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I've had a couple of ugly flash drives and the labels on them pretty much suck. However, I've found a pretty nifty gift idea that I might just get for myself. (I just lost my 2nd flash drive on the weekend, not too happy). PexagonTech has a really nice line of personal engraved USB thumb drives out there that could be that special small gift for the tech oriented member of your family (like yours truly).

Their USB flash drives come in 512MB, 1GB, 2GB or 4GB sizes and in your choice of 5 exciting colors. That's pretty awesome. I saw these before and I was pretty impressed on how they look.

Check out this picture below, wouldn't it look nice on a Christmas tree (I'd take it for myself if I saw one, lol)

They're having some online specials right now that make the prices pretty interesting. A 1GB Thumb Drive (any color) is going for $20.99 with FREE laser engraving & 2GB Thumb Drive (any color) for $38.99 with FREE laser engraving. Not too price of a price/capacity ratio especially with laser engraving.

Check them out and get me a 2gb drive 2!


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