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Before I start this post, I'd like to mention to Skeet that I ran really well at my track meet, wasn't expecting much however I broke 2:00 in the 800m indoors so I'm really happy about myself.

Skeet, a fellow posite from PPP, and also a termite inspector (how weird/cool is that, lol) has a pretty varied yet interesting blog over at Skeet's Stuff. I know I'm a young guy in my 20's so skeet is normally a vulgar word but I've actually been educated on the word from skeet. If you read this post HERE you'll see that it used to be a common name in the South. I've been to the South only a couple of times in my life so I don't have much experience with people being called Skeet, but hey, it's all what you make out of it right? Skeet also has some nice posts about her holidays, which were from Hawaii since she's from there, Christmas is HERE and her New Years pics are HERE. Pretty cool pics since I know someone from Hawaii (actually my boss, but she's a good friend) and she loves it.

Check out her blog and show her some love,



Posted bySteve at 11:08 PM


skeet said... 11:29 PM  

Aw, Steve! You're such a sweetie! If you weren't younger than my son I'd give you a big gooey smooch. Instead I'll just say mahalo nui loa (thank you very much!) Come by for a visit anytime!

And, hey, congrats on your time. Keep it up!

Jules said... 1:33 AM  

HA! I thought the same thing about that name when I first say it ;)

Now I know better :)

Steve said... 5:33 PM  

Thanks skeet, I got another one this weekend, gonna be tough!

Anonymous said... 12:20 PM  

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