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I'm trying out this thing where they pay me 5$ to do a blog post on searching. I wonder if they think I'm violating the terms by posting this but my opinions are my own and they're neutral, i'm not biased or one or the other just getting paid to talk about searching. I search pretty often, like 4-5 times a day minimum, depending on images and random information. I use google a lot due to its image search, but my second favorite search engine is MSN search just because google is simply too big and sometimes the info is crap. I need use the word getyoursearchon I guess it's a keyword for search engines to get spidered, lol. Overall there's not much difference in the search engines right now, they're all pretty even it's really a matter of personal preference and choice. Yahoo ain't that bad just never use it cuz the other 2 are fine for me, but that could always change.

Anyways that's enough about searching, where's my 5$ Let's go now


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