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I've been covering search engines for a while and since I'm looking at maybe getting a car when I graduate I've also been looking at some car sites. Most of the car sites I've seen haven't had very good car search engines but aims to change that. They have one of the easiest to use car search engines I've seen, pretty much up there with a local one I used to use in Canada (camhebdo). Me personally I've always loved Honda Civic's since they're great on gas, parts and even if everyone has one, including my dad, they're always well received.

I tested out a search on a used one around Brooklyn, 2005-06 years, LX model with Manual Transmission (I would get an Si Coupe but they're way too expensive) and I could easily find a good number of models with's New Car Search. I don't know what models or makes you'd like, maybe if you're well off you can search for a BMW (I love the 3-series) or maybe a Tercel for your grandma or something, lol just joking but they got all the major manufacturers there so don't worry. I honestly recommend the site when searching for a new car, you can never have enough options and is by far one of the better car search engines I've seen. Check it out!



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