Ink Cartridges, what do you guys do?

Yea I was discussing ink cartridges with my friend and he always insists on going to Best Buy and buying cartridges. I don't do that anymore, I find it easier and MUCH cheaper to get refills or compatible cartridges. There's a good store I use back home where I get a discount cuz I know the guy, or I go on ebay for mine for my Epson Cx1500v, it's a POS but it works. Now there's stores on the web that serve you pretty well without the hassles of Ebay and that will save you money compared to buying compatible cartridges locally. One of these stores is called Cartridge SAVE and it has a huge selection of cartridges. It's got printers not availible anymore, like my Cx1500v cartridges aren't found in stores, they have compatible cartridges (for me it's the C42 cartridges). I think anyone who's willing to save money and getting annoyed at the rising cost of ink cartridge should check out Cartridge SAVE. Let me know how it works for you.



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