Who's into music?

I may talk about it here, but I'm avid music fan who's got a wide variety of tastes, from rap, hip-hop, to metal, to trance, to rock, even to classical. I believe in the right type of music for the right setting, and being in New York I've gotten to experience a lot of live local bands, from rock, to jazz, to impromptu rap battles on campus. I've pretty much seen it all here. That's why I Unsigned Bands a chance because I've seen a lot of them, and it's always great to see some change. The site Unsigned.com is a new site catering to all the unsigned bands out there trying to make it. They're still new so they're always looking for members, bands, and listeners, so why not give them a shot, maybe you'll find a new band to fall in love it!

Check it out at http://www.unsigned.com and as per usual post your thoughts, what's your favorite indie band, or group in general.


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