Survival Kit - Do you have one

I've been reading at Digg about the disappearance and tragic death of James Kim and his family. Fortunitely his family was found save and sound but he seems to have perished from frostbite.The way him and his family were stuck in the Oregon wilderness makes you think about what would you do if you were stuck and lost without food or power.

Well there's another article on Digg about a vehicle survival kit. Most people don't have one they have possibly a first aid kit but never anything like it. You guys should definetly check it out if you have a car and travel anywhere with it. Check out this Vehicle Survival Kit from the Right Thoughts Blog and post your thoughts.


Posted bySteve at 12:02 PM


Jules said... 7:03 PM  

When we venture anywhere far it is to go cmaping, so I think we have all the things we would need to survive.

Steve said... 6:53 PM  

Yea that's also one of those things where you need to plan ahead. I need to get some stuff ready just in case, but like you I'm never alone when i go far or etc

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