Mortgage companies getting battered on the stock exchanges, maybe looking into mortgage refinancing isn't a bad idea?

There's been a lot of talk on the loans and mortgage companies taking hits in the stock markets, which could be lower rates on your loans and mortgages. I'm not a homeowner yet, just barely looking into apartments for May. I don't have to worry about having a Mortgage yet since I don't have the dream house I'm looking for. I also wouldn't live in New York, it would have to be some place closeby like Connecticut, where you can find some deals on Connecticut Mortgage Refinancing with all the lowered rates.

Alright there's my 2 cents on financial news for the day, enjoy,


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Now this is cool, streaming live replays and stats to your PSP while watching Arsenal Play

If any of you love going to sport events, playing PSP, or love Arsenal (I fit into all 3 categories) then this bit of news from Pocket-Lint will interest you. The full article at Pocket-Lint states that Sony is beginning a plan to stream live football/soccer replays directly to your PSP. Now that's some great technology. Imagine missing a goal while you were getting a drink, or wanted to see if that penalty was really a foul or not, and see how many goals Thierry Henry has scored.

They're testing the technology at Emirates Stadium (the home of the London based Arsenal Football club) with about 4000 fans but I hope it gets around, and makes the jump across the pond into North America.

(Image taken from Pocket-Lint)

Check it out and post your thoughts,


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Lead management software for your business

At my PT clinic, we have a full software suite to manage our patients, their billing, insurance, appointments, etc. It's pretty powerful since it can do pretty much most of the paperwork for us. Well for those looking for Lead Management or Sale software capable of being an all-in-one solution for your business now have an option. Aimpromote is a sales lead management program that has all the major features of the leading competitors, then surpasses them at a cheaper rate. Sounds like a great idea for anyone involved in sales or marketing products, since it can cut down on the work, which always saves you money. Check out all the features at and let me know what you think.



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Midday roundup

Just got in from work, and quickly went to my favorite quick news site Digg, and found 2 articles for you guys to enjoy. Not much going on in life or electronics, tech or the web so I'll talk about Video Games and Guns.

The first link is the annoucement that Sonic and Mario, mascots for the longtime rivals Nintendo and Sega, are now teaming up to compete in a sports game for the 2008 Olympic games. has all the details but hey, it's a start, now let's see them go head to head in a fighting game.

The second link is for a program setup in Mexico where you trade your handgun for an Xbox360. Pretty interesting concept, getting guns out of the streets and more consoles out there. It's starting in Mexico City but will spread to other cities in Mexico. I like the idea, imagine if they did that in the US?

Alright more news later,


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Need a dedicated server? RackNine has dedicated servers that don't lose out in the support aspects

I know many of you bloggers out there have your blog hosted by a company specializing in blog hosting or run through a free service like Blogger. However, many people who have their own sites, such as I, like to have their sites hosted on a good server. For those who have larger sites where a simple hosting company won't do, having a dedicated server that's fully customizable is the only way to go. For those who know what I'm talking about or have sites that are larger enough to warrant a dedicated server should really look into RackNine Dedicated Servers. They've updated their dedicated support to be as good as shared support, without the slowdowns or reductions in speed that having a shared server costs. They have a full press release detailing all the changes so take a look. I've added it to this post below:

RackNine Inc. Toll-free: 1-866 GO RACK9 RackNine Cuts I.T. Overhead for Customers New Offering from RackNine Equals Expert Support & Great Value Edmonton, Alberta (March 27. 2007) – RackNine a leading provider of shared and dedicated web hosting services, is expanding options for its dedicated server customers by adding an Assisted Service Plan–a professional solution without the traditional costs. RackNine’s technical support will address needed patches, backups, monitoring and vulnerability assessments. Customers can get the power of a dedicated server without having to perform all of the administrative tasks associated with an unmanaged account such as server startup, patching and anti-virus protection. Add-on services, with the purchase of a service contract, include security scans, backup and recovery, monitoring and escalation management, at no additional fee. Custom engineering options are also available, billed at a flat hourly rate. The plan can be added to qualified dedicated hosting accounts during the purchase process. While users are provided with a basic startup environment, RackNine can also assist customers who have special needs. As with all dedicated servers accounts, customers can choose from a wide range of options including operating systems, RAM, hard drives, processors and firewalls. In addition, as with all RackNine services, the plan is backed by RackNine’s round the clock customer support. For more information on RackNine dedicated server plans, visit About RackNine RackNine Inc. is the evolution of its former company, Couple Guys Consulting. Originally founded in February of 1997, Couple Guys Consulting grew as a leader in automated website management, developing the popular and widely-used SiteTools content-creation system. Couple Guys Consulting entered the web hosting arena in 1999 after being unable to find a reliable method to outsource its hosting arrangements. A subsidiary (CGC Network) was formed to handle hosting needs of both Couple Guys Consulting's web presence as well as needs of a quickly growing userbase who were also unhappy with their current hosts. Hardware solutions were heavily researched, technical staff was hired and trained, and CGCNetwork's experience in high quality dedicated - and shared - hosting began. CGC Network has since evolved to provide inexpensive and incredibly reliable consumer hosting services. New servers and infrastructure have been laid, our aggressive package pricing is implemented, the newest and most advanced user management system ever created has been installed, and our always-present commitment to providing high quality service has turned CGC Network into one of the fastest and most user-friendly systems available. - RackNine - © 2007 RackNine Inc. All Rights Reserved.

I've only got a small time site but for anything that requires a dedicated server RackNine seems like a great option for you to look at. Benefits of a shared server without the penalties of one is great news so go check them out.



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I'm soo tired

Sorry about the sporatic updating over the last couple of days, life has been crazy, and I don't think it'll calm down until the semester is over for me. I haven't been talking much about things going on in my life on all three blogs but hopefully I'll get some time tomorrow night to set things straight.

In the mean time, I'll set you guys up with some nice reading about how, the site that offers free conference calling from it's 712 area code in Iowa, is Sueing ATT for blocking access to the number. This is impacting me as I used to use before the ATT ban shut it down, so that'll be interesting to see.

Also in other news, well it may not be news to some, but a reader on the Payperpost Boards linked me to an article on how 77% of the blogs on are spam and how this is broken down by provider or host HERE. Nice article if you're serious blogger.

Alright more news later,


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I want to be able to buy a house

My best friend back home has a house with his brother and his Mortgage Company gave him a pretty great rate, he only has a mortgage for 9 years, and it's been 4 already that he's been there. I wonder if a home loan would be about the same price for him or more, since he didn't pay too much for the house, around $100,000. If I could get a cheap mortgage like that in New York, there's no way I'd hesitate and instead I'm stuck looking for apartments on Craigslist. Home loans are so cheap in places like Maryland that getting a Maryland Mortgage I would move down there if I had a job like I have here. Well wish me luck, since I'm getting booted from LIU in 2 months.

More later,


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I love T-Mobile

Of all the phone companies, I think T-Mobile's my favorite company, by far. Especially at times like this when I don't have my usual dorm connection and it's 11pm and I want some internet. For those who haven't followed my blog I use the T-Mobile 5.99 internet for WAP sites and use it as an EDGE modem through the T-Mobile proxy. If you're looking for a guide I suggest trying the Howardforums T-Mobile section. I might put up a guide on my website sometime but right now I'm way too busy.

Back to T-Mobile, I like the direction they're going, their phones are getting better, prices are great, and service is improving. I just would like to see more phones released per quarter but I get all my phones by other means so it don't really matter to me. What's your thoughts on T-Mobile? They suck or are they good?

Ok more rambling tomorrow,


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Black Singles dating site review

I cover most aspects of the internet, and something that is very popular is that people are trying to find love online. I've seen sites for single parents and for people looking for a sugar daddy (search Archives) but today I'm going to do a quick review of a new site called BlackScene. It's as you guessed by the name a Black Dating that's pretty new. I've reviewed the site with the help of a friend (who is black to get the views of the site from all angles) and while we think the quality of participants isn't up to par yet, the site has potential. The user interface is pretty nice and easy to use, along with being free to join. Seems like they really could do something with it. They just need to get the word out to more diverse people, as having 26yr old mothers with a long tongue isn't very attractive.

Anyways check out and tell me your thoughts.


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Orb works now for Wii, PS3 and Xbox360

I love Engadget, since I can't get enough of gadgets, and today I've found out that a favorite program of mine, Orb, is now compatible with all the major next-gen consoles. For those who don't know what Orb is, it's a streaming application that allows you to stream or access pictures, music, videos from your home computer on your cell phone or another computer through a stream.

Now since it's been updated you can use Orb with the next gen consoles, that's right, your Wii, Xbox360 or PS3. Sure that may be trivial for most users but imagine just plugging in your xbox, and playing your videos at your friends house? Imagine the possibilities with that?

Alright more news tomrrow!


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Want to get some US Savings Bonds just for shopping? Try BondRewards

I've heard of points or cash back programs but this is the first time I've seen a program which gives you US Savings bonds just for shopping with regular retailers. It's a pretty interesting concept since you save up while shopping, a bit of an oxy-moron isn't it. Sign up for BondRewards and check it out, they got some good retailers like eBay, CompUSA and Target, so it can't be that bad now?

Check it out and post your thoughts? You guys participate in cash back programs or points programs? Post away.


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Pretty crazy pictures, furniture from weapons

I'm going to go a little off course today to a little gem I found on Digg, yes there's news there that people haven't seen that is pretty interesting. It's a link from the blog, and it shows pictures from Cambodia, a country torn by 30 years of civil war, but not just any pictures. The pictures featured here are furniture that are made out of old weapons, gun barrels, etc. Some very nice furniture and great ideas. Here's a pic of my favorite

You can find the rest of the pictures HERE.Pretty cool isn't it? I like this kind of thing, makes you think a bit. Alright there's my feel good message for the day.



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Want to get your links higher than others in searches? Now you can

Ever submitted your site to a web directory and ended up on Page 7 where no one reads it and there's no way to change it or move it up? Well with the new Big Web Links Directory you can contribute funds to improve the position of your site on any category it's published. The more you contribute, the more your links go up, which increases traffic and revenue. You don't have to worry about popularity, Page Rank, or having a name that starts high in the alphabet anymore. It's a great way to get your new site up and out into the forefront of things. The Big Web Links Directory may be new, but it's on the way up, and will have a nice Google PR soon so that it shows up on Google and is known around as one of the web directories of choice.

Check it out, and as per usual, post your thoughts.


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New Black Xbox360 Announced!

Just hot off the presses at our favorite Tech blog Engadget is the announcement of a Black limited edition Xbox360. Without further adieu here's the pic.

Updated features include (quote from Engadget

* The Elite will be limited quantities only; that may be as much or as little as a couple hundred thousand.
* The case, controller, and Live headset will all be black. It will have all new packaging.
* Elite will cost $479, and will be a 3rd SKU; it will be sold alongside Premium and Core packs.
* Eventually Elite hardware (in white plastics) will take the role of the Xbox Premium. That is to say, after the Elite is launched and sold out, future Xbox Premiums will have 120GB / HDMI.
* We do not yet know exactly when 120GB / HDMI will become the standard for Premium, but it is loosely estimated to be late summer or fall.
* Elite models run cooler than normal 360s, but they are not yet confirmed to have 65nm chips.
* Prices may remain the same with the 120GB / HDMI hardware upgrade in the Premium Xbox, but we may still see a price cut on the line when 65nm chips start shipping.
* The HD DVD drive will not be internal or bundled -- Microsoft never did or nor does not currently have plans to put an HD DVD drive in the 360.
* There are no current plans to integrate WiFi into the Elite or future Premiums (although that can always change).

Pretty sweet deal, I wouldn't mind paying 479$ for that, which is still cheaper than any PS3. You can check out the full post at Engadget HERE and of course you're encouraged to post your thoughts.


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Verizon Wireless has been stepping up lately

I've been overlooking Verizon's lineup of phone lately, since I have quite a few friends on their service and being the knowledgeable tech guy around I get asked a lot of questions. Usually when they ask me about phone for Verizon, I shudder, since until recently most of verizon's phones have been either very business oriented or mom and pop oriented, with of course a black leather case to protect it. Now those things have changed with Verizon's new phones. After browsing Wirefly's wide selection of phones and plans, I'm actually liking the look of the Red Chocolate, almost as slick as the black, but since everyone has the Black it gets kind of old. Of course Verizon's also got the new KRZR, the enV (LG VX9900) and regular RAZR's in all colors so they have been stepping up their lineup.

I mean it has be great when you can get a Chocolate online for FREE after rebates and activation, right? Well look no further than Wirefly if you're trying to get on that deal. The rate plans are pretty reasonable, and pretty much on par with most other carriers. So if you're looking for a new phone or service, check them out, Verizon's changed, and you can get some decent phones from them now. I may disagree with the Verizon guy TV commercials, but I have to admit the enV is nice, and 3G with CDMA is nice, broadband speeds on your phone is awesome.



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I'm really liking the Cowon D2

I just saw on Engadget that the Cowon D2 has been released in the US. It's actually some nice Korean technology that if they could market it right can compete with the Zune or iPod for marketshare. Look at the pic below,

Isn't it beautiful? It's got really great features too

-2.5" Wide Touchscreen
-2gb/4gb flash with SD slots
-52 hours battery on MP3, 10 hours on Movie mode
-Support for all the major formats including Ogg, FLAC

Now I'm actually impressed by the specs and the price. It's only 40$ more than the 2gb iPod Nano, or 20$ more than the 4gb Nano, so it's really worth it for price/features compared to Apple. Here's the full Product Page, so take a look and tell me what you think,


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Tower Defence Games - You guys try them out?

I was browing around the internet earlier on my great connection here at the Ramada Inn and was looking at the different genres of games. A genre that I wasn't familiar with that's pretty popuplar amoung a specific subset of games is Online Tower Defence games. It's actually a good idea but I haven't tried it out really. They're a lot of sites with great Tower Defense Ideas and they are pretty interesting. I think I'm going to give them a shot when I get back to a REAL internet connection, aka my computer.

What you guys think? Played any of these games? Post your thoughts,


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Facebook and March Madness

It's nice when major social networks do something for a change. Facebook has been really good at organizing March Madness brackets for it's users. They have it setup so that pretty much anyone can create a pool, setup their own bracket, and this year they set it up so that everyone participating has a chance to win it all again Facebook's thousands of users. I'm rank 135,000 so far, but in my brackets I'm 3, 5th and 6th, so I'm not doing too bad at all.

Yep I'm using the computer in the lobby, it's so much faster than my EDGE connection when I want to load more than just webpages.

Alright more later,


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Thinking of VoIP? Check out this Vonage forum

I know many of you guys have heard about Vonage before, it's been on TV, it's all over the internet and it's a based on a relatively new technology called Voice Over Internet Protocol. Vonage uses this to provide you phone service over your internet line for MUCH cheaper than regular phone companies. The guys at Vonage forum have tips, news, reviews and more for those who have Vonage, are interested in Vonage and can help you out. It's a great resource for Vonage and I suggest you check it out if you're in any of those categories.

Enjoy the free site,


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My wifi here sucks part 2

Yep the wifi here is so bad that the whole network is down. I'm reduced to blogging from my cell phone EDGE connection. Thank god for it. There's not much going on with me right now, just had practice, browsing facebook, watching the NCAA tournament and enjoying life in Miami.

Someone find me a hotspot or a decent connection in Hialeah, FL, and I'll love you.



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Man the hotel WiFi sucks here!

I'm just relaxing in the hotel tonight, nothing to do after my track stuff, watched a bit of basketball on TV and then I stole my friends laptop to keep myself entertained.

I love the fact that hotels now have WiFi pretty much everyone you go. It's universal now which is great for someone like me who during track season travels every weekend but along with that WiFi in hotels needs to be done right.

Here's a few tips

1) One router won't cut it for a large hotel, you need to spread them out a little
2) Invest in more than the basic Cable/DSL package if you're going to get it for your hotel. You may have a large amount of laptop users at any time, and giving them crappy access may make them think twice about coming back.
3) Don't share the internet connection that management/reception uses with the WiFi network, that's just asking for trouble.

Any other tips you guys can think of? Share your thoughts on this? any really great hotel WiFi experiences?


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Win big money or an iPod just for playing free flash games -

ArcadeCow, which is a really good flash game website with over 2500 flash games. They ust have started a high score contest which could mean free money or an ipod for you guys, so I thought I might share some info on the contest. They've released a nice press release that has all the details, which is more info that I could share here, but as always, check out for more info and to play some free games!

Reality Knights and, a free flash games site with over 2500 free online games available to members and non-members, will be running a high score contest for Arcade Cow members from March 13th, 2007 to April 14th, 2007. Prizes will include an iPod shuffle and iTunes gift card for the players with the top five highest scores. The top player will receive an additional $30 cash prize.

While Arcade Cow offers a free online gaming experience to both members and non-members, a free membership is required in order for gamers to participate in the high score contest, because membership allows for saved game scores. The contest will revolve around a game called The Milkman, and there is no cost to register, participate in the high score contest, or play any of Arcade Cow’s free online games.

Arcade Cow’s free online game high score contest will have members competing for a high score while playing “The Milkman.” Players will earn points by virtually shooting a milkman as he pops up in various areas of the playing screen, which is a photo of a barn. Shooting the milkman earns various point levels, whereas misfiring costs points and will eventually end the player’s game or “life.”

Users interested in registering to participate in the free online gaming high score contest to win an iPod shuffle or cash prizes, can do so through a simple registration form at
About is a free online flash game site, launched in 2006 by Reality Knights, LLC. In its short life, the site already boasts over 700 registered users (despite the fact that free registrations aren’t required to play free online games), more than 480,000 online game plays, and over 2500 free flash games. Games are available from a variety of genres, as well as classic video game emulations.

For additional information about or the high score contest, please visit

Enjoy the free gaming goodness!


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Rumble on the PS3 - God of War 2 release

If you've played the original God of War for the PS2 then youll know how good that game was and you've been waiting for the release of God of War 2. Well that day has come today but with that annoucement that the PS3 will have a new controller with Rumble confirmed on Joystiq. This is good new for you PS3 owners, or those like me who are thinking of getting one in the future.

By the way, I'm holding off on my next-gen console purchases, since I just got another slim ps2 and I got all the games I need on it.

Who's played God Of War here? Liked it? Speak your thoughts about that or the rumble function on controllers.


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Who doesn't want a Sugardaddy?

Last week I spoke about a dating site for single moms and dads, but not everyone wants that. For people like that, who want a more casual type of relationship then maybe they should look into sugar daddy for Who doesn't want a sugar daddy? They are guys out there who have the extra cash to spend and women who want more than just a pretty boy with looks, now they can find someone who's accomplished and succesful as well. I like how each end of the spectrum is represented now, so check this site out if you're looking to get some lavish attention, or to spend extra on some beautiful girls.



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Sorry I've been missing in Miami! - Pics of the SonyEricsson K850i

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates. I've been in Miami for Spring Break since Saturday, and Thursday/Friday last week were really crazy days. That's why I haven't been up to date with the tech scene, even with the Game Developer Expo and the PMA (Camera Maker) show going on.

Since I've been missing, I should show you guys a scoop that Engadget has, on a new phone that's yet to be announced or released. It's the SonyEricsson K850i, and it's got a nice 5mp camera, UMTS-3G, 640x480 front video camera, usual other specs. Here's a pic, nice isn't it?

Yep I'll try to post more this week, it's tough without my computer, stealing laptops isn't always fun.


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A blog about rugs

Since I'm reviewing blogs today, I should talk about another random blog I've come across. This one is from a large retailer in the field,, and it's pretty new, which is interesting to see a blog about rugs, since I don't know much about them. It's not a bad blog, with links and articles that actually should interest the rest of us, such as this post about how Static from area Rugs can harm your computer. Most people know that there's static from carpets but some people still sit their computers on theirs. Mine's NEXT to a rug but not on top, hehe, since I need all my hardware grounded. There's other cool articles on there so if you're cruising the Blog-o-sphere check them out. The URL is



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Blog Review: Overtime

I know I'm reviewing a Sports blog (I mentioned it before on my sports blog) but I haven't done a Blog Review in a while and I'm looking to do a nice exchange for both parties, why not a little link love can't hurt right :)

Overtime is a blog from a fellow Montrealer by the name of Frank and as you can probably guess from the title, it's focused on sports. He has a great variety of sports topics, from boxing to hockey and random sports happenings. I like his use of colors and his writing is very professional and clear to understand, unlike mine where I merely write down quickly whatever flows out of my head.

I enjoy taking his view on sports pretty much daily, and I suggest you guys to read it as well. The URL for his blog is, notice the e, guess Overtime was taken, lol.

There's my review for the night, enjoy!


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Single Moms need love too!

I know there's a couple of friends of mine who read the blog who are moms, so maybe this will interest you or your friends. I know it's tough being a single mom, I've heard the stories, and they're trying just like everyone else to find a good man but ti's tougher because many men don't want to deal with the fact that they have a child. Well now there's a site for them, it's called Single Moms and Dads. They can find people who understand them and want them for who they are. Sounds like a better method than Craigslist.

What you guys think? Would you guys use it? Post your thoughts and visit it!


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Nice tips for getting a good cell phone plan

I'm starting to like The Consumerist blog more and more every day. It seems like every time I visit they got some new trick, story or way to save money. Or they got some horror story with a nice ending. It's a really good consumer blog, something that most of us out there could use.

Here's a couple of nice tips for getting good plans on Cingular and Verizon, you know how notoriously cheap those guys are here. Here's the links:

Cingular Tips from a Cingular Rep


Verizon Tips from an ex-employee

Enjoy saving money,


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Money time

I know I talk a bit about money from time to time, who doesn't? Even if I'm a student I still find it hard sometimes to manage things, and I'm thinking of post-graduate school, so maybe I might have to do something about paying for it. I think taking out something like a secured online loan might be an option, since I have a job I can pay it off. I would take a Mortgage if I had a home, since everyone seems to have one and a small mortgage can't last for that long. There's a lot of types of loans that I could apply for, so maybe I'll do that. These guys got a bunch over there in the UK, can give you a great idea of what to look for.

I think taking a loan to go to school is great if it's not of a great amount, since some people I know only go to school on loans, which is crazy. Hopefully if I go back I'll have a scholarship or some decent financial aid, but we'll have to see.

Alright enough money talk, it hurts, lol,


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Yep Mondays are busy as hell for me, with midterms, extra travel for work and the usual business of track and other classes, so I'm beat. I haven't been able to follow any real news today, but I did use the Western Union online site, wasn't too bad, and it's pretty secure. Even when I sent money online to a friend in Uganda I had to call in and confirm it to a REAL person, very nice.

Also Art Lebdev, the guys who are making that famous Optimus Keyboard with the OLED keys, have released a shot of their prototype, and it's real nice. I do have some problems with the $1299 estimate on the retail price, but we'll see how it goes when it's introduced later this year.

Here's a pic:

What you guys think? I think it's slick, but I'm way to poor to spend that much on a KEYBOARD. Anyways more later,


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Quick update on the CompUSA Bargains

There's a nice blog post at Infinite Loop (one of the Ars Technica blogs) about some experiences on the CompUSA store closings with some deals listed. I don't wanna steal their thunder, but there's a solid 10-15% mac/Apple stuff, with some other things. I wonder if there'll be more later, but check out the blog post HERE for more info.



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TV Time - NFL Draft

Since I'm bored and watching TV, I'm going to recount what I've watched for the last 30 mins, and since I'm a sports fan it's ESPN. Yep they talked a bit about the NFL Draft and nfl draft prospects like Brady Quinn or JaMarcus Russell, some highlights from all the final regular season games in the NBA, and other scores and highlights from the NHL. I linked an interesting listing of the top 100 picks, worth a read.

Also the True Life on MTV is decent for once, it's about addiction to Crystal Meth, crazy.

Alright back to watching TV,



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Robots taking over - Robotic Parking Garage

Just browsing through the New York Times online and saw a slideshow of a completely automated parking garage. Wow you may say but that's pretty sweet how you can just leave your car on the platform, and it get stowed away like in i.Robot and other futuristic movies. Here's a pic

Pretty cool isn't it? Maybe it's just me, anyways enjoy the rest of the slideshow HERE


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Looking for DSL or High Speed Internet? Check out this site

I have DSL at home in Canada and love it, it's fast, cheaper than cable and brings me great speeds and amazing reliability. If you're looking looking into getting High Speed Internet Access then I have to recommend DSL over Cable just due to price for comparable access with Cable. You'll see there's a big difference, and that could be huge for your budget. This site on broadband has great info and descriptions to help you make your purchase but go with me, pick DSL.



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Quick News - CompUSA is closing 100 stores

Hey just giving another heads up for potential deal seekers out there, that CompUSA, or CompUSSR according to some, is closing close to half of their retail outlets in the US. Guess that's bad news for them, but it also means that there's a potential for some deals from them.

More news to follow if I hear about any deals, but some people don't have their hopes set high. Oh well let's see.



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CouponChief Coupons! - Ink4Art Coupons

It's that time of month again, and since I love shopping online and finding deals I should spread the love that has been giving us. This month I'll let you guys know about this nice little online store called Ink4art which sells discounted Ink Cartridges for name brand printers, such as Epson, HP, etc. They got a pretty nice 30% off coupon on there, and since the prices are pretty low compared to regular HP cartridges, you're really saving a lot. That's the great thing about CouponChief, they're got the online coupon codes you want so you can save money at stores that don't suck, like Target, Dell, Adidas, Overstock, etc. Who doesn't want coupons from them? There's plenty more stores on their site, so check them out and let me know if you haven't already.



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Rant about online music

Tonight I'm going to take it on a different course as I sit here listening to music on my computer and all this talk about digitally purchased music vs traditional store bought material vs illegally downloaded songs. I'm listening to the tracks on my computer, and I realize that nearly 90% I've never purchased, probably even more, yet there's a song that I have and that I own, which made me think.

Am I wrong for all this music? Back in the day everyone had tapes and recordings, and now it's digital so everyone has CD's and MP3's. But for one it's a) Way too easy to get all this music and b) I wouldn't be listening to most of this stuff anyways if it weren't free. So that leaves the RIAA in a problem about revenue, since there are millions like me right now. People like me won't buy music, so how are they going to get revenue from all the people with collections like me? Are they going to tax or charge the digital players such as iPods and etc? Or are they going to get money from advertising or other means? Any other way they can monetize this where someone like me would feel like I'm getting my money's worth?

Discuss your thoughts.


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