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I'm a big fan of the user driven content sites, sites like Digg where stories or comments get ranked or voted on, so bringing that idea to the search engine world is a good thing. Well the people at have introduced a social search engine where people don't vote on comments they vote on the search results, seeing if they were useful or accurate they would get a 5 and could move up right away on a search result for another user. The score given a site is then weighted as a group score for all users. They also let each user create a personal index of their favorite sites when they search a keyword. That's pretty social or democratic if you ask me. They also got some nice things like advertisers like targetting the voted upon sites and etc, so it'll be good for everyone as well. I tested it out and it worked right away, I voted for myself (cheater) but hey I gotta be on top, lol.

Sproose may just be in Beta but it seems to have a lot of potential. Check out the Sproose home page to find out more and do some social searching, then post your thoughts here.



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