Want to spruce up your program with some nice Icons?

Most people overlook the aesthetics of their programs when designing a program. That's a big mistake since as the saying goes it's the little things that count. From the layout, to the colors/fonts, and even little things like the icons used for the program can matter. That's why getting the right icons for your page, installer, or the main program itself can make the difference.

Icongalore has some great Professional XP Style Icons available for software developers and Web Designers alike. If you visit their site you can see some of their work and you're even encouraged to try a sample before you buy a complete package of icons. The icons are designed following Microsoft's XP Style Guidelines, they're availible in four sizes and formats and they're some of the cheapest priced icons around. You can check out the samples from their Sample Page or view a sample of their icons in the photo below.

Icongalore's website has many categories of icons for many types of popular software or web page designs. They have a set of Network Database Icons, Accounting Software Icons, Email Application Icons, Navigation Icons, Web Icons and etc. Their site has a more complete listing and they offer a customized Icon creation service for those who might be interested in getting that great custom look for their application.

Check out Icongalore.com to visit their site and download some samples of their icons at no cost, who knows, it could be that final touch that you're software was lacking to make it complete.

(Here's a sample of their icons with their logo, enjoy!)


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