Spyware Removal Software of choice?

Busy Monday, I know, I didn't post due to me going all around town and having class, practice, work and other things to attend to. Today's my lighter day, but I slept in 3 hours so I'm kinda off at the moment.

Anyways just wondering what major program you guys use for Spyware removal on a Windows computer. Everyone's had to do it so let's hear your thoughts. Right now I use a combination of Lavasoft Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D, HijackThis! and then I install Windows Defender for permanent 24/7 protection. Usually does the trick but you never know with all these popups and the spyware.

Anyone have any other ways? I've never used the AVG Anti-Spyware, heard it's good, or what about Spysweeper? anyone have any experience?

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Posted bySteve at 1:03 PM


Olivia said... 1:24 AM  

I use AVG for virus protection and have been very happy with it. My renewal is fast approaching and I'm going to go with their spyware at that time too.

Steve said... 7:38 PM  

Same here AVG has done me well, I've used it on all my home computers and recommend to friends.

I'm going to give the anti-spyware a shot, let's see what's its got, lol.


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