck at the library tonight as my great part-time job of being a student assistant librarian so I might as well go over the news that I find interesting this early evening. Most of it comes from Digg, since you can't beat the power of the masses, but I've a big fan of Ars Technica and one of the articles comes from one of their blogs.

The first is Popular Science's Predictions for 2007, which by the way, is a great read even if you're not a "nerd" or into science that much. They have some great predictions and stories about stem cell research, drinking water and the increased release of methane, which is a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than Carbon Dixode. Really interesting stuff

The second is from the Opposable Thumbs blog, where they examine the viability of using Blu-Ray as a storage medium on the PS3. Everyone knows Blu-Ray holds 25gb on a single disc, but the drive is only rated for 2x, which means it only transfers at 9mb/sec, whereas the "slow" 12x DVD drive on the Xbox360 reads at 16mb/sec. Makes you wonder why they chose to do this, basically forces you to preload a game. Check it out for more, don't wanna rewrite the article :)

The last is from an interview of the Firefox creator Blake Ross at Pretty interesting article if you're into software and/or web browsers. I currently use all 3 depending on what I feel like or what I want to do. It's always nice to see 2 rival camps play nice.

Alright time to get back to work,



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Need some help managing your time? Try out this time management software.

I know most people have a basic calender in Microsoft Outlook, but the majority of the people don't use it the way they're supposed to. They keep mismanaging their time, putting off priorities, and scheduling things over other things already planned. That's where this time management software from Effexis comes in to save you. It's got a lot of features that many people just using Outlook could appreciate, like planning out an idea week, putting your priorities in order automatically, estimating completion dates of task, and much more. It's simple enough for the novice, and has enough advanced features to keep the busiest person on track. I've never been one for an agenda, much less a calender, but I'm going to give this a try since it has a Free Trial Version that anyone can download, just based on it's potential.

Give it a shot, can help you stay organized in the New Year.



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Change of pace - Rooftop shot of Tokyo in HDR

I'm not a huge photography nut, I'll have to leave that to others (like Cass' photo blog and the Benspark) but I do appreciate a nice picture when I see it. This came to me via Digg, and it's beautiful. Check out the full photo HERE and enjoy the scenic view of Tokyo, Japan, in all it's beauty (with some HDR, lol).

Nice isn't it, alright more later,


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SpoofCard - Change your voice and their caller ID display

I think this is actually a good service that many people can use, just hopefully not abuse, where you can actually change the voice and the caller ID of an outgoing call. It's from the guys at, and they have calling cards that offer you those abilities to make your calls truly private, and bonuses like recording the call and the ability to retrieve a recorded call from anywhere. Yep great for calling some customer service company or maybe that person you dislike.

Here's a list of the features

* Caller ID Spoofing
* Voice Changer
* Call Recording
* Web Control Panel

It's pretty easy and fast to set up, and having a control panel is definitely a bonus. You can really mess people up and call from a woman's voice, or a man's if you choose, for free. I'd get one just for that reason alone, but there's lots of uses for it. Check out their website for more information at

Lemme know what you think or what you would do with one of these cards, I've already got plans, lol.



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16 years later, still no Super Mario Brothers 3 help and CONTEST

Just saw this on Digg, even if it's a stupid post it's pretty funny. Some guy posted for help on Super Mario Brothers 3 16 years ago on usenet and still got no replies. Read it HERE for a quick chuckle, there's a reason why there's no replies for 16 years. If you guys can tell me why someone will win $1 sent via Paypal to them or to the person of their choice.

(Hint : Read Digg)



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My opinion of Wirefly's Top 10 selling phones of 2006

I love cell phones, as shown by my nicely unlocked SonyEcrisson W810i, and one of the place I visited when looking for my cell phone was They're easily one of the largest online cell phone retailers and they have phones and plans from all the major US carriers, which is a huge plus for them.

A couple of days ago they released a top 10 cell phones of 2006 list from their purchased phones of the year. It's a pretty interesting list, with the top 3 phones being various flavors of the good old Motorola RAZR, followed by a bunch of different phones. My favorite phone on their top 10 list was the Motorola V360, which is probably motorola's best V series phone ever release, however since it was a T-Mobile exclusive it didn't get the attention I found it should've gotten.

They also spoke and recapped their predictions for 2006 in their release. I found that their thrends were true to a certain extent, but with some degrees of error. Music and mobile TV phones have taken off, but mobile TV phones only really did well on Sprint, whereas a lot of the music phones were merely secondary features to most people. The second prediction is true, since the Symbian OS and Windows Mobile 5 were pretty decent, and the PalmOS got a minor update. The third is true, but the market has different options, with T-Mobile's Kidconnect, to Disney's MMVO, so it's a wash, since not all carriers have phones for children, so we'll see what 2007 brings. As for enhanced GPS, there's been some advances by Sprint and Verizon, and some good navigation software, so I'm going to agree with that thrend. As for #5, Wirefly didn't mention numbers, but I think customers are getting more comfortable with online orders, but I wonder if the percentages are increasing as well.

I should come up with my own set of predictions for 2007, but Wirefly's set was pretty good for predictions. But with the cell phone and other markets, you can generally see where things are going after a big show like CES or MacWorld, so we'll see how many people try to emulate the Apple iPhone. That's my 1st prediction for 2007, iPhone copycats by the end of the year, just wonder how many.

What you guys think? What's your predictions for 2007? Share your thoughts.


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1st Week of Class - WoW Burning Crusade Release

Yep it's the first week of class, and unfortunately I missed yesterday due to work / other commitments, and I had to see Telladega Nights, I heard lots about it but wasn't that impressed. It has some good one liners but it just wasn't a movie that stood out.

Anyways today's the release of the World of Warcraft expansion called The Burning Crusade, and the guys at Joystiq (a great gaming blog) have some great coverage of the launch. I've been meaning to give WoW a shot, but I'm trying to finish HL2 and play some console RPG's, so I'm going to have to split my time between those first.

Btw track is killing me, lol, I'm so tired, someone help me!

More later,


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Emoze : A better blackberry for cell phone users

Remember Emoze, the guys I've spoken about before who have push email, contacts, calender software for Windows Mobile 5 and other users? Well they've challenging RIM, the makers of the Blackberry, into having a contest on who has the better PUSH email software. I think that's going to be pretty interesting, a large cellphone company versus a small and free company, no wonder why Blackberry must be scared. It's going to go down at 3GSM, a large industry trade show, if Blackberry accepts.

This is their flyer for the showdown, pretty funny if you ask me.

This is their logo, if you're too lazy to go back and search through my old posts here's a quick recap of some of the Emoze features:

-Receive your emails and Outlook data anywhere, anytime

-Handle your schedule and meetings via your mobile device

-Enjoy synchronized Personal Information Management (PIM)

-Access information about your Contacts, anywhere, anytime

Yep, you can Download Emoze Free Today through this link and try it out yourself, can't really lose that way right?

I'm going to give it a shot after my run, and give it my verdict, but try it out, it's free.



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Say no to DRM

Interesting article at The NY Times via my friends blog at The Daily Hook speaking on the perils of DRM and being tied to one format. It's a nice read against DRM, most consumers with ipods have no idea what it is so it's nice seeing large publications come out against it. The full article is HERE so take a look and post your thoughts.

Btw I know an editor at the NY Times, he's a client at the PT clinic where I work, pretty small world isn't it.

Alright more later,


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DVD Kiosks

I've seen some of the kiosks or automated movie stores pop up around but until DVDPlay came around you had to register with a person before hand. Now DVDplay is the world's first fully autoamated way to Rent DVD movies from anywhere, all you need is a credit or debit card. This saves the hassles of a membership card when we tried the local kiosk at home, and you time or dollars don't expire.

If you've never seen this kind of a machine it looks like this:

You simply select a movie on the touchscreen, there's categories, new releases, etc, and then just pay for it with your credit or debit card. You DVD comes right away through a slot and you can take it home in less than a minute total with this whole process. Sure beats trying to find the nearest Blockbuster. I think this is the future of DVD rental.

What you guys think? Anyone tried any? Post your thoughts


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YouTube exposes Torture in Egypt

I guess one of the good things in the whole Internet or connected world nowadays is that even the little guy and get a voice, and can get something out there to millions. It means that governments and other corporations aren't safe from doing whatever the hell they want, and good old YouTube has some nice evidence.

There's a story in The Guardian on Torture in Egypt which was put online by a YouTube user and journalist. There's even more videos on YouTube such as this woman getting "interrogated" by the police via torture. Pretty amazing that there's now hope for these people. I'm not a very politically oriented person but it's great to see technology help the little guy fight back.

Alright more later, time to take care of stuff around the house.


Posted bySteve at 11:28 AM 0 comments Links to this post - Social Networking for the Hip Hop scene

Since I live in Brooklyn hip-hop is universal, I mean I see it and hear it every day. Well it's about time that the internet caught up with the scene thanks to It is the first Hip Hop Social Networks out, and to celebrate it there's having a battle tournament (a battle is two rappers squaring off to see who's got the best lyrics, I'm being general for the non-hip hop crowd) and the celebrity judge is Damon Dash of Roc-A-Fella Records, along with a $500 first place prize.

Here's some rules for the battle:

Battle Tournament: This is an audio battle tournament. The winner will become the Goldmic Audio Champion.

Judging: First 3 rounds decided by community voting. Semifinal and final rounds decided by celebrity judge Damon Dash.

Prize: 1st Place: $500 and a pair of Pro Keds sneakers
2nd Place: Goldmic prize pack ($200 value)

Dates: First round audios will be posted on January 19, 2007.

Tournament Rules:

I'm not a rapper or anything like myself but I enjoy hip-hop and go to shows and have friends that rhyme or battle. I'd check out the site if you like hip-hop/rap and if you can battle then it's worth it for the money and the fame, who knows maybe even Damon Dash might be impressed enough to sign you, like Jin.

Anyways check it out and lemme know what you think,


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Race didn't go great, but could've been worse and Random News

Yea it's 2:30 AM and I jsut got back from the race at the Armory. I had the mile and the Distance Medley Relay if you recall, and I ran a 4:30 for the mile and a 4:32 for the mile leg of the DMR, which means I pretty much ran the same time.

Afterwards we ate some papa john's with the boys and played Nintendo Wii, it's a fun console to play with people, but I wonder about its long-term appeal.

As well, here's a nice interesting post from the TechEBlog, on what to do with those old CDs. I love that giant sphere, but the other suggestions are pretty cool too, what do you guys do with yours? Me I just put them away until they get old and toss them, I'm a pack rat, lol.

Alright off to bed in a bit,


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Martial Arts Store Opening Up!

My best friend back home, Chris, is a martial art nut who actually knows 6 styles of Kung-Fu and Drunken Boxing to go along with his black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, so he's not a person to mess with. He chose the styles that reflect his heritage, since he's Korean with some Chinese blood. There's a giant increase in buzz on martial arts these days thanks to UFC, which is mixed martial arts. If you've seen the Octagon you know what I mean. People with various styles fight for 3 rounds of 5 mins. Pretty intense. If you're one of those guys interested maybe you should start looking at these Fitness Kickboxing DVD to get into shape first. They're from Martial Arts 3000, a new martial arts online store that's opening on the 15th in a couple days. So take a look, and show them some love.

Enjoy, and don't hurt yourself,


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Interesting news

I know I should be getting ready but there's just too much funny stuff online and I gotta post about it. I'm amazed that the demand for the Wii hasn't dropped off that much yet, whereas the PS3 is much easier to get. I found 2 stores with PS3's, quite easily, whereas none has Wii's.

To further illustrate my point look at tihs survery. 75 Calls per day for a Wii, 2 for a PS3 from a gamestore employee, pretty funny to see how Sony only thinks the Wii is a "mild upgrade" and only for little kids.

Wish me luck in my race later,


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Trendio - More Web 2.0 love for the masses

If you know me I'm all about Web 2.0 concepts and user generated content. Well some sites are really taking the concepts of voting on actual news or user's input to the next level. Enter Trendio, a stock market like site where people in the news have their stocks rise, and if you have that person before they start rising, you can win some nifty stuff. They got different sections and catergories such as Sports, Entertainment and my all-time favorite, Technology.

Overall the Trendio concept of online stock trading may not be new, but having the layout that Trendio has and the extras is what I think will seperate it from the competition. It's got a very clean, Web2.0 layout, with nice graphs and movers at the side and it's really easy to use. I bought some of my favorite keywords and sites, like Digg, or Xbox360, so let's see how it works out in the long run. If you're up for a nifty game I recommend you try it out, especially with the contests they can net you some decent gear.

Check it out and post your thoughts,


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Another Day, another race and Facebook Mobile

Yep, it's a friday, nice day for weekend tech news, however I'm leaving in a little bit for the Armory Track in Manhattan for the NYU Gotham Cup. I'm running 2 races, an individual mile and a Distance Medley Relay, so wish me luck. I'll post the results here since I keep forgetting about my other blog, lol.

Btw, anyone used the new Facebook mobile? The url is It's actually pretty good, and if you're a facebook addict like me, you'll love browsing it since it's optimized for mobile browsers like Opera Mini. Check it out,

Alright time to get ready,


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EyeTab - Web 2.0 TV info for those who don't like listings

I know I don't got much time to watch TV or find out what's going on with my favorite shows that I may have missed. However now with the whole Digg/Web 2.0 concept there's an easier way of getting TV news and finding out the best of what's on TV. EyeTab brings out the best things of Web 2.0 apps, methods such as voting, submitting, comments, etc, to TV News. It's like Digg for TV. It's Everything TV: News, Reviews and More, the one place for everything. It's got a nice layout and as the community grows it's going to be a really great site, as it already has some nice news for those TV addicts.

Check it out and post your thoughts, seems like another good find,


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iPhone in Canada and other Tech News

Here's my early afternoon roundup of some of the news I've found interesting to me

-Canadians are going to have to wait 6-8 months, as Blogger John Wiseman states in his blog HERE. Since there's no CDMA version of the iPhone, it's going to most likely go with Rogers, and is going to require a data plan. So some mixed news for Canadians, but at least it's coming.

-Bunch of news in the Aftermath of CES today, with Cisco and Apple slingging mud over the iPhone trademark, a really nice looking LG phone, the Shine, on Engadget and they even have some demos of IPTV over the Xbox360 (now that's pretty interesting, no cable or satellite and plenty of HDTV) over there too with pictures.

Overall some pretty cool stuff, I love tech shows, I wish they were in NYC more often. Alright more later,


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Cat lovers rejoice, here's a website for you guys!

If you've seen the pictures of me and my cat you'll know I love cats, they're so much easier to manage and don't require to be walked like dogs. I'm thinking of getting a cat for my new apartment, since I miss my cat from home here. But if you've got questions about taking care of your cat, such as what to do with a cat in heat or cat urine problems, then check out Great title for a great website, with articles, wallpapers, various sections, pretty much a one-stop shop for cat lovers. Check it out, I know personally how tough it is to get that odor out of the carpet too.



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Missed yesterday while repairing a friend's computer

Hey sorry about the lack of updates or news yesterday. It was far from a slow day for me, with 2 practices, then an outing with my team, and a bit of Nintendo Wii playing and some late night computer repair. I managed to install Windows XP on an ancient laptop with a P3 600mhz and 128mb RAM, good enough to run it but tough to multitask or running intensive stuff.

Apart from that I'm relaxing today, big meet tomorrow. You guys like the template? Any comments on it? I'll post some news on CES later, since I'm tired of talking about the iPhone.

More later,


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New Template, upgraded for 2007

Yea I've upgraded from the Andreas02 template I've been using, I lost my blog roll (temporarily) and my links that I had on the side. Don't worry they'll be back, I'm going to change the labels into a cloud format which should look MUCH better.

Thanks for your patience, and comments are welcome.

Edit 11:10PM

I managed the switch fine, I may lose some of the nice little things of the Andreas02 layout but I gain a much cleaner layout and the Label Cloud. I got my Blog Roll back, I'm just going to have to manually add the rest, but so far I'm liking it.

Post your thoughts!


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WoW Gaming Portal for you addicts

I haven't had the chance to dabble into World of Warcraft since I have a pretty full plate but I've always loved Blizzard (still play Diablo 2) and with WoW's first expansion, The Burning Crusade, coming out Jan 16th I should let you guys know about this WoW portal/site that's pretty good. They all got your needs for wow gold, items, guides, stories and more. It's pretty varied and a great ressource for any WoW player. Check it out, maybe I might dabble into some WoW this semester, I do have a bit more free time, lol.



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Big News from MacWorld and CES

Yep, everyone knew it was coming someday, and now it's here, the Apple iPhone. There's some nice coverage from Engadget, they got pics from Steve Jobs keynote, pictures from the booth which I linked, and has a nice picture and some specs on their website. I'm really impressed at the looks, but we'll see the battery life and how well it penetrates the market at such a high price.

As for CES, there's some nice stuff coming out, from a nice 22" Widescreen monitor from Dell, the E228WFP, there's the iRiver W10, which is a PDA/widescreen media player, and the MotoRIZR Z6. There's just so much stuff to talk about, I love it.

Alright that's enough for now, more later!


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Car Insurance, costly but worth it

Man I'm only 23 but I've have some pretty bad experiences with Car Insurance. My friend had to pay through the roof because he had a BMW and he's young, whereas my brother, a worse driver, paid less than 25% of his premium because he had a junker and a 4-door, maybe no one wanted to steal it. My dad also got a ticket and didn't have his insurance renewed and couldn't get his car back without having insurance, so it's not only expensive and needed. That's the breaks with Car Insurance. Too bad we're not in the UK, since Insure121 got a nice site with quotes on both Car Insurance and Home Insurance, we could've used it. They even got travel and pet insurance, so they got all the bases covered.

Check them out for your insurance needs, URL is,


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Tired - The in-season retraining pain

What is in-season retraining pain? It's the pain all Division 1 track runners feels after they've come back from Christmas or New Year's break and have to go through training again. I just slept for 4 hours during the middle of the day. I haven't done that in a while. I need to caught up on my CES coverage, there's really some good stuff on there, and of course MacWorld Expo start today.

I'm going to have some posts both of those, but until know let's hope my legs recover for afternoon practice.


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Dating service in Boston!

After my little visit to Boston I realized how many younger people were actually living in Boston, it really is a college or young town. After seeing that first hand, I understand the need for dating services like The Post Club. The Post Club is the place to go for Boston Dating to meet, date or to even fall in love. They have a unique combo of personal and photo introductions, so you don't have to fear the dreaded "blind date" that everyone hates. I'd say check it out, you never know when you can find that special someone, especially in Boston, when it's so cold sometimes.



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The International CES show is underway!

If you guys don't know what CES is, then you're obviously not following technology, computing, electronics or anything related to those fields. CES is the Consumer Electronics Show, and it's held every year at the beginning of January in Las Vegas. It's the show for displaying your upcoming products, or launching new ideas, or flaunting what you've got. Big names like Bill Gates, Ed Zander (CEO of Motorola) and many others present Key Note speeches and introduce new products at the same time.

I was watching Bill Gates' keynote, pretty good, nothing spectacular, but I've been loving all the news from and to a lesser extend I think if you're going to pick up a new electronic toy in the next little bit I'd check out their coverage. I'll post my interesting finds a bit later, but the 51gb HD-DVD looks promising right now.

Alright more later,


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To all you small business owners out there

Many of the small business owners I know think that they can manage all their funds and payrolls all by themselves while running the business and taking care of all the other little things. Well soon enough they'll burn out, I've seen it happen to my friend's uncle, it'll happen to them. I say, why don't you let someone help you manage all your payroll and bookkeeping needs for you. has a nice service out there for small business that need individual attention without the costs of hiring a huge accounting firm. It's much better then trying to use Microsoft Money or Quicken Books. If you're still not convinced check out this link on how they work to learn more about them, trust me it'll be work it and could save you a lot of time or money, or both.

Enjoy the tip!


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Blog of the Night 2 - Skeet's Stuff

Before I start this post, I'd like to mention to Skeet that I ran really well at my track meet, wasn't expecting much however I broke 2:00 in the 800m indoors so I'm really happy about myself.

Skeet, a fellow posite from PPP, and also a termite inspector (how weird/cool is that, lol) has a pretty varied yet interesting blog over at Skeet's Stuff. I know I'm a young guy in my 20's so skeet is normally a vulgar word but I've actually been educated on the word from skeet. If you read this post HERE you'll see that it used to be a common name in the South. I've been to the South only a couple of times in my life so I don't have much experience with people being called Skeet, but hey, it's all what you make out of it right? Skeet also has some nice posts about her holidays, which were from Hawaii since she's from there, Christmas is HERE and her New Years pics are HERE. Pretty cool pics since I know someone from Hawaii (actually my boss, but she's a good friend) and she loves it.

Check out her blog and show her some love,



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Valentine's Day Cards!

I know I'm not the most festive guy but I know some of you guys send me cards every holiday so I might let you guys know about a cool site which offers some nice Valentine Cards . Valentine's Day for mos people isn't a great holiday, it's either a lonely, sad or expensive holiday, so send out a free card to all your friends and make them feel a little happier. Why not, you can make people happy, send one to someone you love or like, or just be devilish and lead someone on. Can't go wrong with free Valentine's Day Cards.

More later,


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Back from Boston!

Hey guys, been MIA this weekend with the track meet, then I went to see Arsenal play Liverpool at Nevada Smith's in the Lower East Side, then I took off to Boston for the Eastern Athletic Trainers Association (EATA) Conference in Boston, MA. It was the first time I had been there non-track related, so it was fun.

I took the T for the first time, which was really cool, but it's weird since the stops are really close to each other. New York you can easily go 5 mins without a stop, lol. The workshops and lectures were fun, and I did manage to win a jacket in the raffle they had for students, so I came out pretty good for the trip. I need to go down sometime and get to explore more, maybe run along the Charles river and visit some sites.

Things should calm down this week, nothing special so far, so more posting will be happening!

Stay Tuned,


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Web directory of mailboxes and maildrops

Most have heard of mailboxes and P.O. Boxes but how many of you guys have heard of maildrops? Well for those like me who haven't it's a secure address, that's recognised by the USPS, that you can rent and use it as a postal address. With it you can have a remailing service or establish a business address that isn't your home. Pretty cool thing to have, and if you want some help in getting one, then check out They got a bunch of information on mailboxes, maildrops, etc, along with helpful guides and listings from all over the world. Worth a look especially for you small or home business owners out there.



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Blog of the Night - The BenSpark

I'm kinda lazy tonight and don't feel like posting about the things I usually post about (tech news, random real life junk, etc, lol) so instead I'm going to bring you guys a mini-review or highlight of this really nice looking Blogger blog The BenSpark.

The BenSpark, which is located at, is a really nice blog written by Drew and Allison. Drew seems to have really modified the standard Blogger layout into a nice custom design. His focus is mainly on photography but he has a bunch of content on various things. I loved this picture he posted with Optimus Prime, (he's a big Transformers fan) which he posted HERE. There's a lot more but I'll leave it up to you guys to find out.

Check it out!


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News service for casinos, gamblers and online betters

I'm not that big of a gambler but I got roomates who are pretty active in the betting world, both online and with a bookie or lottery type bets so I'm letting everyone know about a good news services for all you gambling types. It's called OG Paper, and it's got all the casino and gambling news, reviews, guides and everything you could need. It's a nicely done site and the quality of the content is great, they got news from all over the world and even review Casions from all over as well. Pretty nice site to check out, even if you're not the type to gamble often.



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Busy day tomorrow, Track Meet!

Hey just letting you guys know I got a big race tomorrow, the first of the new year, tomorrow afternoon at the Armory Track and Field Center in NY, NY so news might be slow tomorrow. I'm going to try to write up a post on my sports blog chronicalling the event . After it's late so I must crash, work tomorrow before I go.


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Hey I'm not currently attached to anyone so I've been looking around the dating sites and found out about this new dating site that you guys might be interested in. It's called, and it's a completely Free Dating site, yep no credit-cards required at all. It's kind of new and they're really working on trying to make a free dating site work so check it out, maybe I'll post my profile up for some lucky ladies out there. The URL for the site again is, check it out.


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News in the Next Generation DVD Format War

Wow it seems like things must be brewing in the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray camps after today's double announcements of a Double Format DVD player from LG and a new Disc that holds both formats on one disc. has a story on the new Warner Total DVD that has both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray formats on one disc, which can help consumers who want to see content on one format and not the other. Pretty good news for now until one format wins but it could be expensive yet useless if one camp dies off.

Same goes for LG's announcement of a Dual Format Player, as seen from the press release on, it could be good, but we'll have to see what the consumers decide eventually.

I'm probably going with a PS3, so I give in to them, but I would like to see something where both camps player nice as well,

More later (I swear I post up news/pictures tonight of the Holidays)


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New Tech Blog - The Tech Planet

Hey guys just letting you guys know about this new Tech Blog I've been visiting. I usually frequent Engadget, or Gizmodo for my technology and electronic/gadget news but I'm adding The Tech Planet to the list. It's a new site with a lot of potential to be as well known as the big guys.

They even got nice new gadgets like this Breathalyzer for your Cell Phone. That's really something new that could help you avoid a nice trip downtown to the police station. Don't know if you'll remember it when you're drunk but hey it's nice to see the technology. They also got some news on the $100 PC or the OLPC initiative, Hybrid Cars, and a bunch of varied but nice content. Check these out and more at The Tech Planet and post your thoughts on the site.



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Cool site you guys should check out

Hey just letting you guys know about since I don't recall ever talking about it on the blog. It's a great ressource for new programs and things to download or new services. I've found some pretty interesting stuff on there (search the archives) and think that you guys might find some good things on there as well. It's in the same network of blogs as Engadget so it's got some quality, so hop to and post your thoughts,



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Home equity loans, they confuse you as well?

Most people are clueless to what they can use their home's equity to get a loan or a large cash advance. I just found out about this over the holidays when my parents were looking into possibly doing this to get enough $$ to pay for a new car instead of financing one. You should really look into home equity loans if you're trying to get something big and don't have a lot of liquid assets like my parents. I'm not an expert about home equity loans and all that but you should really check out this site to learn more, really worth the look.

Alright more later,


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Ok, I give in, I want a PS3

Yea I've been spending my first day full day in NYC taking care of business, you know, going to work, going to practice, talking to my other boss for my library job. Basic bs that everyone has to attend to.

I've been thinking over the holidays of what my next big purchase is going to be. I have my cell phone, got everything I needed/wanted for Christmas (more later on that, I promise) and am pretty happy. Guess I just need something to look forward to getting. I wanted a next-gen console since Xbox360's been out and I was looking into getting a 360 but I realize how many PS2 games I still have and still actively play. So instead of buying both a ps2 and a 360 I might as well go PS3 and knock both out.

Yea I'm still not 100% but I'm really looking into it, what you guys think? what next-gen console you want? ps3, xbox360 or wii? Post your thoughts.


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Boise, Idaho, ever been?

Over the holidays I was talking to one of my old track buddies who went to Boise State, all the way up in Idaho. He got a full-ride like me and was back for the holidays to visit family and friends. I've personally never been to Idaho, much less the west coast, but after talking to my friend for a while I'm getting pretty intrigued about the place. He's lived there for 4 years so he knows what's going on there and seen the changes. He says Boise is booming, the quality of life is great and people are starting to move down there.

Before you start looking into some Boise homes maybe I should give you some info about Boise that I find interesting. It's been ranked in the top 5 for many categories, which you can check out in About Boise. And another great thing he pointed out since I'm French-Canadian is that the City of Boise is founded by French-Canadian trappers. Boise means "woods" in french btw, you can check the link to read about the history of Boise. They also got some cool activities and some great shopping malls for the girls so you can't go wrong when looking there to live. I'm going to check out more of Boise when I finish in May, might be another option to check out.

Enjoy the mini lesson on Boise,


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Busy busy New Years, Happy 2007

Hey guys sorry for the lack of updates I'm working on maybe posting a photo album to show off my NYE pictures and really filling you guys in on what's been going on.

I'm back in NYC, so I should have some more time to write this all up but it's getting late and I just rode on the greyhound for 8 hrs.


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