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Ever looked at a a college board in your school and see the notices staples over another notice and being ignored? (Like the 3rd floor notice boards at my school, lol) Well at there's all that information on one place for each school. It's a great idea since everything is always everywhere, why not have it at one easy place that everyone can look at? Seems like a better idea than trying to post things all around campus. So if you're looking for college classifieds then check out College Medium.



Posted bySteve at 10:26 AM

2 comments: Free College Classifieds said... 1:54 PM  

Another alternative - is a free college classifieds site, and it functions in "one-page" with cool AJAX technology and live search.

Emmanuel said... 8:29 PM  

Thanks Steve ;-)....I welcome all suggestions to make it better.

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