Just got in to Montreal! - Cable vs Satellite?

Just got home, man it's always great to be home, no matter how messy or what shape it's in. Its crazy, my brother got a new car, my parents just got a new dog (my old friend Buddy passed away during late September) and things have been good. I'm just relaxing, some friends are going to drop by and I'm going to unpack/claim my room in a bit. The drive from Maine was long but it was beautiful, very scenic, I couldn't live there but it's always nice to get out of a city for a bit, I think New York was getting to me.

Anyways I'm also debating what I should get for my parents for Xmas. We've been using an Antenna for years, but I'm thinking of getting the either Cable or Satellite. I think Cable's a better option however, since it's like cheaper and they don't care about movie channels too much. Also I don't want them to be outside turning the freezing antenna in the middle of the winter.

Ah decisions decisions, k I'm gonna go relax, more later!


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