This is too funny!

I knew the guys at Payperpost where off the wall but honestly Ted takes the cake in this one. This has to be the funniest PPP video I've ever seen, and after being there a while, I've seen it all, from Colleen's alter ego, to Veronique's rant, to the Postie Patrols. Ted, or his alter-ego Antonio, somehow becomes a catfish, but it's not how you expect it, lol.

Honestly this has to be seen to be believed, and just for you guys I've embedded the code from YouTube so everyone can see, lol.

Ted is lost, and he's our fearless leader, we're doomed, lol. But if you want to see more funny PayPerPost videos you should check out their blog (click on the Payperpost link) or if you're interested in getting paid to blog visit



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