Which PayPerPost employee would you take out for dinner?

Being a postie at Payperpost is a great thing. I get to be part of a large community of great people, I get to learn about cool products and services and best of all, I get paid to blog. Can't really go wrong with that, now can you?

If I had to take on of the Payperpost staff or employee's out to dinner I think I'd take Ted out for a some Pizza :p. Naw just joking, I think I'd take Veronique out, she seems to be dealing with a lot of stress, and she never goes to the conventions that Brit and Ted get to go to, so I'd take her out. I'd prolly let her chose a nice spanish place, since I'm not too family with Spanish food still (had some Puerto Rican/Mexican dishes, nothing from anywhere else in Latin America or Spain). Maybe I'd take her out before just to get her away from the office, then get some food, who knows, it would be her night, thanks to a happy postie from Payperpost.com. I don't know quite what the discussion would be like, maybe some things I like about Payperpost, maybe what's happening with her life apart from PPP, or maybe some suggestions on things that they could work on. If she wanted to keep work out, it'd be her choice, remember, just trying to show appreciation, lol.

If you're still clueless about any of the Payperpost or any of the employees I'm talking about you should check out their blog at http://blog.payperpost.com and the forums at http://boards.payperpost.com. You'll get to meet Ted, Brit, Veronique, Pete and all the other PPP employees (well the ones that we've found out about so far, lol)


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