Back from Boston!

Hey guys, been MIA this weekend with the track meet, then I went to see Arsenal play Liverpool at Nevada Smith's in the Lower East Side, then I took off to Boston for the Eastern Athletic Trainers Association (EATA) Conference in Boston, MA. It was the first time I had been there non-track related, so it was fun.

I took the T for the first time, which was really cool, but it's weird since the stops are really close to each other. New York you can easily go 5 mins without a stop, lol. The workshops and lectures were fun, and I did manage to win a jacket in the raffle they had for students, so I came out pretty good for the trip. I need to go down sometime and get to explore more, maybe run along the Charles river and visit some sites.

Things should calm down this week, nothing special so far, so more posting will be happening!

Stay Tuned,


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