Sprint launches MobileFaker - Get out of that bad date easily!

Pretty interesting news out there this early afternoon about the new service that's being launched by Sprint called MobileFaker. The guys at MobileCrunch have the full article but it's interesting to note the capabilities of the software. Not only can it fake incoming calls, fake numbers, and lines to give the guy / girl the slip, but it even comes with a Fake Breathalizer. Isn't that fun, I'd use that just to get someone in trouble, haha. Overall it's nice to see little applications that people can use but I wonder at the cost, and exactly who's going to remember to use it at the opportune moments.

anyways that's my interesting news for the afternoon, enjoy!


Posted bySteve at 12:11 PM


Anonymous said... 2:40 PM  

mobilealibi.com has been providing a service like this - for free - for some time.

Steve said... 12:20 AM  

Nice find, I never knew. It's just interesting that Sprint is participating with this type of software, you wouldn't think it would be sanctionned normally.

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