Trendio - More Web 2.0 love for the masses

If you know me I'm all about Web 2.0 concepts and user generated content. Well some sites are really taking the concepts of voting on actual news or user's input to the next level. Enter Trendio, a stock market like site where people in the news have their stocks rise, and if you have that person before they start rising, you can win some nifty stuff. They got different sections and catergories such as Sports, Entertainment and my all-time favorite, Technology.

Overall the Trendio concept of online stock trading may not be new, but having the layout that Trendio has and the extras is what I think will seperate it from the competition. It's got a very clean, Web2.0 layout, with nice graphs and movers at the side and it's really easy to use. I bought some of my favorite keywords and sites, like Digg, or Xbox360, so let's see how it works out in the long run. If you're up for a nifty game I recommend you try it out, especially with the contests they can net you some decent gear.

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