New Technology for the Bathroom, dry your hands in 10 seconds!

There's been a new invention from the people at Dyson that will help you get out of the bathroom faster with less waste and dryer hands. It's called the Dyson Airblade and it's got some new features over your regular hand dryers that you should know about. The first new feature is that it uses the same techonology in Dyson's vacuum cleaners to create a powerful hand dryer which dries you hands in 10 secs while saving up to 83% of the energy from regular hand dryers which use heat. The second feature is the anti-bacterial filters that clean both the air that blwos onto your hands and the water that comes off them, pretty good feature for those germophobes. I think it's great tech for the bathroom, anything that can keep us cleaner while getting my hands dry quickly is great for me, and helps reducing paper waste is good news. Check out the Dyson Airblade for more info and let me know if you've used one.



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