Postie Patrol 3 - The best one yet!

You guys may have remember the postie patrols I've talked about from my good friends at Payperpost, well it seems this time they've teamed up with HP for the best postie patrol yet. Hp, the guys to look for any Digital Photography Reviews, make a video/photo Postie Patrol that is hilarious. From Ted taking off his clip-on pants to reveal shorts, to having strangers sing Rudolf, or to trying to make snow angels (that was pitiful, lol) it was pretty funny. I would love to do one of these things, I mean who wouldn't want to paticipate in a Postie Patrol, especially one sponsored by HP with all that gear and the chance to win $1,000.

Here's the YouTube video, check it out it's pretty good.



P.S. This post is brought to you by the wonderful people at HP, go support them!

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