Keyloggers can be used for good too!

Back in my day keyloggers were the devil, well that was the early 90's, when AV software wasn't as dominant as today, and trojans and keyloggers were everywhere. Now there's been a lot of buzz on people using keyloggers for good, instead of evil like me. I've seen people use keyloggers at home to detect what sites their children were visiting, which is great in the case of MySpace where parents don't really know what's going on. Also there's been a lot of tech and IT companies using them to monitor the usage of the internet at work, so that they aren't spending company time to go onto all day to check the sports scores. I think there's a place in today's internet for keylogging, just like there's a place for Peer to Peer networking, sure it can be used for bad, but if it's used for good it can be a great tool and help people out tremendously.

What are your specific thoughts on Keyloggers? Have you used any? Know any companies that use them on you? Post away.


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