Opensearch site, add more searches to IE7 and Firefox 2.0

Since both IE7.0 and Firefox 2.0 are pretty much out (yes I know Firefox 2.0 is being released tomorrow) I feel I should speak about the OpenSearch add-on I use for my IE 7.0 install. The Open Search List is an easy way to Add search providers to IE7 and Firefox 2, it has a list of hundreds of search engines to choose from so that you're not always stuck with Google or MSN search. It doesn't install any extra toolbars or anything, it just adds a list of search engines of your choosing to the built-in search engine of Firefox and IE. It's a pretty complete list, things like Bit-Torrent, Yahoo Finance, the New York Times, are all there, and you don't have to make them the default either. If you're just installed one of these browser I recommend you check out and add some search engines to your basic browser, it won't cost you anything so why not.


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