Opinion Piece - Will the Internet take over TV?

Since it's a nice Sunday afternoon in New York and I'm stuck inside the good old LIU library making some extra $$ on the side I might as well share my opinion on TV in the Internet age.

Since television is a medium that's been around for a solid 50 years, and with the internet only becoming really popular in the last 10-15 years, it's amazing how the Internet will either bring tremendous improvements or might even spell it's downfall. More and more people are connected to the internet, TV viewership is down among the 18-49 group, more people are turning to YouTube and iTunes for their TV shows or user generated content. This may spell the doom for TV as we know it, however I've seen some TV networks be proactive and make efforts to save their butts.

With some of the newer shows such as Heroes there's an extensive web tie-in with the show, so that people can do research, watch clips and do more than just sit in front of the TV for an hour. Also, some networks are letting you watch the show you missed a day later or after the show, such as ABC. I think these things are what's going to save television, since gone are the days when television is the only good medium in town.

This post was inspired by the Bill Gates comments HERE. Nice interesting read on the subject, since many of you will agree/disagree with the billionaire.

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Posted bySteve at 1:24 PM


Anonymous said... 12:44 AM  

I get all my news from the internet. I just was mentioning this the other day...I rarely watch the news, I rarely read a newspaper. I get it all online now.

CyberCelt said... 3:48 AM  

TV must become more interactive for people to leave their computers and watch. The only news I watch on TV is John Stewart.

Here from the Postie Carnival. Have a great day.

Charlotte said... 8:09 PM  

I have my tv on.. it's right next to my computer.. so I compute and watch tv :)

Cecile said... 9:01 PM  

TV still has it appeal, but I usually am on the computer and watching TV at the same time. I do not watch shows on the internet, but I do use a DVR to record all the shows I want to watch later (including Heroes!)

Suni said... 3:23 PM  

with all the companies that are making crossover internet to tv technology i would say that the internet and tv will become one hugely integrated entity. you will be watching a show and be able to google in the bottom frame for something you were interested in. you will be able to watch a commercial and just click a button to go to their website seamlessly.

skeet said... 2:59 AM  

I've seen the quality, variety and delivery of television programming rise by several notches over the last few years. I'm convinced that's happened because of innovative thinkers recognizing the huge impact that the internet has had on television viewership. Nice piece, Steve.

Steve said... 7:58 PM  

Thanks guys for the comments guys! I'm gonig to start some more pieces like this, always nice getting a discussion going on a current tech topic.


Jessie said... 8:34 PM  

Visting via the postie carnival. I get all my news online and have even been watching some shows online that I used to watch only on TV.

Amy said... 9:49 PM  

I don't foresee TV going completely away just because of the social factor - the family or friends gathered around the TV to enjoy a show together. YK? But I do think we're going to see more and more interactive stuff online and TV advertising will start suffering as a result.

laurie_pooh said... 11:08 PM  

Here from the Carnival...

I hardly watch TV at all, and spend most of the day on the Internet at work. I get almost all my news and entertainment online. I mentioned that on one of my blogs the other day in fact.

La Vie de Laurie

Lisa said... 10:19 PM  

With things like TIVO, I cannot see television going completely away. We do not watch live TV at my house. We just tape our shows that we want to watch and view them later (and fast forwarded through the commercials.)

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