What the hell am I doing here?

Wow, I'm amazed, these dorms are hilarious. Honestly, everyhing imaginable goes on here, it's amazing. Athletes drinking the night before they compete, girls going wild and fighting over who they gonna fuck, girls getting their ass beat by people they "love", dude's fighting just cuz they got nothing better to fight over. Mad, I'm tired of this shit, 2 weeks until i leave this shit, and honestly, it'll be better at home, at least i won't get too much randomness. I just gotta do what I gotta do., Maybe I sound a bit black here, but fuck it, it's 70% black here, and you just gotta live life how it is. Man, know I hear about this girl, a friend of mine, giving head while drunk, and I'm like, you serious, wow, these girls are serious whoe's, and ti's the truth, oh well, their choice, tough luck, it's their life, not mine.

Enough rambling,


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Samsung Experience in NYC

Wow I'm actually impressed at the stuff at the Samsung Expo in the Time Warner building next to central park in NYC. I went into the Time Warner building just to see what it was like then bought a book (Terry Goodkind's Naked Empire, awesome series) at Borders then wandered up the stairs to the Samsung experience. It's crazy, it's like all the stuff from CeBIT and Korea/Japan is here, like the 5mp phone, the 3.1 megapixel phone with 3x optical zoom, hell there's even a cell phone with a 1.5gb HD that plays mp3 really well and stores documents. I'm not done the whole thing yet but it's awesome. Right now I'm on one of there Wireless Intel Centrino laptop, ain't bad but I like AMD :P. Alright I'm off to see the rest of it then go down to Central Park and read/study for a while.



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Not running

Of all the things I hate about not being able to run, is the night before I go to a track meet when I'm unable to run. Why? because that's when you think about what you could've been doing, what you're doing while not running, will I even run at the same level again, etc. You basically almost only think about running, and you feel like crap and get depressed. At least I'm making some progress forward so I don't feel like shooting myself anymore, lol. I can even jog for a little bit on my own, and bike for 30 mins, so I'm getting there. I just wish I could run again, I had to go through this last year, and again this year, I just hope I'm mentally able to keep doing this.

Anyways wish me luck, I'm off to watch the LIU trackbirds at the Metropolitan Championships


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Random pictures

I was looking through my pictures folder so i decided to post some up in order to spruce the site up, anways enjoy.

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Westminster Abbey, no it's not photoshopped Posted by Hello

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Tiesto Concert in Central Park Posted by Hello

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me going out Posted by Hello

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Me and the roommates before the 2004 LIU Athletics banquet Posted by Hello

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Me and Masha at some bar Posted by Hello

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First post

Wow I've actually began this thing. This is the first step in what will hopefully become an ongoing thing. I actually had a journal a long time ago, back when I went out with Jen, man it seems like ages ago. I eventually gave up on it due to time but since Carter has his and I've always wanted to write a journal or something why not do this in my own way.

Now how should I go with this thing? Make it personal and keep it anonymous? Or just write random crap and put it under my name, anyways, I'll figure this out later, along with the rest of this thing.



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