Who hasn't had a bad job review from their boss?

Yea I remember working at McDonald's when I got my first job review, the boss at the time was all proud of me since I was only 6 months into the job and didn't completely hate it yet. I was pretty much a model employee. Then 6 months later, after being there a year, I kinda lost interest into the job after this terrible review my boss gave me for my 2nd review. It was late, unprofessional (I had no idea back then) and I only got a 10 cent raise, what the hell is 10 cents when you're working for minimum wage. They really need to get some Employee Review Software, like the ones at Manager Assistant, so that they can give better more timely reviews and actually evaluate me instead of giving of opinion of me. It's pretty good and may help you keep disgruntled employee's like me from leaving the door.



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