Free Ink Cartridges!

This actually sounds like a great idea. I haven't tested these guys out yet but you can be sure I will. PrintCountry is giving away sample compatible ink cartridges to give new customers an oppertunity to test their products. They actually have a cartridge for my printer, so you can be sure I'm trying it. They offer a huge lineup of high quality printer ink cartridges and they're offering sample cartridges for select models for free or a discount on others. To get your Free Printer Ink Cartridge Samples, you just got to go to the site and select your printer from the drop down menu. Then they'll fire you an email and you can get your cartridge sent to you for a nominal shipping free. I'll let you know how it works out for me, give them a shot so we can share our experiences.



Posted bySteve at 9:48 PM


Anonymous said... 11:45 PM  

Steven, I did the same for my Epson printer. Got two cartridges for $2 + $4.50 shipping. I am really curious if they are really going to work. Will let you know...

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