Final Fantasy XII Review

I'm a big Final Fantasy nut, I even put a Final Fantasy Tattoo on my face at DigitalLife'06 to get a cd from the soundtrack, lol. I have pretty much all the games released for PS2 and PSone, and a bunch of classics on emulators. I still haven't beaten them all but I love them. So since they've released FFXII (12) I thought I should post up a review from the boys at Ars Technica. I unfortunetly have NOT played it yet since I sold my modded PS2 but I'm thinking about getting it since I'll have a bit more free time and I want to play my RPG's. My friend doesn't like it, Ars did, so I'll have to be the tie-breakers then, lol.

Here's the review on ARS of Final Fantasy XII so take a look and decide for yourself.


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