Summer has begun

Well here I am, on my first day of the summer, stuck inside the library on a rainy day making my miserable 6.75 an hour. Things are better than last week, haven't really run much since conference, gonna have to go out today. I need to meet up with coach to discuss my summer plans and see what I want to do. At least I've started to attend to my goal of writing in this more often. Since I'll be bored I'll have time to write in here with all the wonderful hours spent at the library.

Just got 3 of my grades back, 3 A's, in Immunology, Therapeutic Exercises and Sports Psychology, so things are great. Just need 3 more, then I gotta finish up my paperwork, ugh, all this paperwork annoys me. I need to do an extension for my I-20, so I need 2 letters, then I need a work authorizian form, ugh.

Anyways, I'm off the clock, until next time, I'll post something more abstract and thoughtful, for now it's just business.

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For once, everything was good

Bleh I wrote this huge long blog on the road while I was going here at the beginnings of a 5 hour ride that took 9 which sucked ass but it got deleted when my v551 or opera mini didn't save my middle text. Anyways I'll do a recap.

I started off this blog going on about how my life was actually pretty decent at the moment. I achieved, well more like got lucky with my goal of finding someone, and that someone means the world to me, she knows who she is, lol. I didn't just find someone tho, I found Kari, the nicest, most caring person I've ever met, who actually cares about me and not anything i do or etc. I just finished my last exam as a senior so now all I got is one year as a grad student and boom i get two degrees, which is pretty sweet. I won an award for being the athlete with the most heart and I was on the Knicks website also. My running had been going better as i "seemed" to be getting over my injured calf and my injured hamstring but that long car ride screwed it up, more on that later. And lastly I was overall happy with life, how I was managing to do whatever I had to do and still managing to have fun and do what I wanted to do as well.

However kinda pissed off today at my big race of the outdoor season, conference championships. I had just one race, the 1500m, and even before I got on the track I lost. I wasn't mentally focused, nor psyched up enough (dam sports psychology, you'd think after taking it these things wouldnt bother me but then again i don't think my coach helped at all really) and I felt extremely tight from the car ride. No stretching or loosening up helped me that day, cuz once I was in the race, i was in cruise control, not caring or reacting, just going through the motions. Once the pack left me, I was hit by the severe wind on the backstretch at the Mount St. Mary's track and I just gave up and coasted in to a 4:30 1500m, my slowest time since high school, 6 years ago. I warmed up for the 4x800m but didn't run it, oh well, prolly would've sucked anyways since my confidence was shot.

My season's over, but I still have summer track and might run some races and train, I want it but I think I need to focus better and feel like I'm healthy. I can't go into a race not at 100%, physically or mentally, I won't be able to give 100% then. I just binged on McDonald's, random thought, but I need to eat the way I need to and train the way I used to before the injury. Hopefully this summer with no stress, just my job, Kari and training I'll be fine.

As for my philisophical part of my blog, I'm going to ramble on a bit on why whenever everything seems to go right, or it should be your time to shine, there's always something that doesn't go right. It's like can life be perfect, or is there always going or got to be some stress, some problem, something that goes the opposite way of what its supposed to. Its like you do everything you can but sometimes it's not good enough. Shitty feeling, but I guess all you can do is move on. You stay in that place you got nothing to gain from it, so you got to just keep going then.

I think this is my longest blog on this thing. During the summer I'm going to either update this more or work on another website. I think I need a project, like that, on the computer to focus on. Also need more time to place some video games and just do nothing. Oh well I got 3 months starting monday, time to hop to it.

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