New marketing service for mobile media

I think that mobile video, music and etc is the way to go these days, and it's about time advertisers catch up to these new thrends. PocoTag is a service where if someone is watching a video on their iPod, Creative Zen, etc, to use mobile SMS to get more information about a product. It's great because the clip or advert is fresh on the consumer's mind and he gets free info on the product, people do it for ringtones why not use SMS for your product.

For those worrying about confidentiality PocoTag has a service where whenever the customer sends SMS, and the first (and only) time, the customer is asked to send email address by SMS. PocoTag then creates a temporary, anonymous email and provide it to the advertiser. This way their mobile numbers aren't given to the advertiser and PocoTag only sends the proper SMS's. Pretty cool idea if you ask me

There's more on the PocoTag site, I think it's a good idea and one that could save both advertisers and consumers money.



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