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Since I've been so involved with Payperpost I've gotten to meet some cool people and seen some great blogs that I normally wouldn't have seen. I feel it necessary to spread some love to these guys and post a little something about everyone's blog, what I like, why I read it and if there's something I don't like I'll post it too (a bit of constructive criticism can't hurt right).'s My Thoughts blog is a great young blog but one that has a lot of promise. His blog is quite varied and has a lot of different types of content that's pretty good. He goes from talking about how UNC won the D1 Soccer championship (LIU made the NCAA's but lost in the 1st round to Texas) or talks about a funny encounter with a Russian Bride to recipes about sugar cookies. Pretty entertaining and fresh, nice to see a varied bit of content, and talking about football on the side don't hurt either.

Anyways show him some love and visit his blog at


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