The International CES show is underway!

If you guys don't know what CES is, then you're obviously not following technology, computing, electronics or anything related to those fields. CES is the Consumer Electronics Show, and it's held every year at the beginning of January in Las Vegas. It's the show for displaying your upcoming products, or launching new ideas, or flaunting what you've got. Big names like Bill Gates, Ed Zander (CEO of Motorola) and many others present Key Note speeches and introduce new products at the same time.

I was watching Bill Gates' keynote, pretty good, nothing spectacular, but I've been loving all the news from and to a lesser extend I think if you're going to pick up a new electronic toy in the next little bit I'd check out their coverage. I'll post my interesting finds a bit later, but the 51gb HD-DVD looks promising right now.

Alright more later,


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