Taking a holiday to spain!

When I went to Europe one of my favorite places to visit was Spain, particularly Barcelona or anything along the Meditteranian. I would love to go back and take advantage of one of these Cheap Holidays packages to Spain that I've seen online but I think I'm stuck here in the US for a while.

I used to use travel agents but now that the Internet has so many ways to comparison shop it's what I use to find what I need I definetly would take an online package and save the fees. On The Beach Holidays has a great number of travel options, even to places like Egypt and Tenerife if Spain isn't your thing. The beaches, the women, the sun, everything is great down there. If you have the chance to get out for a while take it, and enjoy it.

Alright back to daydreaming about the beach,


Posted bySteve at 10:57 AM


Jules said... 12:45 AM  

Did you eat Tapas while in Spain? Yum! That is my dream...to eat tapas in Spain. :)

Steve said... 6:09 PM  

I didn't try Tapas in spain, I've had Tapas in New York and in Puerto Rico but no in Spain, I tried some other spanish food and went to this beach club and a hiphop club but no Tapas my friend. Aren't you at your wedding by now, lol.


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