Look at this, a deals site that gives away stuff for finding hot deals

I know I talk a lot about deals, coupons and etc but I've seen a new site that gets great deals while giving away free stuff. DealsVista.com is a great site on deals for computers, electronics, toys, etc, all the regular stuff. But what makes them special is that they're having a draw for free stuff from Dec 6th to the 19th. Here's the details from their site

1. Find a hot deal, such as Soyo DYLM1998 19" LCD Monitor
2. Share with your friends by email or instant messengers.
The more invitations you send, the more chances to win at that day! *
3. Check back, share more and win many. iPod Nano will be drawn from all invitations responded during the promotion period. All other gifts will be drawn from invitations responded at that day.* Winner will be annouced at homepage at 1pm PST the next day.

Pretty sweet, they don't require no registration and a purchase is not necessarily. The list of prices is on their site but it includes, iPod's, Logitech G5 Gaming mice, and more. Check them out at DealsVista.com.



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