Random thought, what electronic gadget you want most for Christmas?

Just thinking of all the stuff that's coming out in time for the busy holiday season, like the new 2G Ipod Nano's, or the Microsoft Zune, or the Wii, PS3, or the classics like the DS Lite or an Xbox360 and was wondering which one you guys would like to get?

Me, I'm torn since I want a Xbox360 but I a) don't have a high-def TV yet and b) don't have the ability to play online games due to the connection at my school dorm. I'm not upgrading my computer since I'm going to wait until the new releases in the summer but maybe I might look into a portable system instead, maybe a DS, or maybe even a PSP with a little homebrew.

Any more thoughts? Or post the thing you want most for X-Mas and discuss.


Posted bySteve at 4:57 PM


Colleen said... 10:50 PM  

We have an HD tv but we're getting a PS2. And I want an iPod!

Steve said... 1:47 PM  

You need to get an Xbox360 Colleen, use that HDTV to its fullest!!!

As for an ipod, pretty good choice, I'm against ipods for myself but they're so easy to use and great for most people you can't go wrong with one

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