Need some supplies for the office? Try these Staples coupons

Yep once a month I bring you guys a different store with some new coupons from my friends at the Coupon Chief and since my company orderes a lot from Staples I thought you guys might be interested in the Staples Coupons they have over there. Things like free shiping, 40% gifts for Dad for Father's Day are all up there so why not check it out? doesn't just have Staples coupon codes they have tons of other so check them out just in case.

Enjoy the codes!


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How is it this difficult to get internet in Greenpoint!

I'm stuck in Internet limbo, since Verizon's too far away from my house to give me any reliable connection and Time Warner's playing phone tag with me trying to service my house for cable, so I can get internet.

Therefore, I'm in Queens on my friend's laptop using the wireless. It's not my computer but I'm getting my internet fix at the moment.

I miss not being able to do my Payperpost so often, or report on news and opinions as they come out, so I feel like I'm being the curve a bit. Hopefully once I settle things with Time Warner I'll have a bit more posts up, but you never know with my busy schedule.

Alright coupon time, more tomorrow!


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Problems with Spyware?

If anyone's used computers in the last couple of years then they must've heard or have experiences with spyware. I know I sure have, but if you don't know what spyware is they are little programs that install themselves on your computer to do various things. Most of the spyware out there doesn't do much in terms of terrible things to your computer, but they steal your system ressources which makes your computer slower, can install popup adds at random places and only allow you to go to sites you want.

What can you do to find out if you have spyware or to remove it? Well you need a spyware program to remove or kill it. Spy Sweeper Is The Most Award-Winning AntiSpyware Software out there, and having known from using it myself it's one of the best if not the best anti-spyware programs out there. Spy Sweeper has all the features you need and updates itself automatically, so you really can't go wrong since it fights the latest spyware infections as they come out. Can't go wrong making sure you have your computer safe as most people know about viruses but don't understand the importance of spyware. To be sure you don't have spyware you need a tool like Spy Sweeper to monitor your system and keep it running clean.

Check it out and post your thoughts on Spyware? Any infections? Cleaned up anyone's computer lately? Post your thoughts,


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Yea I'm around again

I'm back again for a couple of days in the city again. My internet sucks (what's new) or I haven't had access to some at all so the postings have been slimmer than I expected. However I have called Time Warner and am expecting some service from them soon.

So what does that mean in the mean time? You just get less rants (I mean news and opinions) from me.

However, tonight I do have a nice article for you guys. Any fan of Linkin Park will know who Chester Bennington is, and there's a really good article on Identity Theft on him. It was posted by Wired maybe a week ago, and I read it and I have to recommend it. It's pretty interesting to read about Identity Theft, especially of a star, and someone that people love like Chester.

Alright more later, hopefully soon but you never know, lol


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My Verizon DSL experience

Yep, blogging from my house, with my DSL finally working. However, not all is sunny in Greenpoint, since my DSL is pretty shitty to tell you the truth. On Tuesday Verizon came in and redid the wiring of my house. Ok cool so that means it'll be ready by later tonight. Tuesday comes and goes, no DSL signal. Finally Wednesday and somehow in the evening I get signal. Woohoo I got signal! I start playing around, downloading, running a speed test showing I got 1900 kbps (out of my advertised 3000kbps) downstream with 360 kbps upstream so I'm like ok this will work. However by the morning I'm out of sync again. Luckily I had called Verizon sending in a DSL tech on Tuesday to fix my connection.

Thursday morning arrives, and so does the DSL tech (at 11:30am when I work at 12, but that's another story). He's like wow no wonder you're not getting sync you're 17,000 feet from the CO (the DSL central office, where the DSL originates from) and they're giving you the highest residential grade. I'd need to be within 10,000 feet for 3000kbps service or 15,000 feet for 1500 kbps, therefore I'm assed out. So he bumps me down to 768kbps/168kbps up/down, which I'm not too happy about but it means 10$ less per month so I'll take the hit. Later that night I was hitting 1500kbps tho so I was happy they didn't completely bump me down, but then I ran a speed test this morning and I wasn't surprised to see some nice low speeds of 184 kpbs / 124 kbps, meaning I had below my expected speeds but I had a steady signal.

So what are my options, well with me and my roomate sharing this connection (just installed a NETGEAR router), I have to get a decent connection, downloading files at 22kb/s won't cut it in this day, so I'm going to have to go cable. Cable however has to be serviced at my apartment, which is in the second story of a house behind an apartment building, and it's going to take 2-3 weeks. So I can't switch until then. My hope is that they service my apartment soon, so that by the time my 30 day trial with Verizon is up I can switch to cable and get anywhere up to 10mbps down and 512kbps up, which would be faster than my original speeds with DSL but I'd have to pay 45$ per month.

The trials and tribulations of Internet. Well, at least using crappy DSL is better than Tmobile EDGE. Alright enough for now, I'm going to bed.

More tomorrow,


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You have to love The Police

Ah The police, what a great classic band, now who hasn't listened to a song from the police cd or something on the radio. I grew up listening to Sting and the police's songs, from Roxanne to Every Breath You Take, which is my favorite police song btw, it's really classic and nostalgic whenever you play a song from the police cd at home. My parents, you see, where really big Sting and by association The Police fans, in fact they went to go see them in 1980, which is before I was even born during one of their first world tours in Montreal. Of course I don't have a ticket stub but my parents have told me about it and it was easily of their most memorable concerts. I mean who wasn't in love with Roxanne at the time?

Well since they're reunited again and come out with a new compilation CD I guess their new world tour isn't out of place. I think it's great because I think it's the first time in years that The Police is coming to Montreal as the whole band. Sting made some appearances but never with the group after they broke up. They're going to be there at the end of July, so hopefully I'll be able to get my parents some tickets, since I'll be slaving away in NYC.

Do you absolutely love the band The Police? Are you ecstatic that The Police are going on a new worldwide tour? Have you ever seen The Police on a past tour? You should take this opportunity if you have either seen them on this worldwide tour or on a past tour. We want you to discuss the concert including all the details, how much fun you had and why you love the band so much! If you have seen a concert from this tour, you can discuss the differences in the performances (positive tone only please.) You also need to discuss the new compilation CD of their greatest hits and which song on the cd is your favorite.

Gotta love this picture, it's like it's still the 80's again,

Anyone else got any stories about the police? What's your favorite songs from them? Post your thoughts,


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