Big news at payperpost!

Yep to celebrate some big news that Payperpost is having they are having some sort of contest to us bloggers to figure out. They're having a big annoucement next week so I'm guessing this is going to be part of it. If you don't know about payperpost well they're a web 2.0 company who pay people to blog about products they like or create buzz and get things out there better than traditional web advertising. It's get for bloggers and advertisers alike and bloggers get a better deal than dealing with things like adsense.

Here's the piece of their puzzle to figure out the annoucement, and whoever figures it out get a pretty nice prize. See how many you can find.

This is part of the payperpostbignews contest so good luck and hopefully I'll be the one to take the jackpot. I just wonder if other people get different pieces of this puzzle....

GL to all my fellow posties doing this,


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