w00t, just bought a 2gb Mem Stick Pro Duo fro 45$ from frys.com

Yea taking a break from posting news today to post about my find on Frys. Since today's my payday I went searching for a 2gb mem stick duo pro for my SonyEricsson W810i, I need the room for my mp3's/pictures. I was looking at all my regular spots, newegg.com, overstock, zipzoomfly, then I hopped onto Frys.com, whom I've heard great things but never ordered from them before. Looking at their Sony Mem Stick Pro page I found a Sandisk 2gb Gaming MS Pro Duo for 65$ - 20$ MIR with free shipping. That's awesome considering most places sell for about 60$ with shipping, so it's like 25% cheaper. Maybe I sound like I'm bragging but I love finding a good deal, and it's something I need as well. Anyways that's it for now, more tech news/opinions later.


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