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I'm kinda lazy tonight and don't feel like posting about the things I usually post about (tech news, random real life junk, etc, lol) so instead I'm going to bring you guys a mini-review or highlight of this really nice looking Blogger blog The BenSpark.

The BenSpark, which is located at, is a really nice blog written by Drew and Allison. Drew seems to have really modified the standard Blogger layout into a nice custom design. His focus is mainly on photography but he has a bunch of content on various things. I loved this picture he posted with Optimus Prime, (he's a big Transformers fan) which he posted HERE. There's a lot more but I'll leave it up to you guys to find out.

Check it out!


Posted bySteve at 12:39 AM


Drew said... 6:32 AM  

Thanks Steve, The photo is actually of Primus (he is the creator of the other transformers like Optimus Prime.) I wouldn't want TF fans to jump all over you for that inaccuracy. Optimus Prime looks like this.

I'll be getting a post up soon.

Steve said... 10:19 PM  

Ah my bad I'm not down with all the transformers yet, I've watched a bunch of them but don't know the whole story / each one yet.

Thanks and take care,


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