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Since I go to college I keep hearing about the FAFSA. Since I'm not American I don't have to fill one out but I've had to help friends and others since I work in library at LIU accessing the FAFSA online.

The FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid, it's sometimes known as FASFA, and it's a form every American college student has to fill out in order to get Financial Aid from the government. Filling out the information in correctly is one of the keys to getting the most amount of financial aid possible. There are ways and tips to get the most out of your FAFSA, and that's why FAFSA online has a site up for college students looking to save money. They have 9 tips that can help you get more for your financial aid, such as having savings in your parents names instead of your own, or making sure all your investments come out to zero, etc.

The site is pretty well layed out and there's no ridiculous advertising banners everywhere to distract you. They also have an MP3 Audio Tour to fill out your FAFSA and learn some tips. They also got some other links on Financial Aid to help you out. Definetly a site worth looking at if you're a college student.

Check them out at FAFSA online.



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I recently published an article on the dangers and benefits of student loans and other forms of college financial aid – here is a quote from it, in case you are interested:
Student loans repayment can be a real nightmare without adopting some strategies that would help the new graduates to organize their social and financial life. Here are some strategies they can use to do this:
- An additional part-time job;
- Freelancing is another option (meaning that they can do particular pieces of work for different organisations, without working all the time for a single organisation);
- They should try to keep their living expenses as low as possible (live in a smaller apartment, live with a roommate to share some of the expenses, find an apartment that is closer to the job, to eliminate the extra-expenses for transport etc.);
- To apply for forbearance (this is an immediate solution for hard times when the new graduate is in impossibility to re-pay the amount of money and the need for student loan consolidation becomes apparent; it is a temporary period, when the graduate can postpone or delay his or her re-payments until a later time on a federal or direct loan after the beginning of the re-payment, and when the student doesn’t qualify for deferral). The forbearance must be applied through the lenders of the loans.
- To consolidate the payments.
If you feel this helps, please drop by my website for additional information, such as federal student loans information or additional resources on private student loans .



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FAFSA is one of the terms you have or may come across when you look for information about the student loans. FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. As the terms suggests it is one of the federal student aid program available that students apply for free. It may also be used to apply for aid from other sources like your school or state.

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