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I've seen some of the kiosks or automated movie stores pop up around but until DVDPlay came around you had to register with a person before hand. Now DVDplay is the world's first fully autoamated way to Rent DVD movies from anywhere, all you need is a credit or debit card. This saves the hassles of a membership card when we tried the local kiosk at home, and you time or dollars don't expire.

If you've never seen this kind of a machine it looks like this:

You simply select a movie on the touchscreen, there's categories, new releases, etc, and then just pay for it with your credit or debit card. You DVD comes right away through a slot and you can take it home in less than a minute total with this whole process. Sure beats trying to find the nearest Blockbuster. I think this is the future of DVD rental.

What you guys think? Anyone tried any? Post your thoughts


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Jason Hart said... 9:20 PM  

Use this promocode (TECHBEGIN1) and receive 1 free movie rental at participating DVDPlay movie rental kiosks!

Find the closest kiosk by visiting http://www.dvdplay.com/locations

TERMS: First day FREE. 99cents each extra day. Use once per customer. Returns are due next day at any participating store by closing or midnight for 24 hour stores. Expires 03/31/07.

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